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True love with few complications help out!!!!


im an 20 year old girl. I never thought of loving someone especially a hindu guy. it was in a social media we met by our fate. we both had our worst past and we both felt happy and comfortable with eachother thoughts and we remained as best friends. it was a great friendship and 6 months later he proposed me. and he was just 22 not so handsome or rich financially he was equal to my level he was working for 23k per month. we never had a idea to get into a relationship. after 3 months of his proposal i finally accepted checking his patience (even though I loved him before when he proposed me). I dont know why I opened social media and why I deleted all even my friends contact. we were madly in true love after two years we met exchanged many gifts then he converted as Muslim and promised me that he will convert his parents too. his mother was very supportive I talked with her many times and his parents are very lovely can do anything for his happiness. I now completely trust him and his parents but its not easy to convince my parents because of his past religion and other city but the fact is he not only converted himself but staying in my city and completely learnt my city languages. please its my humble request to brothers and sisters who are reading this story give me your suggestions(reply) to convince my family as we could marry happily Inshallah seeking for supportive and positive replies & ideas for our true relationship

Zazakhallahu khair


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  1. Bismillah
    Only Allah knows the intentions of the heart so if he's willing to do all that for you i think it sounds like a good deal to me also it makes no difference where he came from as long as he is a muslim now and follows islam

  2. as salaamu alaykum sister Asfiya

    You need to tell your parents that the blessed Messenger of Allaah (saws) was himself a revert to Islaam, and so were All his Sahaba, notably Abu Bakr as Siddiq, and 'Umar ibn al Khattab and Ali ibn abi Taalib, and of course his wife Khadija (RA), who was the first to embrace the last version of Islaam. AllaahHu 'alim, but I don't Think there are any better Muslims, among those who were Born into the faith of Allaah!

    • As salam o alaikum brother.i would like to clarify here that Muhammad (pbuh) was not a revert.He believed in the oneness of Allah before the revelation came upon him.

  3. as salaamu alaykum Sameera,

    Indeed he (saws) was a Monotheist believer, perhaps a Hanifa, a few of which still existed as followers of the deen of Ibrahiym (AS), but the Last version of Islaam was only revealed to the Messenger (saws) of Allaah (swt), so in that sense he Was a revert to the last revelation.

  4. Assalaamualaikum wr wb... Strictly do not fall into this trap. Please read further.

    By Allah this would ruin your life, as it ruined many of our sisters lives. I warning because I know the consequences of the type of marriage. Better than your case, one of the sisters studied four years of graduation with this hindu who fell for her and reverted to Islam and had all done. Studied Quran and then everything, was namazi, entrusted. Then after the sister married him againts advices from her relatives but she was stern and concerned if not for her individually who would step forward to marry these sinless new comers to Islam. Wallahi this is trap of shaitan.

    The marriage ruined the family's and especially the sister's life. In the first week itself the so called revert got involved in his past rituals and started drinking and hitting our sister. He kicked her slapped her and locked down in the bathroom for days and feeding her in it. The noble sister had patience she followed the Glorified religion of Allah hoping the he was still muslim but one day this revert commites kufr and got back to his kufr and then our sister decided to leave him as it was her right being muslim as it invalidated their marriage.

    Imagine entire time she was beaten and abused and then was having patience only for the sake of Allah until her husband became murtad.

    Then she Allah guides her after fajr salah while this murtad after getting tired of beating her slept, she calmly took his phone and then rang her brother to be picked up by. Meanwhile she had his phone too broken and was deprived to having it.

    May Allah have mercy on her. May Allah have mercy on her. May Allah have mercy on her.

    Thier family from their relatives was boycotted. Every single of her family was broken and were in severe pain. May Allah forgive her. She was alone in depression. I know her personally, because she happen to be a close companion of mine by relation.

    So sister, please dont do it. Forget everything. For the sake of Allah Himself.

    See for these new breeds from hindus there is no security. Nothing except that if you marry them whem there is Islamic rule even over them. When some like that sisters husband , dared to go out of religion obviously he will be punished by the law of Allah - that is they will cut his head off.
    So now this security is not there. And these fake people, the wont look fake to you now, perhaps they are not but soom they will become I assure you this, they will have the advantage and they will take it by not being threatened by the punishment if ever they became murtad.

    I am by Allah ohy dear sister, advicing you by keeping Allah as witness and a deeep sense of concern and with an intense pain out of the situation of muslims sisters especially this. I keep Allah as witness and I am giving you my, this, word. May Allah help you and guide you.

    Remember, you are free to choose but every choice comea with a price. So choose wisely.

    Allah knows best.

  5. Just test him by leaving him if he revert his past religion or he will not

    If he changed in islam for u dont marry him
    If he changed in islam after knowing it just go for it

    All u need is a patience
    I believe he changed for u and its a haram thing u did
    At first why u entertain someone non maharam in the first place
    He will.use u and throw u like a trash
    I know these kinds of guy but still i dont have reason to judge so just take a break with him and know if he still is muslim or he was just changed for u bcoz in the future whenever u get argument or fight he will be back again in his past religion so better know his intention first and then give a chance otherwise for me u did a wrong choice u deserves a better muslimah who leads u to the jannah not hell
    He is only opening the gates of hell nothing else
    Just give ur love to.ur future spouse not like someone it will degrade you

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