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Am I allowed to get a tattoo to cover the scar?

Tattoos are haram in Islam.


I know people have bigger problems than the one I am about to ask about, but it's a problem for me so please don't judge.

I have a really horrible scar somewhere on my body. I've had it for a good few years, but now that I am married and I have a husband who sees all of me I am always hiding that part of my body from him. I just have a thing about scars. It disgusts me and I don't want him to see it.

I just want to know if I can get a tattoo to cover the scar- just the scar? Will I be allowed to do that?


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  1. Salaams,

    Tattoos are forbidden in Islam, and there are no exceptions for any reason that I am aware of. Most everyone has scars of some sort, and what's more is even if you didn't have this particular scar, there's nothing to say that sometime in your future you couldn't have an injury to cause a scar. In essence, scars are pretty much unavoidable, because I don't know anyone who could go through life without getting injured at all. Since the "disgust" with scars is your personal issue, that's what you need to work on- not feeding the idea by trying to get rid of what you don't like. I doubt, if your husband married you, seeing your scar will be a dealbreaker for him. It most likely wouldn't bother him at all.

    Some people have lived through fires and horrible accidents and have extensive scars, even disfiguring ones. While no one likes to feel "ugly", we all have to come to a point where we base our value on our characters and not what these temporal bodies look like. I believe if one has had an injury that is so extensive it completely changes the look of whatever affected area from what it would look like naturally, then cosmetic surgery is allowed in Islam to correct this and restore it back to something more natural. If you feel this is your case, then I suggest you talk to a local scholar first to see what surgical options are available to you, and then seek a good doctor who can treat you.

    -Amy Editor

    • Amy can you please what qualifications & authority you have to answer questions relating to medical issues lady?

      • She did not give any medical advice. She advised the sister regarding her self-esteem. Do not be arrogant.

        Wael Editor

    • Summary of answer:
      Conclusion: This tattooing that the doctor has recommended for you is permissible and there is nothing wrong with it, on condition that it does not go to extremes of adornment or beautification; rather it is done only to the extent required to remove the defect. And Allah knows best.
      Praise be to Allah.

      It was narrated that Ibn Mas‘ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: May Allah curse the women who do tattoos and those who have tattoos done, those who pluck their facial hair, and those who file their teeth for the purpose of beautification, changing the creation of Allah, may He be exalted. Why should I not curse those whom the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) cursed? Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5931).

  2. Assalamu'alaikum sister,

    I don't know if you are aware that tattooing is a cursed deed. As far as I know, your case is not an exception for this rule.

    In Sahih al Bukhari, Narrated Abu Hurairah ﺭَﺿِﻲَ اﻟﻠﻪُ ﻋَﻨْﻪُ : The Prophet ﺻﻠﻰ اﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ said, ``Allâh has cursed the lady who artificially lengthens (her or someone else's) hair, and the one who gets her hair lengthened and the one who tattooes (herself or someone else), and the one who gets herself tattooed.'' 

    Your husband, if he is a practicing Muslim, will dislike a tattoo more that a scar. Sister, give up haraam for what Allah Has. In sha Allah, your patience will be rewarded. If you have patience and strive to closely follow the Sunnah of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the way of his Sahaabah, it is hoped that this be enough for you to earn the Pleasure of Allah the reward for which is no less than Jannah. And in Jannah, everyone will have perfect bodies. So have patience over what you see in this world in order to have a return from the Most Merciful Lord.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • Brother Abu,
      Issues relating to medicine cannot be answered on basis of old books but have to be addressed in present circumstances..
      We have a lot of practicing female doctors praticing real hijjab who examine pts & themselves do tattooing for scars etc for patients .
      I also operate on pts with cleft lip & palate etc which is allowed in Islam.
      Talk to learned religious scholars rather the misguided lot which has lead to creation of Takfiris like ISIS .

      • Dr. Syed, your work with cleft lip and palate is admirable. However, tattooing is prohibited in Islam. The fact that some women in hijab do it does not change its prohibition. It seems that you feel defensive about your actions and you try to cover that with references to "old books" and ISIS.

        Islam is what it is, and there is a wisdom in all its rulings.

        Wael Editor

    • Salaam brother

      I am a breast cancer patient & have had to have a double mastectomy. Will I be able to have a tattoo to cover the scars please

  3. Tattoos are forbidden in Islam especially for women ... But still if you want to hide your scar there some medical solutions such as laser or a sort of cream that will make the scar look less visible I used both laser and creams for the 3 scars I had on my knees after a surgery and that 100% worked .(⌒▽⌒) 。

  4. Vitamin E oil, Pure Vitamin E Oil 2800 IU. Rub it on the scar as many times as you pray; apply it religiously. It has reduced and ereased the scars I want gone.

    • Replying to Dr Syed Yawar Mehdi's comment to Amy,

      Wow. You really have a complex don't you? Did you see Amy giving any medical advice? Even if she had, who are you to question if she's a medical professional or not? Do you feel like you can give medical advice because you called yourself a 'Dr' in your title? How do we know you're even a real Doctor? It's not nice when people attack you online, is it? I appreciated Amy's well thought out and helpful answer. If you don't like someone's answer in the future, keep your opinions and snide comments to yourself. You and your opinions aren't anymore valued than anyone else's. Try to be a little humble. I have read your other comments on this site and you really are an arrogant individual.

  5. Salaam I wont repeat the above but I agree with it.

    Exercise patience and learn to accept the 'scar' no matter how it looks. Let go of hating it. No one is perfect and we all have imperfections - it is how Allah made you. Some people have gaps between our teeth, bent teeth, scars and all sorts. So let go sister. Check out whims I kill as well. The truth is unless your husband is super picky I dont think men notice small stuff like that. So what feels like a huge deal to you might be no big deal to your husband. I've drastically changed outfits, and hair styles over my teenage years and none of the men in my family ever noticed.

    Either way have patience and ask Allah to give you contentment and know that He (swt) will reward you for being patient and not resorting to haraam.

    You could try laser, but if you can try something natural thats even better. Also try rubbing bio oil into the scar every night before you go to sleep - its supposed to be amazing ffor getting rid of scars

    Sara Editor

  6. so you're worried about what your husband will think if he sees your scar, but not what Allah will think of you if you get a tattoo? your husband has yet to notice the scar, so i'm sure it's not a big deal.. even though you have been hiding it. i'm sure your husband will approve the scar over his muslim wife with a tattoo.

    don't worry about it sister! 🙂

    • Your first sentence makes me think that you have not read the post very thoroughly. The OP is clearly asking if it is allowed in Islam to have a tattoo to hide her scars. She is not claiming that she will have a tattoo even if it is prohibited. If she didn't care about God's will and only cared about her husband, she wouldn't have asked the question in the first place. Please, read the posts and be sure to understand them before making irrelevant remarks.

  7. I read some articles saying if it imitate original skin it is ok. But if you make decorations on it, not ok. There is tattoo ink similar to skin color able to do this. I had read this in somewhere. I hope u can find it as well

    • Sylvanna, what you're talking about (imitating original skin color) sounds more like a medical procedure to conceal scarring. That's something else entirely.

      Wael Editor

  8. Tattooing is not permissible unless it is to remove a defect, such as to cover scars from burns, for example, because of the report narrated by Abu Dawood (4170) from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: The woman who does hair extensions and the woman for whom that is done, the woman who plucks eyebrows and the woman for whom that is done, the woman who does tattoos and the woman for whom that is done when there is no disease (that would justify doing that) are cursed. Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood.

    Ahmad (3945) narrated that Ibn Mas‘ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) forbid plucking facial hair, filing teeth, adding hair extensions and tattooing, except in the case of disease. Shaykh Ahmad Shaakir said: Its isnaad is saheeh.

    Ash-Shawkaani (may Allah have mercy on him) said: The apparent meaning of the words “except in the case of disease” indicates that the prohibitions mentioned only apply to cases where that is done for the purpose of beautification, not in the case of disease or to treat an ailment; in that case it is not prohibited.

    End quote from Nayl al-Awtaar (6/229).

    And Allah knows best.

  9. You are a messenger of Allah, you did not use someones question or someone's weakness to give you power of control.. Instead you gave relevant information like quotes, and you have helped me too.. I am in love with Allah, but wanting to know if it's okay to cover up a scar, is something only he who is experiencing it's would truly understand .. May Allah accept forgiveness from all those who's intentions are pure.. Like covering up wounds for security , after All.. Women need to respect and beautify themselfs for their husband due to Allah, for a reason.. So that the man can feel like he has a reward each time each day.. Like Allah wants his women to serve their husbands, So it's okay to ask.. And I feel offended by all these people who rather take the opportunity to make themselfs feel superior while some one else feels downed or need to be advised.

  10. I think you’re all misunderstanding the issue that she’s presenting. It’s well understood that the use of tattoos for symbolization and adornment is Haram and those that provide them and receive them are cursed.

    However, this sister is presenting the use of pigment deposition the conceal a deformity that was brought upon from unfortunate means. She is not changing the creation of Allah or using the pigment as a form of adornment to receive attention from her non mehram, nor looking to make herself look extra ordinary. The purpose of this tattoo is to make what was once there normal for herself again by using a pigment to match her natural complexion.

    The PBUH states what regarding tattooing makes impermissible, Allah knows best and what her true intentions are.
    We are here as a group to guide her, not give responses to make her feel shame. I see no issue with the skin colored tattoo in regards to correcting a deformity, this is the same as someone who needs to undergone a rhinoplasty after receiving a broken nose.

    Again, Allah knows best and we should all do better to understand that regarding corrective procedures, there is a gray area in what is and isn’t permissible given the technology we have today.

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