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I feel like I’m wasting my time waiting for him to change

I always felt like he isn’t the one I could live my life with… Over the past year there is an ever growing distance between us.

Husband on drugs

Without home, food, money how can I raise my daughter?

Healthy marriage or not?

Every since we got married I’ve felt my husband has been very immature and disrespectful.

My husband shows no love and doesn’t follow much of Islam

My question in my head always remains: if he did not love me then why did he get married?

Lied to and betrayed

I had a recording device fitted into my home to see if he was still speaking to this woman. I discovered more than a conversation. He brought this woman to my home and into my bed.

Is it possible to change my husband or should I accept him the way he is?

I try to follow the advice of giving unconditional love to encourage him, but I get a lot of pressure from my family on his work status and so on, and I feel pressured and responsible for him instead of the other way around

She thinks her husband is cheating on her

what should 1 do, when she feels her husband is cheating on her and he would never ever change?