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Playing the Lottery

I want to play the lottery and if I do win I plan to use it 100% as zakat… would it still be haram to play if my intentions are pure?

Can i use zakath money to buy flight tickets for my sister?

I want to sponsor my sisters family’s flight tickets to visit us, as they cannot afford it.

Is Zakat covered by income tax, especially in Scandinavia?

Income tax is used to finance most of the social welfare structure… this to me is the true purpose of Zakat. That is why it seems a bit unfair if I have to pay Zakat on top of these high taxes.

Paying Zakat from savings account?

Is it jaiz in Islam to give zakat from savings account, as many people are taking zakat from us from the past few decades.

How to go to Hajj when I have children?

I wanted to keep my kids in an Islamic boarding school and perform hajj after enrolling them in one but as i am residing in nagpur i could not find one. so what should i do?

My husband is a good man, but has no interest in Deen

At the time I got married to him he said he doesn’t drink and he was smoking but he gave up. After I moved to Australia he started again. He doesn’t drink all the time but occasionally at office parties and entertaining their non Muslim cousins at home.
It’s written in out marriage certificate that he is giving Sri Lankan Rupees 50000 as mahar but he never gave. How important is that?

Is it true that we don’t pay Zakat on the gold we use in our every day lives?

I heard someone saying that those gold things which we use daily in our routine life, one doesn’t have to pay their zakat. Is it true? If yes then please give some reference, because I just heard it, didn’t read it.