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Trying to get a job but failing

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I am a full time student making college a priority. I have been invited for so many job interviews and have been denied all the jobs I've applied for. My parents keep pushing me for a job and I want to get one and have failed.

I make dua to allah (swt) to help me get a job and after 6 + interviews, I am losing hope. Is there any dua or form of prayer I should do in order for Allah to take mercy on me and help me?

- a.msister

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  1. As-salamu Alaykum,
    You are barely getting started with 6 interviews. These days, it can take about 100 tries or more to find a job. Keep trying, and don't get discouraged. Eventually you will find something, insha'Allah.

  2. 6 rejections are not a lot - as the person above me said, there are people who get 100 rejections before they are offered a job. Keep trying and make lots of du'a :).

  3. Assalamu alaikum,

    Dear Brother/sister,

    I've been through this as well. I can honestly understand how much pressure you have right now. As the brothers and sisters said above there are really people who get 100 rejections, me myself had a job after rejected by 60-70 companies.. honestly... but for me i had some issues with effectively communicating and work experience. Then i started writing about myself in a piece of paper and prepared for some of the commonly asked interview questions and memorized it for the interviews and again after few failures Alhamdulillah i got a good job and i am really thankful to Allah SWT for that. Likewise if you have any issues with the interviews.. please fix that one first. Always believe in Allah SWT and ask him to guide you. I dont know how financially well you are but while i was looking for the job 3 years ago my family financial condition was a wreck and it still brings tears to my eyes.. Alhamdulillah now we are recovering gradually. I am not a good adviser but i just thought i could share some of my experience with you.
    Never ever get angry with your parents coz they keep on pressuring you, sit with them and try to explain about how the interview went and things happened.I always did that. In Sha Allah they will understand.

    Again never lose patience and dont get angry with anyone try to calm down yourself.. really.. i ve seen and experienced what will happen if you lose patience and get angry. I will just ruin us. Mine is kind of some different story.. but this one thing about being patience is the one i wanted to relate with you. So never lose hope bro/sis.. May Allah forgives our sins and bless us all with his mercy, I will In Sha Allah keep you in my duas bro/sis. Take care 🙂

  4. Salam,

    Getting a job especially when you are a fresher is really really hard. But what you can do is learn from your mistakes from previous interviews. Most of the times they will ask you similar questions. Be prepared with the best answers you can give for those questions. Do a rehearsal kind of before going for interviews. Talk in front of mirror, it really helps.

    Body language, voice tone, etc matter a lot. Mostly they see how confident you are and how will you can handle the job. Try not to be nervous and full of confidence. Even if you don't know a certain thing tell them that you are ready to learn it and work on it. Never show your weakness in interviews. Making a good resume is really important but that's just 10% i feel.

    Don't give up keep trying. Don't repeat your mistake which you did in earlier interview. Dress well. Look confident.

    Make them feel that you are the best person they can hire.

    Make lots and lots of du'a in sujood. This is the best way to get your du'as answers i believe.
    And most importantly have faith in Allah.


  5. Keep faith and pray loads inshAllah, you will find a job.
    I started looking for a job when I was 16.
    I was only looking for a part time job too and had zero luck with even getting an interview never mind a job at first,
    eventually the interviews start slowly kicking in,
    I'm going to sum it up to around 15 failed interview attempts that's not including how many I applied for,
    However I still continued looking with a negative attitude but prayed too that Allah help me.
    Then after much praying I got lucky last Ramadan aged 19, I finally got a job and was delighted!
    Allhamdullilah still at that position, so basically have faith and make continuous Dua your perfect job awaits you

  6. Do not fear, it took me 13 long hard tried before I found the company that fit me. If they dont want you, then its all the worse for them! Dont lose enthusiasm brother!

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