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Two dreams after istikhara

English Translation of the Dua for Istikhaarah

Dua for Istikhaarah

Salam Brother and Sisters of Islam,

I performed istikhara yesterday for a marriage proposal. I know that its not certain you get a dream but maybe a feeling. I had a dream that I was with my parents and all of my family were all very happy in a theme park. The guy who has asked my hand is not in the dream. I am not sure if the dream was irrelevant to the istikhara?

The next day I had a dream of him he had around 8 colourful female wallets and he was showing me them?

I look forward to hearing back

JazakAllah Khair


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  1. Salam.My sister I don't know what your Iman is like because a lot people on these sites don't even pray and ask these types of questions.My advice is arrange for him to come you at your parents house m ake a list of questions and you will know.when I met my wife who is a scholor I went to her house and she surprised me with a list of questions .I said I will comeback the next day so I can think of some questions two.After 3 days of meeting we married.11 yrs has passed and are love is so blessed because have Allah and that is the bottom line.Understand.

  2. Salam.Look just be simple and go see him and ask questions.Questions on Iman Salah likes dilutes and education.This is your right too.Many people make grave mistake they give in to just first look and say I'm in love.....And so they make a big mistake.....The prophet said look for Iman in a person because it will bring Barakah and peace tranquility according to his taqwa.For the dream .Well we have to look into ourselves are we keeping to halal 100% praying Salah 5× day which is compulsory and readING quran daily because people I know say they had good feeling and positive.but regardless you still have to see the person to actually know how he is.Body language tells a lot. Is he mature does he have manners does talk soft and polite. How does he dress. Is it the worldly dress or the sun nah. Does he have a beard.These are all very important hints because your life depends on this.he is the one going to help you and your offspring? I quess you never thought about this?

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