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My husband won’t support me

He steals from me – even my jewelries and mobile phones. I’m working and my mother in law is taking care of my son. Do I have the right to ask for divorce?

Concerns About Healthcare Fields for Muslim Women

I have always wanted to work in healthcare. However, I have concerns and would like to know if there are any muslim sisters who have dealt with those issues and how they have got around it.

Is it halal to work for an insurance company?

I know banks are not allowed but I am not sure about insurance companies.

Is my work haram if my laptop came from a haram source?

My parents bought me the laptop a long time ago and I try to recall and it seems like they bought it with haram money

Missing prayers because of work

My name is Mohamed and I am doing my work in the night, I get to bed at around 9.30 am, so most of the time I miss my day time prayer, could you please give me any solution for it.