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If triple divorce was given, what is my ‘Iddah?

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A quick question:

me and my husband have now been separated for 6 mths...

before this we lived five years in the same house but seprate rooms.....

is my nikkah broken?

If i get divorced by him saying to me three times do i still have to wait three mths to re marry?

- hinaz_tearz

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  1. As-salamu alaykum,

    The practice of "triple talaq", or uttering three divorces at once, is haram and is cursed. The Messenger of Allah (sws) denounced it in the strongest terms, calling it a mockery of Islam:

    Mahmud bin Labid (radiAllahu anhu) who said that Rasulullah (SAW) was informed about a man who had divorced his wife with all the three pronunciations (without interval/one sitting), so he stood up angrily and said: "Is the book of Allah played around with while I am still in your midst?"...until a man got up (with his unsheathed sword) and said: O Rasulullah, shall I not kill him?

    [Reported by an-Nasai]

    In any case it will still be counted as only one divorce, and you will still have to go through the 'iddah (waiting period).

    Abu Sahba' said to Ibn 'Abbas (Allah be pleased with them): "Do you know that three (divorces) were treated as one during the lifetime of Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him), and that of Abu Bakr, and during three (years) of the caliphate of Umar (Allah be pleased with him)". Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with them) said: "Yes". [Sahih Muslim]

    For more information see here: "Ruling on Triple Divorce."

    Wael Editor

    • Wsalaam

      i see.. Thankyou for your response..

      Does this mean he will have to give talaaq once then i wait three mths before he gives another? And three mths again? ...or after the first talaaq i wait three mths and thats i can remarry?

      Im little confused on how it wrkz?

      • There is no need for more than one talaq. Your husbands gives a talaq, you wait three cycles until the completion of the 'iddah, and then you are divorced. After that you are free to remarry.

        Wael Editor

        • Oh i see jazakallah....

        • If a husband gave 1st talaq before and returned to each other inbetween a month & after a year he gives 2nd talaq and two months have passed can they still return to each other

          • Rana, they are divorced. They can remarry with a new nikah if they choose. It will be the last time, however. If he pronounces talaq again, they are finished for good.


      • Salaams,

        The simple answer to your question is if he gives you one talaq (or three at once that count as one) you wait 3 months and then you can remarry.

        The reason there are three talaqs has to do with the option of him taking you back. If a woman is given one talaq, her 3 month iddah starts. In that time, the husband can take her back as a wife without the divorce being completed. If he doesn't take her back, after 3 months she is completely divorced and can remarry.

        He can do that again with the second talaq as well. If a man decides that he wants his wife again after the first or second talaq, but the iddah is already completed, he must remarry her all over again.

        However on the third talaq there is no taking back. He must leave her for that 3 month iddah and cannot remarry her even after the iddah is over unless both he and she remarry and divorce other people.

        Hope that helps clarify.

        -Amy Editor

        • Salaam sister

          In my case it is me who wants the talaaq as i am unablr to give hom his rights as a husband..he still trying and thinkinv we can get back togther bt from my side i know i am unable to see him as a husband..

        • What is the ruling regarding a husband divorcing his wife by saying talaq thrice but never had any kind of relation with her since the beginning of their wedding?Does she still have to go through the iddah period???

          • There is no need to say talaq three times. One time is sufficient. If they never consummated the marriage then there is no 'iddah and they are immediately divorced.


    • I did not find it anywhere in the meanings of Quran iddah after 3 talaq. So why the woman has ti wait for 3 cycles? This tenure is only implemented if the man gives only 1 talaq at first so now he can get back his wife within 3 cycles n same after if he gives 2 talaq,but there is no such command of observing iddah after the 3 talaq as this type of idaat is only meant for contact between husband and wife and obviously 3 talaq means the marriage is all over.

      • You are right that the third divorce is irrevocable. However, an 'iddah is still required, not so that they can reconcile, but to verify that the woman is not pregnant. Otherwise, if the divorce was instant, she could marry someone else right away, and if she got pregnant then paternity would be in question.

        And Allah knows best.

        Wael Editor

  2. Salaams,

    To supplement brother Wael's response, the answer to your specific question would be that if he gave you a divorce (despite it being a triple or a single) the waiting period is still 3 months before you can remarry.

    However, in reference to your first question, if you are asking if your nikkah is broken ONLY by virtue of the fact that you have been separated for 6 months (and no divorce has specifically been given even once) then the answer would be no; a separation, no matter how long, does not in and of itself break a marriage.

    -Amy Editor

  3. No, this is forbidden. If u divorce, the woman has to wait for three of her monthly periods to pass before marrying someone else, her ex-husband can marry her again before the third period passes and after, unless she has remarried.

  4. Salaam, Simply please watch these 2 videos & from Qur'an & Authentic teachings of Prophet Mohammad [saw] answers are given to the point!! (Dr Zakir Naik ‘Misconceptions about Islam) (Dr zakir Naik Women’s Rights in Islam [full]

  5. Please tell me. Is iddah start from first talaq notice? or start from receiving after three talaq notice ? I received only one talaq notice. Is my iddah is start? Plz reply me soon. I am in trouble.

    • From the first talaq notice. Only one notice is required for divorce.

      Wael Editor

      • then why do we need to wait for two months just in case we can get back toghther so will be be taking me back during my iddat

        • Yes, that's right. The whole purpose of the 'iddah is to give the husband and wife time to change their minds and reconcile. So they can cancel the talaq at any time and resume their marriage. After the third talaq, however, the divorce is irrevocable.


  6. Asalaam o alekum

    I have a question
    This is the first time I am writngr something to any social site
    But I need to get an answer as I have no other option

    I am married since an year
    15 days ago me and my husband had an argument and he said talaq talaq for two times

    now since then we are living in a same house as I live outside my hoe country and I have no relatives here also I can't live anywhere else
    I have no idea of doing Iddah
    Do I need to start pardah against him
    We haven't had any intimacy since then also
    But we are living in same house sleeping in same bed without talking

    Is it permissible to live in the same house with the same person suiting Isfahan without Doing purdah and wait for three cycles?

    Please help me according to shariah what I need to do


    • Dear "Private", wa alaykum as-salam. Please read this answer at A number of questions about divorce.

      To summarize, the 'iddah after a revocable declaration of talaq (i.e. the first or second talaq) is three complete menstrual cycles. During this time the woman should continue to live in the home. She may be alone with her husband, talk to him, uncover herself, and beautify herself, but may not engage in physical intimacy of any kind, whether just kissing or sexual intercourse. If the husband desires to engage in such intimacy, he must state clearly that he is revoking the talaq and taking the wife back.

      If you need further advice please register and submit your question as a separate post, thanks.

      Wael Editor

  7. Hi

    Please help me
    My husband divorced by a telephone call
    He said ‘I divorce you ‘ he repeated this 3 times
    Then stated when he will be giving my Mehr but he didn’t manage to stick to it his having difficukt time despite telling me for 6 weeks before he was getting the money ready for the day to get rid of me.
    I came to my family house for break it’s been just over 3 months then at the end of 3 months I got the talaq by phone call
    Three weeks ago the talaq happened by phone call.

    There was no meeting between our family memebers as stated in the Quran
    And he stated we are forbidden for each other now.

    It was constant arguing the 3 months I came here I wanted him to realise he was being silly always fighting
    After giving me talaq he was crying on the phone and the next morning he sent me a tx which sounded sad he had given 3 talaq s and regrets it stating he will always be here for me and he always loved me

    Is this divorce valid ?as there are so many rules and as far as I have always been taught is to follow the Quran
    As the Quran words has never been changed so that is the final word

    He use to say all the time I divorce you 3 times then by night or few days it will all be forgotten so if this is valid then I was divorced months ago??
    We have been married year n half now. But as far as i have knowledge what he has told me we are divorced completely and he can’t take me back as he said I divorce you three times in one setting

    Why can the words from the Quran be played with people making there own rules up
    Making us women live in limbo when marriage is not a joke

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