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Wali cannot attend nikah in person – can we still go ahead?

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I have been in relationship with a man. We both are currently postgraduate students in Europe. We are from different country and both muslim. We have met and think we are compatible with each other, also discussed about our future. We intend to do nikah here soon this year but the problem is my father or my brother can not come here to be my wali. My country is very far from Europe and to do nikah in my country, the visa is difficult for my boyfriend (it could take so long time to get visa and not always be approved).

We do not want to do sin so we plan to do nikah soon. Alhamdulillah we never commit zina.

I have talked to my father about this and he gave me consent to do nikah without his presence. He would write authorization letter about this. Is it allowed to do nikah without my wali's presence? will my nikah be valid?


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  1. Have you asked/emailed a scholar? Your first port of call should be asking or emailing a scholar, this is a very delicate and dangerous matter, which if you get wrong, would mean you have been living in zina for what you would have thought is your married life, so please ask a scholar.

    A few questions though, did you come across and over to your current country without a mahram or have you been living there all your life etc i say this due to rulings which surround travelling without a mahram. Were you involved in a haram relationship as you refer to the guy as your boyfriend?

    Have you done istikhara?

    If the scholar tells you that you need a wali present then cut off contact, tell the guy to contact and communicate with your dad, and begin to arrange his visa/travel back home so you both can marry. If you are meant to marry itll happen no doubt about it, so some time and patience, refrain from speaking to him as the guy is a non mahram to you as of right now, talk to him if its necessary through your dad.

    From as much as i know a wali has to be present.

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