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Visiting parents after marriage

Aslamoalleikum I am concerned in regards to some issues about visiting my parents.

I live with my husband in our flat. I do not have any children at this moment. My parents and my siblings live in the same city about 20 mins drive. Currently i visit them once per week, either saturday or sunday for 3,4 hours.

I am due to finish my studies soon and when I am finished I have asked my husband if I can go more often about 2,3 a week to my parents home as i will be free soon and my husband is at work for most of the day time. I will still take care of own home properly.

He has replied that he does not get to see his family very often (they live abroad, so once a year) And it hurts him that i go to see my parents so often, so cannot go.

Secondly he feels his respect will be lost in eyes of my family if I visit so often as they might think I am not happy at my own home.

What is the answer to this in the light of Islam? Am i being unreasonable or is he being unfair in this matter. What should i do?


JazakAllah Khair


Worried sister in Islam

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  1. as salaamu alaykum Worried sister in Islam

    I see no Islamic reason why you should Not be allowed to visit your birth family, as often as you like, so long as you don't neglect your husband or your home!

    wa as salaam

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