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Very grieved and very confused please help

Muslim converts issues

Muslim converts often face challenges from family and friends.

Asalam U Ailaikum

i was previously married to a Hindu.

i reverted to Islam and very recently married islamically to a very pious Muslim.

I have a five year old son whom I am trying my best to raise as Muslim.

My parents who are Hindu  call me every single day and say things like don’t tarnish our family image and don’t spoil your son’s life by giving him step father. They keep on calling me names and that they will never accept my Muslim husband and my future kids and that I have spoilt my son’s life by depriving him of precious relations like grandparents and cousins because my Muslim husband doesn’t want my son to meet my ex husband or his family fearing that they might corrupt his mind.

My parents want me to return to my ex husband and say that we are not legally married as yet and I am torn between my parents my son and my husband now.

i am a Muslim and will not like to dupe anyone but my father’s anger and tears move me.

I pray all the time but I feel very scared for my son. Please advise as this pain is getting unbearable now.


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  1. Assalam u alykum dear Sister!

    May Allah bless you and ease your pain, in sha Allah.
    Firstly, welcome to Islam!

    Issues with parents are always sensitive ones.
    It seems your parents are worried about society and what their friends and family will say.

    Could you try explaining how happy you are with your husband? And explain to them nicely that as parents they should be supporting your happiness.
    They may also be worried about you. So try to explain to them, how your new husband is good for you and also good for your son. Give them examples of how he is a good influence for your son.

    Second issue, in my opinion, I don't think your now husband should be stopping your son from seeing his biological father. You may disagree here.
    However, I don't think you should give him the authority to dictate to you whether your son can see his father or not. I don't know the details of your story and I do not mean to offend at all, so please forgive me if any offence felt. Your son may feel like he wants to spend time with his biological father, children often do!

    Please continue doing dua that Allah makes everything easier for you: as 'Indeed, after hardship comes ease.'

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