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Thinking of Suicide Because of Debt

Chained to debtI am facing so many problems in my life because of loans. I have a total of 15 lakhs in loans now.

I totally lost in business, I no longer have any business.

Tell me what do I do now? I am thinking to commit suicide. I can't handle all this anymore.

- Jafer

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  1. Asaalamualaikum Waramatulahi babarakatu..
    SubhanAllah..that is not the solution of your problem . Make Dua to Allah and seek help from him.

  2. Don't worry. Don't die because of the money. Live because you have an aim. Money is not aim.
    Think of things that sells where are you located ?
    Allah is the provider.

  3. Salaam Alaikum brother, Many of us fall into debt but suicide or self harm is not the solution to Any problem in life. What you must remember is that Allah himself Says that He SWT does not put that much burden that a person can't handle. So You cam do it and keep trying with true intention and You will pay it back in no time InshaAllah. Try brother and you shall succeed many things.

  4. Assalamualaikum

    i can understand the pain u are going through and Allah dosent give the burden which cant be handled trust on him and dont loose hope i know the amount is big but you can start with little have hope ,

  5. Assalamualaikum

    brothr never think about suicide .What ;;; You will die only for this much money but your life is much much more precious than any money.

    Think who has given you life,ITS GOD ALMIGHTY,ALLAH KAREEM has created you and all of us from nothing and HE is the OWNER of our bodies and life.We will have to live and survive till HE call us back by order of death.We have no right to cut our breath.

    Now for loans,first one should be very very careful in borrowing loans.never ever borrow money until very very much and extremely needed bcz its always very difficult to pay back.

    Never borrow money from banks/institutions for future projects bcz future is unpredictable.if very much needed,borrow from some individual/friend/charity organisation.

    In your present situation just take start from zero,from anything that you can do.Search yourself what you are good at any skill,any small work which don't require any money.Ignore your ego for little jobs.put aside what people would say.No any work/job is small ,every job has its purpose of service to society.


    visit this link and analyse youre capabilities.Allah kareem has given many good qualities and abilities to every person in this world; some are very special to some people.Discover yourself who actually you are?

    May Allah swt bless you and make you out of this dark situation.

  6. Aoa brother!
    You know that suicide is haram in Islam. You are facing difficulty in life which will go away with time for sorrows and happiness follow each other in a cycle as long as we are alive; but, with suicide you will put yourself in everlasting misery. Do you want your pains to never ever finish? Definitely not.
    As others have said, start with whatever is coming your way at the moment, live within your means and Inshallah soon you
    will pay off your debts. I hope somebody can give you the Dua to be recited for easing of debts. I do not know it properly.

  7. sell your car if you have and any gold jewellery of your wife by asking her permission otherwise you have only one option left sell your home and live on rent. dont commit suicide please.

  8. apply for a job on shops, restaurants, cafes if you have degree apply in offices or for a govt job. apply in call centres

  9. start a home tuition

  10. right now you want 15 lakhs but unfortunately i dont have 15 lakhs not even in bank account right now i have only 6000 left . its the only way left to sell your possessions

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