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Father won’t accept my non-muslim boyfriend

I need a witness for marriage but my dad won’t accept him.

Valid Islamic marriage

If an adult boy and an adult girl say ‘qubool hai’ in front of 2 sane witnesses without any Quazi, meher or wali, then is this nikah valid? Please say confirm an answer according to islam. -Taeba

A valid nikkah with no witness but Allah?

AOA, My question is, if two people (male and female) take an oath that they will accept each other as husband and wife and their witness is Allah Talah while they are alone (as Allah is everywhere), is this nikkah possible? I have read that nikkah is not a thing to do behind closed doors, […]

Had a secret nikah, now his family won’t accept me

A couple of months ago, me and my partner have done a secret NIKAH. But now his parents are not agreeing, what do I do? Because Islamically I am his wife now. I really love him, he wants to divorce me, because the family won’t accept me because I am not Educated.

Can my fiance’s Christian Brother act as a 3rd witness for our marriage?

My fiance reverted to Islam a few months back and we are planning to get married. The Imam told me that I need 2 male witnesses that must be Muslim. My fiance would like his brother who is not a Muslim (he is Christian) to also be a witness at our nikah.

Is my marriage valid?

We got married without my mother’s knowledge. The problem is the ceremony. we were only 4 that time. 3 males and me. I ask the one who is performing the nikah if it is ok to do with 1 witness. because for what I know there should be at least two witnesses. then he said it’s fine because he will be the other witness. this is the hanafi nikah.