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Trying to conceive again after ectopic pregnancy

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I need some advices on specific verse or dua regarding to conceive. I had an ectopic pregnancy last month and undergone some surgery and the doctor decided to remove the baby. Allahuakbar Allah is the almighty. Hence i really need some advice because i really want to conceive and have child of my own bi izbillah. Im around 1 year plus of marriage. Jazakumullah in advance.


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    We've collected some duas together under the Dua in Islam heading at the top of the main page - inshaAllah they might be relevant for you.

    An ectopic pregnancy is a very distressing thing to endure, but the vast majority of women who experience this are able to go on to conceive normally. I'd recommend speaking with your doctor for reassurance and advice, as they may recommend taking some time to recover fully before you and your husband start trying to conceive again.

    Midnightmoon editor

    • I had an ectopic pregnancy recently but I haven't tried conceiving again. Your chances of pregnancy do reduce but just a little. You just have to be patient and accept what is planned for you. Good luck sister.

  2. i also want to become a mother

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