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Concerns About Healthcare Fields for Muslim Women

I have always wanted to work in healthcare. However, I have concerns and would like to know if there are any muslim sisters who have dealt with those issues and how they have got around it.

Depressed and needing guidance about work

Every job I look at violates some Islamic principle such as dealing with interest or working in court system. How do people find halal work in America?

Worried about work issues

I keep feeling awful, but I also started feeling that he lies to me about the job situation, as he knows I cant just go and verify it.

Confused New Muslim

We do have a very small Muslim community where I live but I’m not sure ‘how’ to approach them for help. BUT, I do know I do not want to be ‘Christian’ any more.

Was I right to resign for my parents’ sake?

My friends are saying that it’s your career not your fathers, I feel that they gave me life and I should not deny them.

I can’t pray at my job.

I am doing a job out of my country. My job is such that I can’t pray 5 times, and this get me very tense. But when I think of leaving it, I can’t think of what else I  can do. I can’t decide what to do. -mobeenkhan

I Feel I’m Becoming Something I’m Not

I cannot remember a day when I was happy and smiling… I feel I’m becoming something I am not!

Being shariah compliant in a western work place


Working in a western environment can be challenging for a practising Muslim, as well as testing. Alhamdulilah I enjoy where I work, and although all my work colleagues are non-muslims they are considerate and understanding to my religious needs.

I cannot get a job, can I take my hijab off at work?

It is really hard to get a job with my hijab on. I am in great need of money; I mean in a really serious situation. Do you think it is a sin if I take off my hijab when I go to work, pretty much like my work uniform…

Should I leave my husband?

I have been married for 15 years to my husband and have two daughters. It was a arranged marriage to my cousin and from day one he made me aware that his family were far more important, I wanted children straight away but he didnt he said it would increase our bills..