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I have nothing in life and have reached my breaking point

I’m in my 30s and feel that by now, I should have a job, a wife, and a better car. Why is everyone around me getting things even though I pray so much?

Istikharah for my Business

Kindly let me know from istekhara that is that fisible for me that I do a business in Bhalwalpur. Me and my family lives in Karachi. So should I move alone in bhalwalpur or take my family there with me

Allah has blessed me so much, yet I am depressed!

I am not sure why I am feeling like how I am now. It’s just Allah has blessed me so much and yet I am feeling depressed. Everytime I sit its like something is going on in my head and I can’t stop it from thinking. I just feel that something is removing me from Allah’s ibadat.

Physical Exhaustion and whats the right balance between deen and dunya?

My friends adore me, alhamdulillah and I try to be there for them. But they tire me out. People tire me out. I can’t explain it. Just talking to people tires me out, drains all my energy away. So I am very selective. But I know they like my company. I’ve been told, I’m nice and etc, so alhamdulillah. I’m great in small groups, and just dispensing ideas, and planning advisory positions. Rubbish at service. I don’t know, is this a sign that I’m not being Islamic or is it just my personality or the way Allah swt made me. I don’t know.