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Am I still virgin and will Allah (swt) forgive me

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If a virgin Muslim girl fingers her privates and bleeds, does this mean that she is no longer a virgin? Will/Can Allah (swt) forgive her sins?


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  1. Salaams,

    One can only lose their virginity by having sexual intercourse. If you did only as you described, you would still be considered a virgin but I would also suggest making tawbah to Allah for what you've done and intend not to do it again in the future.

    -Amy Editor

  2. Salam sister,
    I will like to tell you that you have made a mistake and should ask for allah's forgiveness.As to if you are still a vargin,you are but you have deflowered yourself by breaking your hymene...Anyway I pray that allah give you a husband who will understand this....

    A similar thing happened to me but in my case my hymene(this is the tine layer around your vargina)sorry for being too direct but some people dont understand that this tine layer can break out by many activities not sexual intercourse.I broke mine when I fell down from a tree.But allah knowing I was innocent,He gave me a husband who fully understand knowing the type of person I am...

    Anyway,make tauba,stop fingering and be a good muslim girl...May allah help us all


  3. I made a mistake with I mean is,its not only througt sexual intercourse that you can loose you hymene.There are many other ways,like what happened to you and me,and to some girls who are very active in sports,riding bicycles,seriously falling down etc.All this can cause a goung girl loose this hymene and it becomes a problem when many girls marry especially in societies that thing that you have an intercourse with a man thats why their is no blood or something of that sort.Anyway ALLAH is the knower and seeier of all thing may he save us

  4. Salaams,

    The sister above is correct. The breaking of a hymen does not mean the loss of virginity, as it can be broken many ways that have nothing to do with sexual activity. In fact, some women are even born without one.

    -Amy Editor

  5. You should get married sounds like you have a sexual drive and do not do it. What makes you do this is very disgusting sorry im being honest. I hope that you stop and realise this isnt good.

    • it also means you dont have your hymen intact anymore therefore stop this could cause you more trouble and pain in the future when you get married, may allah help you and protect you from your mistake

  6. Salam,

    I wana tell dat

    (Remainder of comment has been removed. Sister asma, please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. Do no writ your email address here in the comments section. - Editor)

  7. Hi .....m 23 and m not married ....I have a problem ....can anyone plz tell me ...I didn't tell this to left labia is little different in shape as compared to other bcoz I used to masterbate my cliotus hood is also not in good shape ...I found line on it I don't feel any pain ...or itchy it normal ? Should I go to doctor ? .....will my future husband will kill me for this ? 🙁

    • This did not happen because you masturbated, the left and right side of the body grow at different time and intervals you probably had a disruption in nutrition, vitamins or even hormones at some point that caused it. You should visit a good OBGYN to comfort you in this issue. But I will say, you should never be married to a man or consider marrying a man that you have to worry will kill you or hurt you in anyway. Men are supposed to be the Protectors of women and children, not harm them, dont think you have to let or accept poor treatment from men nor should your future daughters.

  8. I accidentally got fingered am I still a virgin ?? HELP ON ME PLZ!!!!!

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