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Assalamoalykum guys,

I'm a teenager and I want to get rid of sexual feelings. I always feel sexual and  many of my friends are homosexuals. Sometimes they force me to do the same thing with them. I just want to stop these things and want to concentrate on my career. I fear that if I start to feel the same as homosexuals then..............

Please help me, please please please.

-Noman Almaz

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  1. Sexual feelings are normal.. What country you live in? You can get into trouble for doing sexual stuff with boys/men in most Muslim countries. Were you sexually molested while growing up?

    Just say "no" when your friends ask you to do sexual things with them. If your friends are Muslims ask them to repent and stop gay sex.

  2. My dear brother,

    Your problem is keeping good company. Change your friends. Go to the Masjid, meet Muslims and make them your firends. In highshool, meet muslims ...I hope there is ateast 1 brother to hang out with.

    If you hang out with gay friends, you will also pick up on thier behaviour. Its very obvious. Just overhaul your friends.

    AS previous poster said, having sexual feelings is very very normal, but having them for the same sex is a HUGE sin my brother.

    if they try to approach you, tel them you are a Muslim and doing any act of homosexuality is a big sin- that will tell them to back off.

    As for sexual desire, you have to fast my brother , that is what the prophet prescribed for those who have urges and cannot get married. Also its a good excuse not to hang out with your old friends.

    Also, pray and and read quraan. IF you pray regularly, it will start to distance you away from your friends and keep you away from trouble. Also, grow a big beard. It usually keeps the non religious folks away.

    If you are lonely, read quraan at lunch time, connect with your creator and leave all those who are trying to temp you into any gay acts.

    Life is a test my brother, everyday you can do better than the day before. Dont give up on Allah's mercy.

    Just change your friends!

  3. Firstly, Allah catastrophically destroyed many nations for the homosexuality and adultery.

    Secondly, feeling sex is the result of sexual thinking, seeing and bad accompanying. Try to avoid any kind of sexually explicit stuffs. Control your eyes, ears, hands, mouth and heart from the deception of Satan.

    Finally, read Quran, obey Allah and His commands.

  4. Everyone feels desires, that's normal. The friendships you choose are, however, not normal. It's very important to select friends very carefully (better to have 1-2 close friends, than 10 bad friends) and choose to only let people in to your life who genuinely care about you, encourage you to be the best you can be and who will help guide and advice you in accordance to good morals and values. Right now, your so-called friends are doing the exact opposite of what a true friend should do! I would say they are almost molesting you if they force you to do things you don't want to do! You need to stop being passive and speak up for yourself.

    You need to stop being friends with these boys, who are a very bad influence, and find yourself some better friends.

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