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السلام عليكم ورحمة لله وبركاته
Are tattoos haram?

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  1. Yes of course tattoos are haram. ALLAH MADE THIS BODY BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAN.we will return to him on the day of Judgement.. people who do these things and other things such as plastic surgery...are never happy of themselves there looks there status ETC....When the iman is weak shaitan plays with your head...this is simple for him.
    .what society displays that it is cool and ok because the actor singer sports player have it I must have it...tatoos are the markings of the devils..they like to make fun of Allah's created go and learn proper deen from the Sunni scholars before your invisible clock runs out...and who Knows what state the angel of death will take you????


  2. If you have a tattoo already repent and move on!!!

  3. It depends which doctrine you follow. Sunni schools say tattoos are prohibited, while most acknowledged shia scholars say tattoos are allowed (provided you follow a few guidelines).

  4. There is no sunni or shia
    Follow the quran
    Follow the teachings of Prophet Muhamed peace be upon him and even the prophets before him
    Search , browse, find answers by going through multiple pages, videos of scholars, imaams, etc
    Its clear that none of the religion allowed or encouraged nor even had a purpose for tattoo

    Coming to islam it is haram, prohibitted
    What is the need, use of having a tattoo except causing pain and issues to the skin and body
    It gives you no good its just did in the form of so called fashion

    Even normal ear piercing for girls in some countries tradition, and all these fancy piercing , cosmetic surgery all are prohibitted considered haram in islam as we voluntarily modifying or damaging what Allah has created

    When a tattoo is done right, that ink winds up in the dermis. This layer of skin lies beneath the epidermis, the outer layer that we see. The epidermis is always growing new skin cells and shedding old ones. If tattoo ink were placed there, it would last only about a month before disappearing.

    But cells of the dermis don’t replace themselves in the same way. That’s what makes this thick layer of skin the ideal spot for installing a permanent image. The dermis also is home to nerve endings, so you can feel each needle prick. Ouch! Finally, this part of the skin receives the area’s blood supply. So things can get messy as ink is injected into the dermis.

    Normally, the body's immune cells would react to being pricked and injected with ink. After all, getting a tattoo means putting foreign particles in the body. The immune system should respond by removing them — or at least trying to. But the molecules of tattoo ink are too big for those cells to deal with. That’s what makes a tattoo a permanent piece of body art

    Even coloring your hair is haram except it be done with henna just to differentiate ourselves from the practices of the Jews

  5. But what about circumcision? It's too ruining your God given body.

    • Male circumcision is an exception that is allowed by Islam. And scientists today know that male circumcision helps to prevent disease transmission, not to mention being more hygienic.

      Wael Editor

  6. if ear piercing or nose piercing are not haram then what is wrong with having a small tattoo that is neither obscene nor provoking for example writing initials or a memorable event?

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