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Using quran ayats to brainwash

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Quran 2:2 "This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah"

I have just got marrigae and my father inlaw told my husband that lying for the sake of parents is allowed in islam, he narrated some ayats of quran regarding parents and interpreted them in the wrong way... he also told my husband that according to quran, ur wife came to your house to work as a servant for your parents. My husband is sensitive about islam and he follows my father in law advices. I know that he is brainwashing my husband using quran and for his own benefits because my husband earns for the family and he doesn't want his son to respect and care his wife. He also advices my husband to divorce me if I dont listen to his parents. Moreover, my father in law has made an islamic page on fb and guiding people regarding islam by misinterpreting quranic ayats. how can I deal with him? My marrigae is at the verge of its end because of him. What does Allah say about such people who disrespect quran ayats?


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  1. Asslaamualaikum Sister,

    I can relate to your pain and agony when you said your marriage is on verge of end because of your father in law twisting the meaning of Ayahs to benefit them. I think it is the responsibility of every individual to verify and learn themself rather than standing behind their parents. So your husband is mature or aged enough to know that Allah is Just and wants us to be just for all the relations.

    May Allah(swt) help you.

    Take Care..

  2. What verses is your father in law referring to? You should get an imam or few imams involved to find out what the verses really mean and also get them to inform your husband about the true meaning of these verses.

    • Agree with this completely, get the actual learned involved and it will clarify the situation Insha'Allah.

      May Allah ease your pain...Ameen.

      • Good advice but this technique may not work, I was in a similar situation and took my husband to a conference where all the issues were clarified directly to him in the presence of another 100 something people and it made no difference, he still chose to deny it afterwards for his own benefit.

        • If nothing works then the last option would be divorce , whatever her father in law is advocating is probably a lot more cultural based then it is religion based, its better not to assosciate with people like this, as her father in law is going down quite a dangerous road. If this woman was to have a child the father in law and her husband may start teaching the child improper Islamic principles too.

          (They only invent falsehood who do not believe in the verses of Allah , and it is those who are the liars. 16:105)

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