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Ruined my marriage, really want her back!

I drove my wife and children away with my bad behavior. I have changed, but I cannot convince her to come back.

She won’t reconcile, but I don’t want to divorce

No one in our circle of family or friends wants us to separate, yet she isn’t willing to listen to anyone. All I constantly hear are the mistakes I have made which led her to become the way she is now. I pray someone can relay the message of her actions are acting as an anchor pulling the ship to sink.

Having problems making it work with my wife

I am seeking for dua’s to help my relation with my wife. I love her too much and it seems like something or someone is trying to separate us because there is nothing wrong that happened between us.

Divorce has left me in a such a mess, can Sharia help me?

In mid 2008, after my wife returned from visiting her family she changed and wanted a divorce. It was obvious that some one was controlling her. Now she demands her dowry (which I cannot pay), and half of my assets, and has imposed a travel ban on me.

My wife left me, how can I save my marriage?

I am not financially sound (which is also a problem for her) and got help from my parents a couple of bad time. Now, I am suffering from serious financial problems and to some extent I know I will be jailed here due to the financial problems. Some of my cheques are bounced and case is with the police and they have held my passport and I am jobless…