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I hate being attracted to women, and have sworn to Allah that I will never get married

It’s so hard living in this hypersexualized world. There are beautiful women everywhere, yet I can’t be with them.

Women fighting in Jannah?

It feels like the suffering of hellfire might be more clement for me than having to go to Jannah and compete against a Hoor who is there to steal my husband when she’s just a lazy creation in heaven, has done nothing for God, suffered none for his name…

Please save me from these sins?

Whenever I pray I hate myself because I know I am a sinner, a grave sinner, I hate myself and definitely Allah will be hating me.

Why can’t a Muslim woman marry a Non-Muslim man?

The question that I am asking is one that has bothered me for quite some time now. I would like to know why it is alright for a Muslim man to marry a chaste woman who belongs to the ‘people of the book’, but not alright for a woman to marry a chaste man who belongs to the ‘people of the book’.

I don’t get along with my husband’s shallow Iranian community

My husband is of Iranian origin, whereas I’m European. I have been married to him for the last 9 years, he’s my stepcousin. His mother liked me at the beginning, but when she realized that I’m not like an Iranian woman, she offended my looks…..

Caught my husband trying to photograph my sister in the shower

I caught my husband with his phone camera on and knew he was about to attempt to take a picture of my sister as she was taking a shower in the bathroom (the window was slightly ajar).

Do women have a purpose?

Asalaam — hu — Alaikum1.I would like to know what the rights of men and women are in Islam? 2. Are women born solely for the purpose of pleasing their husbands and children, and therefore through that action please Allah? 3. Is it possible for Allah to grant women with talent and intelligence to succeed […]