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Can we use knives for cooking without the three dots?

Woman's hand with cooking knife

Cooking knife.

salam alikum can we use knives for cooking without the three dots?

cuz i was told it was haram but i dont know why tho?

is there a islamic story behind it?

plz reply thanx bro's and sisters

- destinyinparadise

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  1. Whoever answers this, please explain the three dots?...

    • None of us seem to know. Perhaps that poster can explain what it is. 🙂

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • I have heard the same
      My mother in law has told me I’m only to use knives with the 3 dots
      I didn’t question this but know that I have read the responses
      I will always question odd ideas

  2. As-salamu alaykum destinyinparadise,

    What are the three dots? I don't think any of us know what you are talking about.

    Wael Editor

  3. Slm. I have no idea what the 3 dots are about. I cook with all and any knives.I don't think there are any restrictions regarding knives and cooking in our religion

  4. I agree, I have never heard of three dots before!!!

  5. Salaams All,

    This kind of question must be a joke, I thought they were reviewed prior to being published.

    Superstition is haram.

  6. I agree... Sounds like superstition.

  7. Sister,

    People will tell you alot of things are haram. I mean alot! So if someone says this is Haram- ask them "WHY and WHERE IS THE PROOF?" Always ask this, or you will be easily swayed by people's cultural and weird ideas of what they think is Islam. Always ask why, cause i have never in my life heard anything about knives.

    There is nothing haram unless it is clearly stated in the quraan and sunnah, so always ask for proof.

  8. There is nothing haraam about using knifes without the 3 dots on the handle..I found your post quite interesting actually .so I done some research and found that the 3 dots on the handle are those knifes which are designed to be used on cutting meat. Its just a guidance for buyers on what knifes are sharper then others (so when your looking for a knife just to cut meat then ideal one is a knife who's handle has 3 dots on it) however every country is different so they have there own symbols for what knifes are good to use on meat then this whole thing about haraam etc is not true we can use any knife we want...hope this info helps

    • Thanks for looking that up. I think the Jews have some restrictions about using separate cooking implements for meat. But we do not have such restrictions in Islam.

      From a hygiene point of view, however, you don't want to use one knife for raw meat or fish and then for something else, like vegetables or salad, unless you wash it well. Raw meat carries a lot of bacteria and you have to be careful about spreading it to other foods or surfaces.

      Wael Editor

  9. When it comes to matters in ones life (food, education, family life, general dos and don'ts) nothing is haraam, everything is halal except that which has been proven to be haraam. So if person A tells person B that using a particular knife is haraam or something like that - A must prove it's haraam by Quran or Sunnah.

    But when it comes to matters of Ibaadah (how we worship Allah) everything is haraam except that which is proved to be halal. So we cannot invent ways of worshipping Allah instead of praying. We can only pray in the way the Rasool (SAW) taught us through the Sunnah. So if person A says to person B its haraam to pray this way, Person B needs to prove to person A that it's halal! Other way round this time.

    This is something we (at uni) were told by a scholar a few years back and it came to mind.

    Sara Editor

  10. I looked this up as well which was interesting.
    There was a site where apparently someone had a knife with 3 dots in a triangle used to signify belief in the trinity. In this case this did not appear (but Im not sure) to be a cooking knife - it looked more like a decorative knife made for an individual. The dots were also on the blade and appeared to be decorative rather than informative. (triangle shaped etc.)

    Obviously for that purpose trinity it would be haraam but if it's your typical cooking knife you buy from the shop with dots on handle to show whether you can cut meat/veg, I can't imagine that would be haraam. And Allah knows best.

  11. Rashida why comment when your comment is of no use or good to the person who is asking for advice?'This kind of question must be a joke, I thought they were reviewed prior to being published'

    Rather harsh don't you think? People want advice they probably have to wait months before their questions are posted...its a shame and stacy you seem to be very harsh in some of your comments to others...nobody is perfect people want advice not your arrogant (majority of the time) comments...fair enough you probably want to be honest and tell people they have done wrong...but reading some of your comments I'm sure the person who asked for advice wish they never did because you make them feel so low! Have a look at the way wael posted a comment it wasn't rude it just stated how the 3 dots on the knife was confusing and more info was needed in regards of the questions...take some advice from them and them comment

  12. Muslimgirl keep your stuck up opinion to yourself...people want advice not reality checks. Maybe you should open up your own website called islamic reality check...that's where you can use your so called reality check opinion.

  13. salam alikum again
    i guess it wasn't clear enough to ya all some mayb understood but what i ment was the three dots on the handle of the knife,well someone told me that it's for qurbani you have to use the three dotted knife it's halal that way but i wasnt sure about cutting fruit and veg with it anyway thanx 4 ya effort and ya tym everyone who researched 4 me.

  14. I agree with realistc advice. Aniqah sometimes people need to be dealth with rudely because they don't seem to understand the nice way

    • I am sorry to disagree with you. We see what is on the back of someone, but we never realise that someone is watching our back. If we do not follow what we preach, then no one will care what we preach.

  15. Hahahaha.. Put as many dots as u want sister.
    Its past midnight and im answering this question.
    Boredom is something eh? can b a major motivation for certain things.

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