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«I feel guilty for commiting sins but I want to become good Muslimah again. Please help.

Marriage and Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships

Marriage and Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships

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  1. I'm 28 years of age this year. Religion has never been apart of my family yet i'v always had a lot of thoughts about how we got here and where do we go when we die. I'v researched a few religions but never been convinced. Until I was introduced to Islam. Instantly I felt drawn to the religion and it has been on my mind every day for the last 6months. My best friend converted 4 years ago and now I see what he has been trying to explain to me about our creator. My question is.. I'm planning to convert (revert) to Islam in 2 weeks. The problem is my girlfriend who is pregnant with my our first child is a non Muslim. The advice I have been given is to wait no longer. In my situation my heart is hurting and I wonder if there's hope for me down the track..? This is a brief message on how I am feeling. I find myself most days sad and I need my heart to be at ease very soon. I am very excited to take the step to become a muslim and I hope my partner follows me for her sake and our unborn child.

    • Jeremiah, congratulations on your decision to accept Islam. My advice is, do not hesitate. Make your move and trust Allah to bring about the best result. Invite your girlfriend to follow you to Islam and get married as a Muslim couple. Take it one day at a time and hope for the best.

      If you need further advice please submit your question as a separate post, thanks.

      Wael Editor

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