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Can I marry my wife’s widowed sister?

My wife’s brother-in-law expired due to illness. Can I marry her widow sister to support her?

I need help with my mom

What do I do? How do I help guide her?

How do I as a widow reclaim my rights?

My question is, can I get my rights back under Islamic law? What are my rights at this point? My mother in law claims i am not entitled to these rights because I am a widow?

Can I move her to live with us, while she is in Iddat?

After the death of my phupha (father’s brother in law), Age: 68 years my phuphi (father’s sister) age: 62 years, is all alone in her house. She has no daughter or son. She is sick and dependent on others for daily activities.

His parents heard some wrong info about me and rejected me

I am a widow for the past 4 and a half years and have 2 children. 8 months ago I met a good muslim guy in my area and we took a liking to each other. He’s a Hafiz so he’d tell me stories about the prophet and teach me things from the Quran. But his family heard some false rumors about me.

Can I marry my widowed sister in law?

I am a married man with two sons. We had a tragedy in our family when my co-brother died in an accident 3 years ago leaving my sister in law alone with two little kids.

Why in-laws don’t like widows and divorced women??

Is it in Islam? To hate the daughter in law who is their son’s wife, and not to accept her because she is widowed or divorced, or has a child? What? Why they can do like that? Because of society, because of relatives, and because of culture? How can they do that?

And some husbands also not standing up for their wives.. then who will support their wives? They have respect for the parents, but why don’t the parents have respect for their children?

I’m a widow with children, can I remarry?

Question: Asalaamualaikum I am a widow and have 2 kids would getting married again be ok for me? Allah Hafiz – Sister Shazia Wael’s Answer: Dear Sister Shazia, As-salamu alaykum, Yes, of course sister. Widows have a right to re-marry. There is nothing wrong with it. The majority of the women that the Messenger of […]