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Unbelievers marriages – Are they always sin?

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Salam Aleykoum brothers and sisters,

I was thinking about something few days ago and i wanted to share my question with you. It is a really simple question, but i think that the answer can be difficult to make.

In Islam, when someone who is muslim (A) marry to someone who is not believer at all (B), if the comitment is not valid (in the religious way), does it mean that, unbelievers's marriage who  made/ are making comitments with other unbelievers peoples are not valid? ( in the religious way) ( means that all what they can do between them (even if they are "married" in the society way) is sins?).

I'm waiting for your answers,



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  1. Salaams,

    I think the essence of your question is this: does Allah hold unbelievers to the same standards as believers? Muslims must follow Shariah law, and by it they will be judged. There are ayats in the Quran that indicate Allah has judged Jews by the laws they were under, and the same with Christians. They were noted as going astray when they violated their own laws (which I suspect, in their original form, were not much different than the shariah we as Muslims follow).

    Every man will be accountable for what he knows of the truth. Some people are told about Islam, but maybe they don't understand it correctly. Maybe they were given a version of it that was not exactly right. So we leave those individuals in Allah's wisdom to judge. He can decide whether anything they do is commendable, or not.

    No matter what, everyone still is given a conscience by God to know ultimately what is right and wrong. Most societies and religions have an understanding of commitment vs. infidelity. Whether Allah "counts" their marriages as valid, there's really no way to know for sure. But we do know that however He decides to deal with non-Muslims, it will be just no matter what.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Salam Amy,

    Thank you for your answer. I thought that i did answered but i did not.

    Good day,


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