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I really want this proposal to work out, I deserve it

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I am 22 year old girl from India, I have constantly been praying to Allah that I get a good alliance.  By God's grace I recieved a marriage proposal which satisfied all my needs and I was really very happy with the proposal. The boy's side wanted to see me and meet me and as per their wishes my parents arranged a meeting with the boy's side and with his parents.

Now the problem is that those people aren't replying to my parents whether they like me or not.

I really want this proposal to work out and I am constantly praying to Allah that this proposal works out for me because I feel that I deserve this good alliance as I am a very religious girl.  Never had boyfriends in my life and a God fearing girl.

Please help me.

- hagar

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  1. Keep praying to Allah. Be patient and leave the matter with Allah. Allah has the complete knowledge and He knows matters that we do not know. Sometimes some matters seem good to us, whereas Allah sees something bad in it. The opposite also happens. Sometimes some matters seem not so good according to our judgment, but Allah sees khair in it. So, you may pray like this:

    "Allah! If there is good and khair in this proposal according to your knowledge, please bring it back into my life. If it is otherwise according to your knowledge, you Allah indeed is capable of replacing me with something better."

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