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Trouble with masturbation and studies


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I have never shared this with anyone but I was searching for something and I came to see this post and I like the way people tried to help in a really islamic way, so I thought I should also tell my problem may be I'll find some suitable suggestions.

First of all I am a 3rd year eng student, and the thing that I really hate about myself right now is that I can't stop myself from masturbating. Even I am really ashamed of this sin of mine but still I keep doing it again and again. 3 years back I came to another city for study,  and when I was at home I didn't offer my full 5 prayers but still I was offering 3 or 4 or some day 5 prayers.  Most of the time I would miss my jumma prayer. I was a bright student but now I was almost expelled from my university due to bad grades and I can't concentrate on my studies at all.  Whenever I sit alone I just go to take refuge in online games, so my life is just games and masturbation and nothing else.  I am sick of myself and I really hate myself but I am like helpless I can't do anything at all.


Sorry for my English but I tried my best to give every detail of myself.


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  1. Brother,

    You are in control of your life and your body. Stop sitting alone...get up and out of your room. Go to the library to study if you around others. Make your parents proud of you and get that engineering degree. You cannot use games and masturbation as an excuse for your grades. You are not helpless brother, weak maybe but not helpless. Keep yourself busy and don't stay in your room and that in and of itself might help you keep away from masturbation.


    • i don't sit alone but i can't stop my self masturbating and having the same problem as above brother, i go to toilet. i am ashamed and cant stop myself. is their any pray to stop this

      and i recommend every one to not have a bad company.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Brother, I came across a suggestion on some website, which said that the desire to watch evil and to masturbate is a voice out of many voices of your mind, seeking attention, but you should not give it any attention. I say that this voice is that of Shaitaan.

    There are many people in this problem. It also affects a person's life such that he or she can not concentrate on anything and begins procrastinating. Looking at a person from the opposite sex makes them insecure and they run to isolation, listening to the voice of Shaitaan.

    Like any other whisper, this is a whisper of the Shaitaan. Just ignore it and bury your desire. For having a better effect, read the post you mentioned again, in order to understand the ruling about this act. If anyone considers it halaal for oneself, one can never give it up.

    It is more pleasurable to give this habit up, than give into it. Jannah is not easy, brother. It is covered by hardships and trials. While the hell is covered by desires and the false pleasures of life.

    The world of porn and masturbation is like a mirage in the middle of the desert but in the Hereafter, you can actually get much better in reality. Have that vision in mind, read up the description of Jannah and Jahannam and visualize those images in mind. In sha Allah, it will help you. Masturbation just makes it seem pleasurable, but later, you feel guilty. Giving it up is more pleasurable, in that you will feel the sweetness of faith if you give it up for Allah's Sake, in sha Allah.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  3. with due respect i just want to sahre my thoughts regarding this issue,

    One thing we all know that it is close to impossible to aviod Sexual desire and when it comes you want to satisfy yourself Sexually, now there are two ways of getting it hallal and Haraam, now if you dont have Hallal way to get this pleasyre definately you are going to choose haraam path. Now the solution is as you reach to your adulhood be marry with a girl whoom you like enjoy these sexuall activities. Islam teachings also suggest to marry as soon as possible once you rach in your Adulthood.

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