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My wife thinks she has to help her family at any cost

Her parents spent a lot of money for her education, and they always ask her for money.


I’m perplexed

I’m worried how my husband will treat me as my dad shouts at my mom, abuses her verbally… I don’t want a man like my father to be my husband.

My family makes me suffer

My family is making my life a living hell, my parents are under black magic.

I want to save my marriage and my relationship with in-laws from my sister

I want her to stay far far away from my hubby and in-laws. Because she’s good at playing with words I fear she’ll spoil my relations with my in-laws too.

A sexual mistake before marriage?

I know that I made a big mistake and now very shameful in front of Allah. Can anybody tell me is my future marriage going to be destroyed again?

Advising A Muslim Sister

I am very worried about her, it’s obvious the kind of life she is living. Should I talk to her and advise her?

Please Help Me

I really really want to change. Can someone please help me and give me advice?

I am depressed….please give me a solution!!

I touched Quran and promised that I will forget her. At this time, I also promised that I will not marry any girl in my entire life.

Should I marry him or not?

I am engaged to my cousin, it’s totally my family choice… I have found that he doesn’t follow Islam and is somehow against Muslims and Islam.

Soon to get married but dont know if he still loves me

I think he has started to ignore me. Now rarely tells me that he loves me which he often did. When I ask him he says he was simply tired.