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How do I turn back to Allah when I remain tense all the time?

Killing own happinessI have done many stupid things in my life but I also have done good things, but I don't know if they are good or not.  I can't remember my good deeds, only I remember that I am nothing more than a humanless soul.

I don't talk too much because I always remain tense.  I am good in studies, I am good in sports,  I am a fine, good looking guy; but still people hate me because they say I don't have a good heart.  Maybe they are right, because I don't talk dirty and  I don't go out with my family or with my friends.

Crazy thing is,  I don't even pray to Allah for my sins but sometime I cry to Allah alone to remove the tension from my heart.  I don't know, I always remain tense and the only thing that comes from my mind is hatred of this world.

Every time I look in the mirror and say to myself that I'm a good person, I want to help people, but still I don't want to be a hero.


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  1. Dear Ammar.
    If u ever have some thing like real love with any person&the same person dame cares about u &than a day come when ur beloved begs pardon from u for every such act:will u just be happy to forgive or nor.U know ,we can not emagin the boudries of our creater's love for us.Answer is simple just bow before the Lord of Lords.Cry&weep as much as u can&rest assured u will be blessed lots of satisfaction.Just like a child who can not talk,but when have any nead,the child cries&neads are fullfilled.So pl be childish with ur creator,The Almight Allah.Thanks.Pl feal free to discuss ur any disturbance any time at my cell+Deleted by editor.Thanks.

    Doa Go
    S Y E D

    • Salaams syed,

      Please do not include your personal contact info in future posts. Besides the fact that it's against te site's policies, there are obvious safety risks.

      -Amy Editor

  2. My Brother,

    Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray.

    It does not sound exciting, but it works. Allah is with you, if you remember Him. Prayer is the way to connect with Allah. You may feel like a humanless soul, but that is just because you are wondering in the dark. If you pray, the world around you will slowly emerge. People around you will begin to see that Allah is in your heart. That does not mean they will like you, but that does not matter. If Allah is in your heart, and you have firm resolve to follow the path of a pious Muslim, there is no mistake you can make that Allah will not forgive when you ask Him.

    And seek forgiveness of Allah . Indeed, Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful. [4:106]

    Give it a try, from the sound of things, it could not get much worse from you, but if you piously seek the will of Allah, and remember Him.

    So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me. [2:152]

    -Your Brother

  3. Salam brother
    When your down,lonely,sad or feeling alone remember your not alone Allah is with you! When the world is pushing you to your knees your In a Perfect position to pray
    When you pray from the heart the empty/heaviness on your head will be lifted! Do good in your life find the truth and inner meaning wh you are here! Allah is always around u to listen
    If you want to help people that's a good way to starting anything which leads to self-fulfilment but in the name of Allah! Volunteer/charity work look and reflect on your life be thankful for what you have got and remember those who are less fortunate than you due to health,loss of loved ones! Say alhumduliah don't look at yourself instead think of how you can build yourself to become a stronger person who is known for the good things I'm life! Life is beautiful, appreciate your surroundings and remember this life is temporary live today and tomorrow In the name of Allah, pray repent and do it from the heart! Allah can feel pain allow it to flow release and do good by Allah urself and others! Inshallah stay positive your not alone we all have been there some point in our lives how you get urself out is the test! Start and end your day with good deeds trust me something so small to u will slowly make differences

  4. AOA,

    dear bro Amar,

    what you have expressed here in this link sounds more of frustration mixed with some hidden regrets than confusion ! please dont take my words wrongly ! i too went through the same situation several time. my condition was worse than your's, and i not only questioned my existence but cursed it too. hope you could guess my mental condition.........?

    problems are something which causes sufferings. they are like an open wound, the more you scratch , the worse it will become...? i.e, if you are feeling something is not going right and you are knowingly avoiding it or ignoring it then it will never be ok. dear, you are in a much better condition, as you know what you are suffering from...? so dont let it open and close it immediately by praying ! its a kind of meditation and meditation is the only medicine for a ruptured mind ! it helped me immensely in collecting my self ! so it will be helpfull to you too insaallah !

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