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Engaged to one man, But love another

  I loved somebody so so so much. But I got engaged to a person who love me so much but I have no feelings for him. My love doesn’t even know that I love him. I am so heartbroken. I want to discuss it with my teacher(we have an emotional contact). But I hesitate […]

Should I choose to marry and keep parents happy now even though it would create big problems later?

 I know my parents are going to be hurt if i choose the man i want but I’m sure it will save a lot of bigger problems later on in life.

Family politics are confusing my marriage decision

I have a problem that’s been a problem for a while. Ok so there’s a guy that’s asking for my hand in marriage. I prayed salat al istakharah a lot and I had a dream that I said yes to him and I was so happy and his face looked like it was lighting. I always have a strong feeling that I should say yes. They also say that one of the signs that Allah gives you to show you the right way is people around you either want or don’t want two people to join into marriage.