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Two talaqs and a khula – can we reconcile?


Separation and Halaalah


My husband gave me 2 tallaq at one time and then did nikkah to reconcile after few days. Few years later due to unbearable circumstances i applied for khula in court. Reconcillation failed at tha8t time and court ordered khula decree. Now my husband wants to reconcile before submission of this order to union council where nikkah was registered. My question is that in my case is it possible to reconcile  as i have heard that khula decree ordered by government is equal to one irrevocable talaq for which to reconcile nikkah is must in cases where no tallaq was given to wife but here my husbsnd already gave 2. In this situation i can do nikkah with the same person 3rd time or is it possible after halalah?

Kindly clarify.

umm e aiman

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  1. Alaikomissalam.
    In Islam, A divorce by talaq may be affected by the husband in a single repudiation of his wife during her non-menstrual period (tuhr) within which he has totally abstained from carnal relation with her. Any number of repudiations made during one tuhr shall constitute only one repudiation and shall become irrevocable after the expiration of the prescribed 'idda.

    A husband who repudiates his wife, either for the first or second time, shall have the right to take her back (ruju) within the prescribed 'idda by resumption of cohabitation without need of a new contract of marriage. Should he fail to do so, the repudiation shall become irrevocable (Talaq bain sugra).

    So in other words, if the huisband said I DIVORCED YOU, two, or three times in one occasion, such pronouncement constitute only one Talaq and it will become irrevocable upon completion of the prescribed 'iddah.

    Allaho knows best

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