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Husband can’t separate from his mother as she’s widowed.

How can a woman deal with a controlling, sarcastic and taunting mother-in-law when she knows she can’t get rid of her before death?

How do I as a widow reclaim my rights?

My question is, can I get my rights back under Islamic law? What are my rights at this point? My mother in law claims i am not entitled to these rights because I am a widow?

Don’t want to lose my third husband

I have been widowed twice and got married for the third time 6 years ago. Then I saw the true side of him in 6 years: gambling, drugs, women etc. But i carried on with him because I don’t want to lose another husband. He has now left me and gone to Pakistan and not even phoned me. The thought of a 3rd husband leaving me has made me very depressed and i just want him back.