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Now I’m facing big problem and I’m so trouble in this situation.We arranged our nikah on last month.Everything got ready to celebrate nikah ceremony.All are fine.Before 4 days me & my fiancé has got phone call & we’ve got some problems.I called him to talk about some need for our wedding.At the time he’s on the way and he’s got car crash.When I called him he shouted a lot to me and he was so angry.At the time I felt so sad and angry.I thought that’s not my fault why he shouted and angry to me.I cried a lot and I felt deeply hurt.At the time I don’t want to do this nikah.I’m afraid of him.So I told about this problem to my parents.My parents also very angry.Next day my parents called them and talk about this problem.At the time our parents fight with words each other.At the end our nikah was cancel.But i want to arrange our nikah again.His mother was very angry and she can’t accept for this.He’s only one son and no father that’s why he don’t want to against his mom.For me I really want to arrange nikah again and he also.But the main problem is his mom.Now she is planning to do nikah with other girls for his son. But he didn’t accept it and he came back to Japan.I really want this nikah with him.So what should I do?Pls give me some Wazifa to get married as soon as possible.Every day I’m praying hard and recite some dua,Surah.
I feel so sad and I want to get back him and this nikah .
Pls guide me.

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  1. The answer is simple...for you are weak in understanding .
    .dont take it the wrong way but understand how Allah works...because he is the controller of hearts and he knows what is best for you.
    .There is a reason for everything something that we might think is good for us Allah knows what you not know.

    Just go with the flow and love Allah.

    He hears and understands his creation better then you.

    Learn to talk to Allah through dua
    .be positive and read Quran daily.

    You see today it's easy to get married.
    But stats show that people today dont make it in marriage they miserable women are abused physically mentally and so on.

    Dont worry about getting married .
    When it will come then take precautions and understand that success is in obeying the commandments of Allah through the example of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w this is important .Salat 5 times a day sadaqah daily fasting and character..
    How you are to parents people country everyone

    You are a perfect muslim in there eyes.

    So love Allah

  2. You sound like a toxic match - both you and this man, and your families. Either that, or you are both terrible communicators. It's very juvenile and immature to get angry so easily and communicate and make important decisions in anger. Please grow up, learn to control your anger, and maybe then you can think about getting married. Because I promise you that if you and your family don't learn how to communicate in a more calm manner, you are probably going to have a very turbulent marriage and family life.

  3. Remember that heaven lies at your mothers feet. A Muslim man will never go against his mother's wishes even if he loves you so much. He will sacrifice his own happiness to see his mother happy.

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