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I want to expel ‘JINN’ from my body, please help.

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I am Laibah a married women with a baby girl alhumdulillah, married for last 2 years. I am influenced by an evil spirit, its a jinn or a shaitan or through black magic, I don't know but by problem is my husband and daughter. I cant be loving to them, cant be physically and emotionally attached to him, I abuse him, beat my daughter and behave very rude to both of them.

I hate when he touches me for his needs, from the very first day of my marriage we are not ok, have disputes and I ask for talaak. I am going for treatment for last 6 months according to shariah and they are saying its sehar tafreek. They say the thing on which sehar is done should be destroyed until then the attacks are again and again done. Sometimes jinn speaks too, I'm really worried and can't fulfil desires of my husband.

Please suggest, I feel pain in every part of body everytime like a pointed needle specially hands and legs. What should I do? I pray, do istaghfar but theres no result. I know I have committed too many mistakes in my teenage, God knows it is the punishment for that or a test by Allah swt. Please help and pray for me. I am fed up of this kind of life.

Even in ramzan I'm not ok. It is said that the shaitan is put behind the bars,what is this going on with me...plz help

- Laibah

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  1. Dear Sister Laibah, Asalaamualaykum,

    I am a little confused by your post. Is it your husband or yourself that is beating your daughter?

    Please clarify this so we can offer you some advice.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. May God help You sister. I really feel bad for you 🙁

  3. Salam sister Z,
    Its me who beats my daughter and behaves rude to husband,sometimes my head gets off i dont know why my brain stops to work,i see very horror kind of dreams can feel in my dreams that someone is entering to my body through my legs,Alhumdulillah i am fine from before but not absolutely fit,i want to get rid of this.The sheikhs say it can be possible that the jinn might be from before marriage and when i got married he couldnt tolerate and makes us husband and wife quarrel.i dont know its sehar or it came on its own but one thing i want is really want to get out of this stuff.Pls help me out.

    • Sister,

      I am very sorry for what you are going through. Alhumdulillah that you see clearly that you need help. I will suggest two things to you Sister, and both of these things will work only by the Will of Allah (swt):

      1) That you seek medical help

      See a medical doctor as these symptoms could be due to a mental health condition. There is nothing to feel embarrased about having treatment for a mental health disorder. Just as a physical ailment is from Allah(swt) so is a mental ailment.

      2) Simultaneously, seek spiritual help

      Of course sihr exists, but I am not qualified to assess whether your condition is a result of sihr or not. When our beloved Rasool(sws) was afflicted by sihr, Allah(swt) revealed to him(sws) Surah Falaq and Surah Naas as a cure. So apart from doing all the obligatory acts of worship, do the other things too that Allah (swt) and His Rasool(sws) recommended us to do. Do dhikr of Allah, glorify Allah(swt), read the Surahs I mentioned, blow into your hands and wipe over yourself, read them and Surah Fatiha and Ayatul Qursi after every fard salaah, do dhikr of Allah(swt), as Rasool(sws) would do, i.e. there are duas to recite before entering and leaving the bathroom/toilet, when leaving and entering the home, before and after eating, when sleeping and waking, when feeling anxious etc. Keep yourself clean at all times, wash yourself after the call of nature, keep your surroundings clean, refrain from watching horror moves, these are pleasing to shaytan. Recite Quran as much as possible, pray extra nafl, give sadaqah and ask Allah immediately after this to cure you.

      I will strongly suggest that you refrain from seeking divorce in your current condition because you are not in a strong state of mind. Instead I will advise you to open up to your husband and ask him to help you seek help. This condition of your's is affecting yourself, your husband and your child and so you do need immediate help. Book an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. They will conduct blood tests and if it is a mental health condition you are suffering from, this will become apparent. Medication will inshAllah stablise the medical imbalance and in turn balance your behaviour. If this is not the case, inshaAllah, spiritual treatment will help you. Try the ibaadah I mentioned to you and at the same time, seek out a qualified Imam for further assessment and advice if you so wish. Which country do you live in?

      Do not worry my sister, there is help for you inshaAllah. Allah(swt) has not created us without cures to our ailments.

      SisterZ Editor

    • salaamu'alaykum to you and your family.

      i will make du'aa for you inshaallaah.

      but i would like to direct you to a magnificent clear 2 part video on youtube called :world of the unseen jinn parts 1 and 2:

      watch it carefully, and then inshaallaah, you will know maybe what you may do to get rid of it.and you will master the tricks of the jinn/magic when it comes to you inshaallaah.

      but regarding this video, if you get scared about horror, then you must NOT watch it alone, watch it with your husband inshaallaah.

      also, recite the aayah of jinn/magic in suurah baqarah about sulaymaan and his jinn.

      thats the best advise and only advise i can offer, i hope it helped.

      Allaah ma'ak

  4. Sister try reading surat bagra everyday and also play surat al bagra everyday at your house, or when you pray at night, gyam try to read bagra (whole sura) inshAllah this will help

  5. Salam sister Z,
    Jazakallah for your helping words,I am from India(hyderabad) your words my eyes are wet as it shows your care and feeling for me,just pray for me sister my parents and husband are really worried,my mom cries a lot that i havent seen life yet and i am indulge in such a big problem just after my marriage in an early age i am 22.Sister as you are saying of medical treatment my father and brother also tells me for this,i have read sura baqra for almost 2 months regular,they beleive a Shaitan or jinn cannot exist now in your body,i went to Psychiatrist too by there force he told i am suffering from depression, as because science doest not beleive in all this and he had to give a reason.
    He prescribed me but i never bought medicines as i dont beleive because sister why does it happen only with my husband and daughter they are so loving to me and i behave so harsh,after saying cruel words i realise it wasnt me and says sorry,when the Imams read Quran nad says our husband and wifes name why do i go imbalance,when i apply kajal in my eyes why does my head gets off,whenever i wear bangles or any other accessories,or ithar my body starts to pain.I want to ask God i cannot dress up for my husband too???,why is he doing to me...i was so bubbly in nature so stylish that my friends would copy me,now i am nowhere interested, i am completely changed,no friends nothing,but when i got this site my mind feels there are peaple around in worse condition then mine,i feel there is someone like you,who really answers...MAy Allah give you happiness and success in both the lifes,and make you away from all your problems..Ameen.
    I know i was a worst sinner but i repented and never did that stuff after marriage as i want to be loyal to my husband and Allah,i asked for forgiveness day and night.
    And the ayats and all things you said i am following from last 6 months regularly...but..
    Please pray for me Sister i think it can be cured only through prayers,my mom says that she will take me to umrah soon Insha allah i will be fine because in that city Jinn and shaitan cannot ever enter,and when i'll pray in KABAH i know my God will hear...i am planning for next baby but feeling like if i'll get pregnant the thing will affect my baby too.
    Sorry i took your precious time,i have no one like a friend who can listen and understand my feelings i am lost pray for me.
    jazakallah khairan kaseera...Ameen

  6. Thank you INAAYA,
    i idid read that and many other surahs also and still continuing i know Allah swt has made a day of Shifa for me but i want that day to be today thats it.I Beleive in Allah that he is listening each word of mine and he loves us more than 70 moms,when my mom is so much worried and loving,he would be more than that,pray for me that i become fit spiritually and mentally,and i can give my daughter good Tarbiyat i always wish..

  7. Dear sisterz Salam.
    You are such a wonderfull person i see many of your comments and feel like wow can i also be like u think like u but cant.I am waiting from last 10 days for your reply but...i really need to share something,after ramadhan i am not feeling goog,i get out of temper very very soon i hate my husband feels like killing him,argues with him badly beats him hard and a new nature has come out of me of stubbornness, from last 3 days my husband and me are continously fighting,last night an unusuall thing happened and i am very sad for that,i have been violent to my husband i hit him by punch 3 or 4 times after that my husband hit me so hard so hard that i cant express and suddenly i grabbed my neck with my own hands to kill myself i pushed really hard seeing that my hubby hit me more hard and i suddenly started laughing...yes a really really loud laugh with my hands clapping,and suddenly the jinn spoke i am so happy what i wanted you did that with your wife i am really very happy,what i wanted from last so many days it di happened today i laughed for more then half an hour and just said i am so happy,my husband recited ayats and blowed he said nothing can harm me nothing happens to me,its the grace of Allah onme alhumdulillah that i can recite ayaats any time when i wish but with strong will power,when i am not me...i started reciting ayatalkursi and other ayaats i just became quit and the feeling and everything got to an end.but still i hate my husband i know The JINN is present with me each and every single minute,and i can feel where he is the nerve of that place gets to pump....sister i know you are not profeesional in all this but just wanted to share this thing with you my cry my sigh my tears my God can see and i know somewhere u can feel by my words,pls pray for me my married life is getting worse day by day,i know i love him and he's the best person i would have ever get but i cant feel love for him sometimes,i love my daughter she also cries when i go mad....PLS pray for me,really really need your reply soon.
    Allah hafiz

    • My dear sister,

      Please hang in there. I or one of my colleagues will reply to you soon inshaAllah.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Laibah,

      You are not being attacked by jinn. You are in a very very volatile situation at home. There is a great deal of violence in your home, and you have young children who are witnessing it.

      Dear Laibah, although I do not have expertise in this area, it sounds to me like what is happening is that your mental health, and your personal safety, is being compromised severely. It is possible you are having a psychological breakdown and you need medical attention right away.

      Please, are you able to take your children to your parents' or siblings' home, and have someone take you to the doctor? You must explain to your doctor what happened in the last few days. Also, you and your husband should have some time apart and seek counsel with a trusted friend or family member who can assess this situation and advise both of you. What is happenng right now, with violence between the two of you, is neither Islamic nor healthy, not to mention extremely unsafe.

      This is my take on it. Your story above was deeply disturbing.

      Dua is important, but Allah SWT has given us all the wisdom to seek help from this dunya as well.

      Perhaps one of the editors can contact you directly by email to find out where you live and direct you to the right resources.

      • Precious Star, thank you for replying. I agree with your suggestions.

        Laibah, please listen to Precious Star's advice. It is very important.

        SisterZ Editor

      • How can you say she is not being attacked by jinn when the jinn has SPOKEN even?

        I konw where your coming from..I too thought the same when I started reading her story however you cant deny it is a jinn attack when the jinn is even speaking through her. And for those that are not aware, one of the missions and tactics of jinns is to come and cause marital rift. One form of black magic is to make a jinn possess someone and then make that person HATE their spouse. Not only is she suffering unexplained hatred for her spouse whom she claims she does love, bu the jinn is speaking through her.

        CLEARLY this is a case of possession. I know people go far into ascribing everything to jinns and such , however, lets not be the other extreme in denying a world that we know exists.

        Sister Laibah, you are clearly under the affect of a Jinn. You need to see a reliable who will help you get treated through authentic quran and sunnah (not "white magic" done by a so called religious man who is really another magician). If you dont know the difference between the two then let me know and I will inshallah explain further.

        Was salaamu alaikum

        • Salam FAITH.
          Thankyou so much for understanding my situation,there are many peaple who doesnt beleive in all this i am suffering,some of my family members also dont is hard to feel the pain of a person suffering...the main aim of the shaitaan is the dispute betwn husband and wife,this work of tafreek btwn husband and wife is most dear to IBLIS.

          My attitude changes to manly my way of talking,my shoulders gets broad and i can feel an unknown energy in myself,once during my treatment i hitted a chair so hard that it broke,a girl doesnt have such power.And i use so cheap abusive words that a man can only use afterward i realize and feel guilt.
          I know the difference betwn the two,i am getting treated from a trusted religious person he recites ayaats loudly and doesnt give any rubbish things to eat or drink or to tie(amulet),it is Shirk and alhumdulillah i am strongly away from all this by Allahs grace,i come from a family who are Ahle HADITH and are strictly against biddat and shirk which is really common in India,my inlaws are all Biddati and they force me to go to there aalim which is a magician that i know,pls mail me all the details so that i can be more aware of the difference,and it will increase my knowledge.
          May Allah swt grant you happiness and success in both life and a happy married life too,and May Allah swt solve all your problems...Ameen
          Fi amanillah.
          Jazakallahu khairan Kaseera.

      • Precious star thanx for replng.

        The deal of violence you are talking about just happened a day before but the situation i am suffering is from last 6 months when my husband and me decided to go to professional sheikh for advice as i used to see horror dreams and could feel someone is entering through my left toes thumb when i was in sleep,that was the first time i got imbalance he just took the number of that person and i got my mouth shut and completely off...when my husband recited Kalma tayyibah Laailaha... i just shouted at him badly to stop reading,and told where are you taking to me i'll kill you for that my sister in law told me that my body got so heavy that when i felt unconcious she picked my head to put pillow she wasnt able to move that by her both hands it was really heavy...before all this incidence nothing happened just i used to quarrel with him for a least reason he was always patient and i asked for talaaq.
        If you are saying it is mental problem then give me the reason for the above.
        Jaza KAllah

    • Salaam sister,
      I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. May Allah swt help you.
      I believe it may be a combination so seek both physical and spiritual help individually. Be careful to avoid committing shirk though - find a pious person who is trustworthy and extremely firm in Islam. Pray to Allah swt as much as possible - try to remain in a state of wudhu at all times. Go to sleep in wudhu. Say the duas before eating, leaving, entering house. Definietely say the duas before going bathroom.

      Regularly recite Ayatul Kursi and recite surah al ikhlaas,falaq and naas once after each salat and 3x after magrib and fajr salat. Try to eat 7 Madina dates each morning. Also regularly recite Qur'an particularly Surah al Baqarah. If you cannot recite it in the house very often at least play it. Also regulardly recite surah al fatihah as it can provide a cure.

      If you really are possessed you will still probably need help, but InshaAllah doing these things will at least prevent the jinn from entering you.

      Also if your doctor has prescribed you medicine and it is safe for you to do so, try it to see if it helps. Keep an open mind.

      May Allah swt heal you.


      Sara Editor

      • Sara,
        Thankyou,madina dates you are talking about is really good the sheikh also told me for that,insha Allah i'll have it soon for some days,and i think and feel he's always present with me the things you are saying to follow is for preventing i am suffering from this,anyways i'll do that too so that he would feel pain and get out soon.
        Jazakallah sister.

  8. Jazakallah sister Z
    MAy God bless you with more blessings for what you deserve by helping others,i really pray for you i wanna ask a personal question are you married or not so that i can pray for your husband and your married life also...
    Allah hafiz,thanx may Allah make your work easier and grant you happiness in this life and success in life after death..Ameen.

    • Laibah,

      I know you are suffering greatly which is why I want you to be as open minded as possible.

      Can you tell me why you have refused to take the medicine that was prescribed to you?

      In answer to your question, no I am not married. So you could make dua for me and everyone to be blessed with a happy, loving and pious marriage and healthy pious offspring.

      SisterZ Editor

      • Because personally i think i dont need that,science doest beleive in this life so he had to give a reason he cant say you are affected by jinn go for shariah treatment.
        i know every mad person say I AM NOT MAD,but dont wanna say it to prove that i am mad...lolz..

  9. Sister Laibah, I agree with Precious Star. You are mentally ill. You may be bipolar, or clinically depressed, or schizophrenic. I am especially inclined to believe this because you admit that your father and brother also feel you are mentally ill, and the psychiatrist prescribed you medication for your condition.

    Fill your prescription and take the medication. At the same time, begin seeing a psychotherapist to talk about what you have experienced. It may be you suffered some abuse or trauma, and that could be the cause of your rage.

    Of course we must also turn to Allah. Recite Ayat al-Kursi, do your salat, fast, and make dua' to Allah to heal you.

    Wael Editor

    • I want to add that I feel so sorry for your daughter, who is the most innocent victim in all of this. If you're not willing to get treatment for your own sake, then do it for your daughter, who does not deserve to be abused by her own mother. You might also consider separating yourself from your husband and daughter, for your daughter's sake. Or sending your daughter to live with her grandparents until you are able to establish some normalcy.

      Wael Editor

    • Thanyou brother Wael,i was always looking forward to get a reply from your side i am so glad.
      I want to say my brother and father do beleive i am mentally affected because i recited sura baqra for months and they feel now the jinn cant exist,thats the only reason.
      Our prophet said in whomesoevers house sura baqra is recited shaitaan cannot enter,he never gave an appropriate time that till when he will go,my brother got what ever he ever wished so he never beleives that the hadith can go delay,he thinks that it suddenly happens.Sometimes Allah examines our trust,on this basis he judged me thats it..

      • Brother Wael jazakallah for showing your care,but my daughter is just 1 year 6 months she hardly understands and i feed her so she cant live without me,she just cries because she gets scared by my shout and my manly behavior.

        • Of course she will cry because she is scared. She is your baby, and you are her mother, you are supposed to protect her, not hurt her or scare her. If you wont take your medication, then she shouldn't be around you, whether you feed her or not! At least try and see if the medication helps, it may or it may not, but at least you can say you tried.

        • You said that you beat her. That is the abuse I am referring to. If you beat such a small child you might kill her, not to mention traumatizing her at a time when she is supposed to be developing and learning about the world. Sister Laibah, stop arguing and defending, and do what is right for your family. Get treatment and get help!


          • Laibah,

            I agree with Wael. Jinn or medical problem, you are not a doctor of medicine or of ruqya and hence are in no position to be diagnosing yourself. Your child's life is in danger. You know that when you lose control, you do very bad and dangerous things, so you must seek help immediately.

            Go to a doctor and let him treat you. If it doesnt work, at least you know you have tried. Science is from Allah aswell, all medicine be it ruqya or dunya is from Allah. To say otherwise is ignorance.

            Beating an adult is bad enough, but beating a baby is something else. Even the slightest can blow kill him. You said you respect me, right? So if you meant that, then trust me as your sister and wellwisher and go to a doctor now. Tell your husband you want medical help and ask him to read this site if you need help in making him understand.

            I have seen sisters with similar symptoms to yours. They are now stable as they are on medication. If you don't believe you need medical help, then go and seek ruqya, whats stopping you? Do it but separate yourself from your child as he is in danger. How will you feel if God forbid something happened to him through your hands?

            Sister - wake up. Please ask your husband to read your post here and pick up the phone to the police or medical services now - your condition needs immediate urgent attention.


  10. A heartly thanks to all of the editors for the reply,what you all are doing is just for Allah's sake nothing personal is involved and an unconditional love for the needy muslims,Allah will inshaAllah reward you all for this Ameen..

  11. sister,I had a very close friend who had the exact same problem. People might say its mental illnesses etc. but only those going through the problem know what its like. All I can say is..Sis,have faith in Allah Ta'aala. Nothing can ever overpower faith in Allah.I myself have heard the jinn talk many a times and seen things which would scare the wits out of people.
    Read Surah Falaq,Naas and Ikhlaas 3 times every morning and evening.
    Recite Surah baqara everyday for 40 days
    Bismillahillathi laa yadhurru ma'a ismihi shay'un fil ardi wa laa fis samaa'i wa huwas samiy'ul 'aleem. -3 times morning and evening
    Recite the manzil and ayat-e-haraz
    Do not ever give up hope in Allah Ta'aala.

  12. jazakAllah Laaiqah,
    Thanks for your kind words,i recite all that regularly but i dont know what is ayate haraz can u pls tell me.

  13. The Ayat are:

    Surah Al-Fatihah (chapter 1): verses 1 to 7
    Surah Al-Bakarah (chapter 2): verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 to 257, and 284 to 286
    Surah Al-Imran (chapter 3): verses 18, 26 and 27
    Surah Al-A'araf (chapter 7): verses 54 to 56
    Surah Al-Israa (chapter 17): verses 110 and 111
    Surah Al-Muminoon (chapter 23): verses 115 to 118
    Surah Al-Saaffaat (chapter 37): verses 1 to 11
    Surah Al-Rehman (chapter 55): verses 33 to 40
    Surah Al-Hashr (chapter 59): verses 21 to 24
    Surah Al-Jinn (chapter 72): verses 1 to 4
    Surah Al-Kaafiroon (chapter 109): verses 1 to 6
    Surah Al-Ikhlas (chapter 112): verses 1 to 4
    Surah Al-Falaq (chapter 113): verses 1 to 5
    Surah Al-Naas (chapter 114): verses 1 to 6

    Also ask your husband to give azaan when entering any room with you,and to hold your forelock and recite durrod and ayaatul kursi when you become posessed.

  14. Dont go into the toilet without covering your hair, try to keep in Allah Ta'aala's remembrance, when you are in menses take extra care in disposing of your blood,hair,nails etc and also be careful to read alot of ayaatul kursi especially when it comes towards the 13 of the lunar calendar(full moon). Stay away from dirty places,and try to be perpetually in wudhu.

  15. Laaiqah thankyou so much Insha Allah it will be helpfull,the points you said are really imp Insha Allah i will follow.pls pray for me,and if you have any more advice then pls suggest.
    Allah hafiz

    • Salaam alaikum dearest sister Laibah,

      Alhamdulillah sister Laaiqah has offered you good advice, follow that inshallah as you have said u will. Oh and make sure you keep up with it and do it always...not just for a day or two and the leave it the way the devil would want you to.

      Sister you are NOT mentally ill. You are v clearly possessed by a Jinn...and that too a very strong one. Hence, you need to do extra as well in order to expel him.
      Alhamdulillah I was happy to hear that you come from a family who are upon the Sunnah and you are seeking help from a believer who is upon the deen n sunnah; Make sure you do NOT at any cost listen to your in-laws and seek help from the magician. Surely you dont want to earn the wrath of Allah, so stay strong and dont seek help from the biddatis or magicians.
      What you have explained is what I wanted to inform you , so mashallah you are aware already of them - not to take anything from any so called healer if he offers you any amulets..or does any funny drawings or says words which you do not know...all these works hint the sign of a magician not a true raaqi. You need the help of a proper Raaqi sister more than anything..maybe this raaqi is not expert enough and you need to see another one more experienced.
      In such cases if the Jinn refuses to expel your body at any cost then the raaqi resorts to burning the jinn with the help of Allah swt.

      Get a hold of this book and read through it, I believe you will find it very benecial. It is written by a very reliable and experienced Raaqi and very informative.

      "Sword Against Black Magic & Evil Magicians"
      By Wahid Abdussalam Bali

      I pray for you, from the bottom of my heart, that may the Creator of all help you during this difficult time and destory the Jinn and expel him from your body, Ameen.

      Sister also at times where you feel like the jinn is taking control of your body, immediately make sure you seperate yourself from your child - go to another room.

      Continue with self healing -...i know people who have gotten rid of jinns by themself..through reciting Quran and doing things recommended in the Sunnah. Eat ajwa dates as has been already mentioned , 7 in the morning and also play Surah Baqarah in the background in the house, so its constantly played. Make sure the five daily Adhaans are loudly heard in your house - whether that be by radio or cd or whatever. All of this will trouble the Jinn.

      And lastly, dont forget the power of sincere dua to Allah in tahajjud time. Wake up 20 minutes before fajr, pray two rakaat nafl and pour your heart out to Allah and ask His help. Remember, he is the creator of all and the power of Jinn is nothing but a creation of the almighty...He can diminish it whenever He wills.

      Let us know how you are inshallah after doing all this.

      Was salaam

      • Faith,

        Are you a qualified medical doctor or a qualified spiritual healer?

        I'm sure you are neither, like the rest of us here. None of us is qualified to diagnose the sister and trying to do so as a layperson is extremely irresponsible.

        This sister needs to seek medical help and at the same time she needs to do all the things you have stated above aswell, i.e. Salaah, recitation, ruqya etc. These are things we should make part of our daily life actually.

        We must be very careful about the advice we give here.

        SisterZ Editor

        • SisterZ,

          If it was extremely irresponsible of me to 'diagnose' for saying she is not mentally ill, then I suppose you would call Wael and others here who have diagnosed her as 'mentally ill' as irresponsible too?

          It is not a matter of diagnosis as I believe there is no medical condition here. Those who are claiming she HAS a medical illness and is mentally ill are those that are diagnosing her.

          I think the whole issue of her mentioning that the Jinn has spoken through her and etc is being ignored and brushed to a side here. And I dont see any reason why we as Muslims, when we believe this exists and it exists alot more than we realise or believe it to do so, should be behaving this way.

          When someone claims that a Jinn is speaking through them and causing things that ANY knowledgable Raaqi would claim is the affect of Sihr...then why do we Muslims still turn around and say you are mentally ill and refer them to a doctor instead of a Raaqi?

          A doctor is of NO use in the case of a possession. Yeh she can go and get it checked..I can guarantee they will label her with some form of 'mental condition' and prescribe you some pills. At the very least, they will definitely label her with "depression" if nothing else. And those pills are supposedly going to expel the jinn from your body? I dont think so!

          Yes science and medical treatment is a blessing from Allah swt and we need to seek help from that..but when that is the right treatment. Ultimately we know that science and religion part dont expect to go to a doctor and for him to tellyou to recite quran, right? When dealing with an issue like the unseen world (jinns) would not be of much help. And doctors, whose learning is based on science are not going to be able to assist you with that.
          This is exactly the reason why we see SO many clear cases of possession amongst the kuffar...yet because of the lack of faith in what Allah has revealed to us, they keep turnign to doctors..who keep branding the patients with new "mental disorders" and keep giving new pills to control the people. At the end, the patient either kills themself or is put behind bars. It is many a times what they refer to as "dual personality". We know Allah swt did not create two souls and one body has one soul and one character and personality...when the woman becomes a man and a manly voice is coming out of her, we as Muslims should know better than the kuffar and realise that this is not 'dual personality' but a male jinn inside her body.

          We need to do dhikr etc as part of our daily life , yes true. However hat I advised her is to do specific ruqya to treat her, and not to 'prevent' her from getting affected by black magic/jinns. The treatment is intense and requires a Raaqi unlike the prevention.

          Was - salaam

          • Faith, As-salamu alaykum. If I am brushing aside the issue of the words the sister spoke, it's because I believe that she spoke them, not a jinn. Everything that she described sounds like mental illness to me, and apparently her doctor agrees.

            The jinn are real. Allah has discussed them in the Quran, and the Messenger of Allah (sws) spoke of them as well. But jinn possession making people do and say terrible things? I have my doubts. What is the proof? All I have seen is a very shaky interpretation of a single Quranic ayah, and a collection of hadith with no authentication. Until I receive unshakeable proof otherwise, I simply do not believe that a jinn can enter my body and make me do things against my will. The jinn only have the power to whisper, to suggest, to appear. Not to physically control human beings.

            The Quran tells us (14:22) on that on Yawm Al-Qiyamah people will blame Shaytan for misleading them, and he will say that he did nothing, he only called and they listened. Clearly that is the limit of his power.

            I am not the only one who thinks this way. Some important Islamic scholars, including Sheikh Al-Ghazali, have refuted the possibility of jinn possession.

            What we get as a result of this belief in possession is millions of people who are unwilling to get treatment for genuine medical conditions; people who blame their emotional problems on possession instead of doing what they need to do to heal and get healthy; and people who blame every marriage problem on possession. It's all avoidance. It's a pathetic and ignorant excuse, a way of avoiding dealing with one's problems in an honest way.

            The other thing we get is an entire class of so-called exorcists who exploit and hurt people, as was reported by Islamic Voice, which said:

            "The professional exorcists often use violent ways. Saeeda was forced to inhale chilli smoke. Others in her group were given severe thrashing or branding their skin with a hot iron. A number of victims have reportedly died during these exorcism sessions, and others are said to have been criminally assaulted by exorcists, but even then people continue to contact such exorcists."

            Sorry, this is just ignorance and backwardness. It's not the faith I believe in.

            I have been through some periods of great difficulty in my life. At one point I was deeply depressed. But I got through it by strengthening my faith in Allah, pursuing the hobbies that make me happy, leaning on my good friends, and by seeing a Muslim therapist (counselor), who actually was tremendously helpful... I shudder to think what would have happened if I had believed that I was possessed, and wasted all my time and money on frauds and charlatans. I would have remained stuck, or maybe degenerated from depression into true mental illness.


          • Wael,

            I agree. Don't believe anything until you see it. But when you do,dont attribute it to another medical problem. It simply does happen.

  16. Brother Wael, i am really shocked to know that u dont beleive on such a strong point of Islam which is a reality i know my explanation wont do anything to make u clear i am showing you some hadith that proves it does enters a human bodyand it harms humans physically and spiritually.

    1. Once prophet S.A.W. beat ibne aby Alaas on his chest and said Ukhrooj Adullah(means get out you enemy of Allah)....(Ibne Maja).

    2. Imaam ahmed bin hambal (R.A.) once treated daughter of Khalifa mutawakkal to get rid of JINN(Aakam Almarjaan 115)

    3. Imaam ibne tamiya r.a. blowed ayaat on the victim suffering and when the jinn refused to go he became violent(Altab Alnabwi 68,69)

    4. Hazrat Ubi bin Qaab narrated that once a n Erabi men said to S.A.W. my son is affected by a jinn so S.A.W. made him seat infront of him and blowed some ayats(sura fateha etc )..(Ibne Al sani,Alhakim)

    5. Hazrat safiya bint Hayi narrated that S.A.W. said that no doubt Shaitaan runs in the human body like the blood flows .(Bukhari juz 4 s 282 , Muslim juz 14 s 155)

    6. abu saeed Khadree R.A. narrated that S.A.W. said who ever yawns should cover his or her mouth by hand because Shaitaan enters to the stomach through mouth (Abu Dawood, Ahmed,Ibne maaja, ibne Khazeema)

    7.Shaitaan rests over night in the nose of human (bukhari,muslim)

    8.To stop a muslim from performing salat,Shaitaan urinates in the ear of human (Muslim)

    9. Through mas and ain(eye) shaitaan troubles a human phusically and mentally to interpret a shaitaani dream(Bukhari)

    10.Shaitaan sometimes burns the house (Abu Dawood)

    11. When a baby is born shaitaan points a needle which is painfull to every baby and he or she cries except Isa A.S. and his Mother Mariyam A.s. they were away from the shaitani attack Alhumdulillah (Bukhari and muslim)

    12. Taoon (plague) is caused by Jinn ( Sahih Al JAMAe)

    I probably think that the doubt and disbeleife would have been washed out...

    Allah hafiz

    • 1, & 2 - But is it saheeh?

      3 - I am aware that some scholars believe in Jinn possession, including Ibn Taymiyyah. However that does not make it real.

      4 - Again, it is saheeh? And if so, the fact of the Prophet's (sws) treatment does not mean that he confirmed the man's self-diagnosis.

      5 - I don't believe this means literally. I believe this means Shaytan's persuasion, suggestions, etc. Al-Ghazali considered this to mean Shaytan's whispers.

      6 to 9 - Again, I don't believe these are meant literalally. The Prophet (sws) taught many aspects of human health, religion and good manners, and put them in a context that the people of the time could understand.

      10 - Saheeh? And if so, what does it have to do with jinn possession?

      11 - What does it have to do with Jinn possession?

      12 - Nowadays we know that plagues and diseases are caused by virus and bacteria. In the time of the Prophet (sws) such things were not understood, so often the Prophet (sws) explained things in terms the people could understand.

      I don't consider that so-called jinn possession is a strong point of Islam, nor any point of Islam at all. If it were possible, then why did Allah not warn us against it in the Quran? And if it were possible, then what happens to our human free will? Again I direct you to Quran 14:22 in which Shaytan admits that he has no real power over humanity.

      Sister Laibah I think that you need help, and as long as you remain stuck on this theory of jinn possession you will not get the help that you need.

      Wael Editor

      • Wael, Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullah,

        Firstly I too am very surprised to read what you have said and like sister Laibah said, it is a strong point in Islam. You have made it come across as though it is something that there is great difference of opinion over by stating “some” scholars…however, it is not some but the majority, nearly all, of scholars who are ahl as sunnah wal jamaah agree on this. It is but an extreme minority who deny it and what is known and agreed upon is how the Sahaba believed in it and denial of it only came after their time. This in itself is a great proof as the Sahaba understood better than me , you, Imam Ghazali (r.a) or any other Imaams and their belief on the matter should suffice us. Imaam al Quraafi has testified this and such sheikhs would not lie or speak out of ignorance regarding the Sahaba and their views.

        In order to see the Islamic proofs for it, I think if you research into it further through the work of the masses of scholars who have not only belief in it but have physically dealt with possessions, you will –inshallah- be convinced of its reality. I don’t know how deep you have researched into the matter but whatever the case, I request you to have a read of the majority of scholars, very staunch upon the Sunnah , and their sayings on the matter. Because to be honest with you…I don’t know where to start. To me it is the denial of something so obvious.

        I know people personally who have been possessed and brother, if you claim they are not ‘possessed’ but have a mental disorder, then please explain this to me: How did my distant aunty who could not speak a word of Urdu, not only behave and sound like a man but speak urdu perfectly when she would have her ‘fits’??? She had never learnt the language and once back to her normal self not remember it but would speak a foreign tongue when she would get her ‘fits’. How would the doctors or science explain this and which mental illness would this be categorised as? The illness of ‘language efficiency’? lol

        Sister Laibah is only one such example of thousands and millions of cases of people who have been possessed. Frankly speaking – mental illnesses do not and cannot explain their condition. Which mental illness causes a womans voice to deepen and sound like a man and doubles her strength???
        I know of a sister personally and wallahi this is no illusion or fantasy…she physically had her body moving without her wanting it to when the Raaqi would instruct it to do so. She happened to take somebody else for Ruqya but found that whilst seated she could not take the Imaam reciting Quran. She kept telling the raaqi to stop so it was clear that something was wrong with her. She was shocked herself when the raaqi, in order to confirm was instructing the jinn to do certain things and the jinn was doing them . This is a case I know and I can guarantee is true, if you will deny the millions of other people who have experienced similar. What is your explanation for this? She had and still has no mental condition at all, is very stable and no doctor would ever classify her as mentally or physically ill. She is mashallah a very practising lady and upon the Deen. So she received many dreams in which Allah revealed to her the person who had done black magic on her. She didn’t go wild or anything – her case was not extreme and she dealt with it herself by doing Ruqyah herself and managed to expel the jinn out of her body. Of course if this sister who is absolutely fine went up to a “doctor” and told him that my body is moving without me wanting it to, she would be referred to a psychiatrist and then be labelled as someone with some form of ‘illusion’ problem and be given some pills and called mentally ill. What else can they do when most of the doctors dont believe in jinns in the first place?!

        Mental illnesses cannot always be proven so they are not similar to physical illnesses in that way. Hence I find it rather strange that instead of possession you would resort to labelling it as a ‘mental illness’ when that too in itself is not really established and in most cases, cannot be. The field of diagnosing a mental illness accurately in itself is very unclear and not something ‘solid’ to rely on. I cannot fake a physical ailment, like a broken arm or flu, however wallahi I can go to the doctor tomorrow and they will diagnose me with some form of ‘mental illness’ within a few minutes by a few words I say, Lol. If nothing, as mentioned I will definitely be laballed as ‘bipolar’ but I don’t need that and neither do I need his pills to help me.

        As you mentioned, I too have and still do go through extreme periods of depression in my life and I have not resorted to neither of two to make myself better – possession or mental illness. Your example of yourself depressed was not really relevant though because nobody here is arguing about the case of someone who is upset and things are going wrong in their life and they say ‘ah , I’ve had magic done on me or Im possessed.’ I do realise that people do go towards the other extreme and blame everything on magic, and I always have refuted this and proclaimed how wrong this is. However, we are talking of extreme and blatant cases of something that is a lot more than depression – this is about extreme symptoms like the ones sister Laibah is portraying. So a case of someone being depressed is not similar to someone who is portraying signs of a popular form of black magic ( to cause separation between the husband and wife – which has been mentioned in the Quran –al baqarah 2:10) . On top of that, she is having a manly voice come out of her and her strength is doubled and her behaviour and nature changed completely. Now a person who is not possessed and just extremely depressed, like me and you , do not become like that! There are signs that tell us if someone is possessed and those are used by genuine scholars to assess if someone is likely to be affected by magic/possession or not. Just like doctors diagnose by certain symptoms, so is possession.

        “What we get as a result of this belief in possession is millions of people who are unwilling to get treatment for genuine medical conditions”

        Yes, and that is wrong and people like you and me need to work on that inshallah and make them realise that not everything is the result of possession, etc. However, what is also very true is how as a result of the denial of possession we get millions of people who are not treated properly and remain untreated and in great difficulty/pain/stress/problems. I believe the latter is more true in todays world, especially in the west.

        It seems like because of how people, and mostly from my experience – people from the sub indian continent, have wrongly used magic/possession excessively as an excuse for everything, you have been put off by the whole idea and want to deny possession altogether. However brother, don’t let the wrong action of people affect your judgment about something which nearly all the credible scholars have agreed upon and millions experience worldwide.
        As Ibn Qudaamah said, “ there are so many reports of witchcraft that it is inconceivable that so many people would agree on a lie.” (al-Mughni, 8/151)

        The argument regarding Satan not being able to control us and free will is a weak one because a person who is possessed is judged exactly the same as the one who is mentally ill –firstly, they are not held accountable for their actions as it is beyond their control. A madman is not held accountable , neither is the one possessed. Why don’t we argue to God as to why the madman has not really been given his free will? I don’t know of, and I doubt it ever existed – a case of someone who has been possessed all their life. Most possessions are temporary, a trial for the person suffering and inshallah if they turn to Allah, they are cured from it. So the person is only acting out of his own will temporarily. However, many a cases of mental illnesses exist where people are mentally ill forever and so they spend all their life, unable to make their decisions so in essence, they don’t really have the free will that we do. So does that go against the fact that Allah has given us humans free will? No. Certain exceptions exist…like when we are mentally not stable AND possessed.

        Wa Allaho Alim.

        Was salaam

        • Faith, first, I appreciate your thoughtful and well-reasoned comment. However, ultimately I do not agree with you. If the Sahabah did indeed believe in jinn possession it's probably because such a belief was a part of pre-Islamic Arab superstition, just as it is among almost all primitive societies.

          Primitive societies have no knowledge of modern medicine and mental health, so they have no way to explain mental illness except by blaming possession and witchcraft. Unfortunately this leads to so many evils... did you know that in East Africa they believe that albino children have magical powers, so witch doctors there kidnap such children and kill them to use their body parts as charms. Astaghfirullah. I have never heard of anything good that comes from all these beliefs in sorcery and possession.

          The other things you've described are easily explained. Mentally ill people speak in strange tongues or different voices all the time. It's a classic symptom of schizophrenia. As for increased strength, the body can do amazing things. There are many stories about people lifting cars or other heavy objects to save trapped children. I recently read a story about a young woman who was mountain climbing with her boyfriend. He fell and hit his head. This young woman, who weighed 110 lbs, put the man on her shoulder and climbed for an hour down the cliff - not walking, but climbing down a sheer cliff. She had to recuperate for a week afterwards, but she did it. Was she possessed too?

          You have your opinion on this matter and I have mine. I simply do not believe that any jinn can come and possess me against my will, and I see no clear evidence for it in Islam. I certainly don't think it is a point of Islamic belief, whether minor or major. The Messenger of Allah (sws) has described many things that a Muslim should do (prayer, zakat, hajj, fasting, love Allah and His Messnger, love your brothers and sisters, treat the orphan kindly, be just in business dealings, be merciful to animals, etc). I don't recall belief in jinn possession being one of them.


          • Wael,some books out of i described known for sahih hadiths how can u deny,if u oppose i would ask u to give some Sahih hadith that possesion is just fake....

          • Imam al-Nawawi in al-Adhkar mentioned that Ibn al-Sunni narrated that a man came to the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace and said that his brother suffered from a kind of jinn possession. The Prophet told him to bring him to him then recited upon him the following:

            - Sura al-Fatiha

            - The first four verses of al-Baqara

            - two verses from the middle (163-64)

            - Ayat al-Kursi

            - the last three verses of al-Baqara

            - The first verse of Al `Imran

            - Verse 18 of Al `Imran

            - Verse 54 of al-A`raf

            - Verse 116 of al-Mu�minun

            - Verse 3 of al-Jinn

            - The first 10 verses of al-Saaffaat

            - The last 3 verses of al-Hashr

            - The last three Suras of the Qur�an.

            I think that if the prophet (saw) wanted to negate jinn possession he would have done so without offering a cure to the man. The fact that he offered a cure implies that jinn possession occurs. Allahs knows best.

            Islam is the path of moderation. People have simply are on two extremes. Either everything is black magic or everything is mental illness. Its not quite like that in the real world, nothing is black and white and as Muslims we need to remain in the middle and assess situations/events accordingly.


  17. Just to add, I myself have experienced a Jinn trying to possess me and I could swear by Allah on my surety on this matter.

    But I guess im 'mentally ill' now eh? lol Hope not! 😉

  18. Wael,with all due respect to your opinion, I honestly do not believe you've ever seen someone been possessed,or being perfectly normal seen the jinn move from person to person wherapon they do things without their will. I do not believe you've seen a jinn hurting,even beating up your closest friend. I do not believe you've heard the jinn talk and your best friend answering them.I do not believe yo've been pushed by someone possessed by a jinn and made to fly over four metres across the room.I do not believe you've seen things explode and taweezes being torn up simply on reading Ayatul Qursi. I do not believe youve seen someones feet and hands locked after reading ayatul qursi after the person was posessed by a jinn. Can ayatul qursi make a mentally ill person unable to move? Can a mentally ill person be 100% after reading on them? I think not. Its extremely insensitive and naive to believe the world is all rosy with no evil forces.

    • These questions cannot be answered by anyone who refuses possession, hence I doubt very much brother Wael would have an answer. I asked him from a couple of experiences I had and recieved either no response for it or answers that didnt really answer my question.

      Brother Wael , when I gave you the example of someone in my family could speak Urdu perfectly when possessed yet couldnt at other does not come under the category of "..easily explained. Mentally ill people speak in strange tongues or different voices all the time"

      She didnt speak a 'strange' tongue but a language and that too perfectly. As far as im aware, no medical explanation is available , or ever will be, for someone knowing a language all of a sudden that has been completely foreign to them all their life.

      Speaking strangely and in a different voice is not the answer to someone's sudden knowledge of a foreign language. Also, different voice is different to that of a man sounding like a woman or a woman sounding totally like a man. Neither is someones extreme change in strength explained by what you have said..I could do what that lady did in order to save someone I love. You cannot compare that to someone having 'supernatural' powers. What did woman did was not something that could be called a miracle, whereas a feeble weak woman punching someone and having them land a couple of metres down the place is pretty much explainable by science. That too to only happen when she is having a change of voice, personality and language.

      "If the Sahabah did indeed believe in jinn possession it's probably because such a belief was a part of pre-Islamic Arab superstition, just as it is among almost all primitive societies.
      Primitive societies have no knowledge of modern medicine and mental health, so they have no way to explain mental illness except by blaming possession and witchcraft"

      This was by far the most surprising and dissapointing statement I have read from you brother. When Islam came, all superstitious beliefs were eradicated. Surely you know that much? Islam is and was a Deen...a complete way of life. The prophet made it clear to the companions how wrong a lot of the pre islamic Arab superstition was and corrected their belief, as this was his duty. Whilst doing that, he left out one of them which was jinn possession. So...he forgot to correct that? This is a matter of aqeedah and I think the prophet would not have forgotten to correct the people if they were so astray in believing in something that did not exist!
      Educate yourself inshallah on fiqh. You will see that in order to believe in something, it is not only the prophets statement and 'order' that makes something an article of faith. The fact that the prophet would be silent upon something metioned infront of him, this in itself is a big indication of his approval. Let alone him dealing with it - jinn possession. Hadiths have been presented to you to show you that people were brought to the prophet who believed that they had been possessed. If posession did not exist, do you think the prophet would have not found it necessary to say to them that such a thing does not exist? Instead, he gave them cure - he offered the Ruqyah for it. It is NOT from the sunnah of our prophet, or any prophet of God, to see a wrong belief and offer treatment for it instead of correcting it.

      Muhammad s.a.w perfected the Sahaba in every that in their belief or manners. The Sahaba had human mistakes and differences of opinion on the deen etc..yes...however, none of them were left stuck to a wrong pre islamic arab superstition without the prophet having corrected that for them. Brother , you saying that seriously reminded me of how the Kuffar talk of Islam being that primitive societys way and belief.
      The proof of them best the best of nation after the prophet came and had perfected their beliefs, manners and lifestyle, is found in the Quran too.

      I realise that other nations DO blame things on witchcraft and possession, however, you cannot compare them to the Sahaba and their nation, which is where we take our deen from and who were undoubtedly the best of nations.

      I pray that Allah swt guides you towards realising the truth of this matter and not letting the practise of certain extremists (who have gone too far with possession etc) make you deny the reality of it as a whole, Ameen.

      Was salaam.

  19. Salamu alaikum laiba. . . . Just as sis faith pointed out, i personally know that you are not mentally ill but u are seriously disturbed by a jinn. Judging by what u posted, i can feel d pains, distress, disturbance and depression u are in and also ur eagerness to leave such life. . . . It is true dat jiins do inflict calamities and illness on humans and It is only Allah dat can save us . Any body dat denies dis happens to be unawear or ignorant of it existance. . . . I personally am a leaving witness to this. I was possessed by dis evil spirits (jinns) during d last 10 yrs, it would go worst during d last 5-6 yrs when i came to realise what was disturbing me and i suffered alot. I suffered an untold suffering during d year 2006/ 2007, and with d help of Allah towards d end of d year 2007, Allah relieved, removed and safed me from dat bondage. . . . . So anybody dat denies dis doesnt know anything about it. Alhamdulillah Allah has saved me and it has now become something of d past. . . . laiba, half ur problem is been solved since u ve detected what is disturbing u and u are making effort toward eradicating it. The worst part would be when u are suffering from such problem and u dont seem to know what is disturbing u, u will keep on going to d psychiatrics and at d end of d day u will kill ur self out of grieve or u will be placed behind d bar. So i wanted to suggest to u d things i did (and Allah healed and protect me) or even link u up with a sunni shirk/ulema (islamic schooler) that will seperate u from d jinn or even burn him to death (by d will and mercy of Allah), pray for u and spoil any sihr or black magic dat may be with u '"but ur husband has to come into play'".. . . . . . . this should be later after u ve tried d present spiritual healing u are doing and it doesnt work (which we dont hope so) .. .. . . . . . . . . I will save this link and i will always be viewing ur response and updates. . . . . . I know how d suffering is and i will help u inshaALLAH

  20. LA ILAHA ILLALLAH. . . . . . . . Sister z what a suprising and wonderfull woman u are . . . . . . Seeing d way u are advicing and giving courage to d unmarried women in previous posts, nobody will ve ever suggested that u (in ur 30s i assume) are in that condition too. . . . . . . This shows u are a very good muslima that people can site as an example. . . . . . . . . . . . . But by d way am sorry for asking, are u a white british revert or u been raised up a muslim ????? Am sorry for asking

    • Brother,

      Only Allah knows our true conditions. He(swt) alone knows how strong we are and how weak we are. And giving advice is easy. Taking and applying is not always as easy.

      I do not at all deserve the praise you have given me. I am not fit to be an 'example', but yes I am striving like all the other sisters here. Our examples are the women we read about, i.e. The companions and wives of the Prophet(sws) and the women we see in striving infront of us in our daily lives - our mothers, sister, daughters etc.

      SisterZ Editor

  21. w Salam Mohd.
    Firstly i feel so bad for you that you suffered for such a long period but Alhumdululillah finally Allah gave u Shifa,
    i am so happy to view your comments coz here there are peaple who hardly understand me and my pain,i know you have suffered and u might be knowing the pain and the things going disturbed...i really look forward for your help...the treatment which Raaqi are giving are good but they are hardly giving an atttention they call me in 15 days thats toooo long to suffer,and they blame me every time that your are not practicing duas,and if i say yes i do they say,you dont read it with Imaan...i know the things they are saying is for safety so that the jinn cannot enter,but they have not yet made the Jinn out,they read Quran and if i go different by my behaviour they just try to talk to Jinn why you are not leaving,get out and all and the Jinn doesnt answer,when sometimes i really go torchered then the Jinn speaks,which happened on the day before the Ramadhan,i bacame a men and said u all are taking advantage of Ramadhan just give me time for one month i was so manly that time my legs were going up and the Raaqi beat on the feet i didnt felt the pain atalll but my husband told it was really hard,durind ramadhan i was ok just sometimes my head used to get heavy and felt irritated,but this was the only month from our last married years that i didnt quarreled with him for a month,i did ibaadah,did Qiyam in last Ashra of ramadhan i was really ok prayed a lotttt..
    i have read that not to converse with the Jinn too much as they are mostly liers and they make you fool by talking so just concentrate on the Quran which they i think dont do,we have given a good amount for the treatment...and here in hyderabad its too costly to have treatment according to Shariah...we are from middle class family cannot afford another Raaqi...pls advice me so that i can follow and become free from this problem By Allahs negative minds make me feel like ...uhhhhh.these things are really hard to describe...pls help me out.
    JazakAllah...may Allah keep you away from all problems throughout your life,and reward you heaven its really hard what you suffered.

  22. MashaAllah for ur response sis. Laiba. . . . How are u and how is u body?. . May Almighty Allah grant u quick recovery. . . .. . . . . Any step we ve to take, ur husband or ur dad must come into play. . Brother wael will send my email id to u coz somethings need not to be said in this particular forum. . . . . . U dont know me, dont know my whereabout but i feel ur pain because i was once into it and for d fact dat am ur brother in islam. . . . . U dont need to spend any of ur penny because we dont need it. What we need is ur faith in Allah and also beign a muslim who submit to d will and plan of Allah. . . . . What i want to offer to u is what will bring final solution to ur problem INSHA ALLAH and not a mere advice. And if d need araises, u would b linked up with a sunni Shiekh/alim (islamic schooler) that will burn d jinn to death and even remove any sihr or black magic (by d will and mercy of Allah).. . . . . . But lets still wait for just few moments and see d outcome of d present one u doing. In d mean time whilst u are still on d present one, i will recommend u to b reciting d following 100times morning and evening. Ie after fagr and after magrib or isha. . . . . . . . . LA ILAHA ILLALLAH. WAHDAHU LASHARIKALAH. LAHU MULK WALAHUL HAMD. WAHUWA ALA KULLI SHAI'IN QADIIR. . . . But in a case u are preoccupied with much work, u can reduce it to 10 Instead of 100

    • JazakAllah brother Mohd.
      Insha Allah i'll read that 100 times and my husband knows very well about the things i am sharing here i discuss every thing with him,he is too eagerly waiting for your help coz he's the one who is the victim who is suffering,who is suffering from my haterate instead of love...i didnt get the e mail yet,
      may Allah help every Momin ...Ameen.

      • Salamu alaikum laiba. . . Am sorry for responding late. I was expecting to see ur response and update on ur situation. And have u received d email id for d editor (wael)??? . U know we need to do what has to be done asap. . . . . Waiting to see ur responce. . . . .

        • WalekumAssalam brother Mohd.
          i was waiting for your reply,and i didnt get the id yet or any other mail eagerly waiting for that,i wanted to discuss the problem in a detailed way through sending an e mail but i didnt get it,by Allahs grace i am better from earlier attacks but when i go for the treatment i get disturbed and even before going there i feel annoyed,irritated,upset,and many other things happen,but i really want to get rid of this permanently...seriously....pls send me the id soon...JazakAllah brother for showing your care as a muslim brother,and your help is just for the sake of Allah...may Allah reward you the BESSSST in both the lives...Ameen

      • Brother wael, with due respect to ur efforts as being d editor of these forums, i must confess dat u dont know anything concerning jinn posession. Of cause there are mental problems caused by depression, trauma etc in which u have to see d medical doctor for treatment, nobody is denying that. But there are also mental problems and other health problems caused by jinn posession and u cannot deny this. U cannot confuse spritual illness with these illness that require medical attention, spiritual illness require spiritual healing (prayers, quran, islamic healing) and going to a medical doctor will not solve d problem. . . . . . . . . Brother wael i was thinking u were not awear of my conversation with sister laiba, this lady is in serious problem and she needs d help of muslims who knows d nature of her problems. Pls i request u to send my email id to her as soon as possible. . . . . I must confess that u have done a very great job for u setting up a forum like this where people express there problems and recieve advice/help from different people all over d world. . . . . Only Allah will reward u for this.

  23. Salaam,

    There is the word " Sihr" in the Book of Allah but on " Sihr al Aswad" or " Black Magic" as made popular by folk of jahilliyah or ignorance.

    Whatsoever is the problem it is mental problem.

    Jinns among Shaytaans do whispering to beguile from the Word of Allah, Al Qur'an, they have no power to harm a firm believer.

    Allah promised in His Book, Surah 2, Al Baqarah, to test us by different ways and one of them is by our "nafs" or "self/ psychology".
    Walanabluwannakum bishay-in mina alkhawfiwaaljooAAi wanaqsin mina al-amwali waal anfusiwaalththamarati wabashshiri alssabireena

    And We will test you with something from the fear/fright and the hunger/starvation and reduction/decrease from the properties owned/wealth , and the selves and the fruits, and announce good news (to) the patient .

    So good news are for the patient, who bear patiently, pray to Allah and take medication, Insha Allah, that should cure the problem bi iznillaah.

    Pyschologists and pyschiatrists did not spend years of their lives sitting at graves of dead saints and curing people by tying them or hitting them with stick or doing superstious stuff of Jahilliyah.

    See good doctors and keep to patience and seek Allah's help.

    Prophet Muhammad was not affected by any magic ever in his life. Those who say so, are astray and cannot find a way out of it. As Allah says in His Book:

    Surah 17, Al Israa

    نَّحْنُ أَعْلَمُ بِمَا يَسْتَمِعُونَ بِهِ إِذْ يَسْتَمِعُونَ إِلَيْكَ وَإِذْ هُمْ نَجْوَى إِذْ يَقُولُ الظَّالِمُونَ إِن تَتَّبِعُونَ إِلاَّ رَجُلاً مَّسْحُورًا

    Nahnu aAAlamu bimayastamiAAoona bihi ith yastamiAAoona ilayka wa-ithhum najwa ith yaqoolu alththalimoonain tattabiAAoona illa rajulan mashooran

    *Mashoora – one who is under spell of sihr

    47. We are best aware of what they wish to hear when they give ear to thee and when they take secret counsel, when the evil doers say: Ye follow but a man bewitched.
    انظُرْ كَيْفَ ضَرَبُواْ لَكَ الْأَمْثَالَ فَضَلُّواْ فَلاَ يَسْتَطِيعْونَ سَبِيلاً
    Onthur kayfa daraboolaka al-amthala fadalloo fala yastateeAAoonasabeelan
    48. See what similitudes they coin for thee, and thus are all astray, and cannot find a road!

    Surah 25, Al Furqaan

    7. And they say: What aileth this messenger (of Allah) that he eateth food and walketh in the markets? Why is not an angel sent down unto him, to be a warner with him.

    أَوْ يُلْقَى إِلَيْهِ كَنْزٌ أَوْ تَكُونُ لَهُ جَنَّةٌ يَأْكُلُ مِنْهَا وَقَالَ الظَّالِمُونَ إِن تَتَّبِعُونَ إِلَّا رَجُلًا مَّسْحُورًا
    Aw yulqa ilayhi kanzun aw takoonu lahujannatun ya/kulu minha waqala alththalimoonain tattabiAAoona illa rajulan mashooran

    *Mashoora – one who is under spell of sihr

    8. Or a treasure thrown down unto him, or why hath he not a paradise from whence to eat? And the evildoers say: Ye are but following a man bewitched.انظُرْ كَيْفَ ضَرَبُوا لَكَ الْأَمْثَالَ فَضَلُّوا فَلَا يَسْتَطِيعُونَ سَبِيلًا

    Onthur kayfa daraboolaka al-amthala fadalloo fala yastateeAAoonasabeelan
    9. See how they coin similitudes for thee, so that they are all astray and cannot find a road!

    Hence those who believe firmly in the Book of Allah, Allah is enough for them to explain the truth by His Ayats and as for those who disbelieve, for them all Aayats would not be able to change their direction of going astray.

    Check up with a good doctor and start curing your pyschology.


  24. @Wikihelpia/brother Munib,

    brother i have a sister who has given me a long list of hadiths and a couple of ayah from the Quran trying to prove that jinn can possess human beings.

    “Those who eat Ribaa will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaytaan (Satan) leading him to insanity. That is because they say: ‘Trading is only like Ribaa’…” [al-Baqarah 2:275]

    Al-Qurtubi said in his Tafseer (part 3, p. 355): “This aayah is proof that those people are wrong who deny that epilepsy is caused by the jinn and claim that its causes are only physical, and that the Shaytaan does not enter people or cause madness.”

    Ibn Katheer said in his Tafseer (part 1, p. 32), after mentioning the aayah quoted above: “They will not rise from their graves on the Day of Resurrection except like the way in which the epileptic rises during his seizure, when he is beaten by the Shaytaan. This is because they will rise in a very bad state. Ibn ‘Abbaas said: the one who consumes ribaa will rise on the Day of Resurrection crazy and choking.”

    According to a saheeh hadeeth narrated by al-Nasaa’i from Abu’l-Yusr, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to pray: “Allaahumma innee a’oodhu bika min al-taraddi wa’l-haram wa’l-gharaq wa’l-harq, wa a’oodhu bika an yatakhabatani al-shaytaan ‘ind al-mawt ( O Allaah, I seek refuge with You from being thrown from a high place, old age, drowning and burning; and I seek refuge with You from being beaten by the Shaytaan at the time of death).” Commenting on this hadeeth in Al-Fayd (part 2, p.148), al-Manaawi said: “[The phrase] ‘and I seek refuge with You from being beaten by the Shaytaan at the time of death’ means, lest he should wrestle with me and play with me, and damage my religious commitment or mental state (at the time of death) by means of his insinuating whispers which cause people to slip or lose their minds. The Shaytaan could take control of a person when he is about to depart this world, and misguide him or stop him from repenting…”

    Ibn Taymiyah (Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 42/276) said: “The fact that jinn can enter human bodies is proven by the consensus of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): ‘Those who eat Ribaa will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaytaan (Satan) leading him to insanity. That is because they say: ‘Trading is only like Ribaa’…’ [al-Baqarah 2:275]. And in as-Saheeh it is narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘The Shaytaan flows through the son of Adam as the blood flows through his veins.’”

    ‘Abd-Allaah ibn al-Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal said; “I said to my father, ‘There are some people who say that the jinn do not enter the body of the epileptic.’ He said: ‘O my son, they are lying; the jinn could speak through this person.’” Commenting on this, Ibn Qudaamah said: “What he said is well known, because a person may suffer an epileptic seizure and speak in a language that no one understands, and his body may be beaten with blows that would fell a camel, but the epileptic does not feel them at all, and he is also unaware of the words he is saying. The epileptic and others may be dragged about, or the carpet on which he is sitting may be pulled, and utensils may be moved about from place to place, and other things may happen. Anyone who witnesses such a thing will know for sure that the one who is speaking through the person and moving these things is not human.” And he said, may Allaah have mercy on him: “There is no one among the imaams of the Muslims who denies that jinn may enter the body of the epileptic and others. Anyone who denies that and claims that Islam denies it is lying about Islam. There is nothing in the proofs of sharee’ah to show that it does not happen.”

    So the fact that jinn may enter human bodies is proven in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and by the consensus of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah, some of whose comments we have quoted above.

    i'm a little confused bro,

    can you offer some guidance?


    • Brother Mohammad, we live in a modern age with much more medical knowledge than in the past. Doctors now know quite well the causes of epilepsy, and they can even pinpoint the part of the brain in which the defect resides. I have a childhood friend who has been completely cured of his lifelong epilepsy by means of a brain surgery. And even before that, he was able to control it with medication. So let's not post nonsense about epilepsy being the result of jinn possession. In the old days people didn't know any better. Now we do.

      Regarding the hadith you mentioned, ("being beaten by the Shaytaan"), you already gave the explanation: the whispers of Shaytan. This is not possession.

      Regarding the hadith,‘The Shaytaan flows through the son of Adam as the blood flows through his veins', again I don't believe it means literally. It is a metaphor. It is a reference to Shaytan's influence, his whispers, his constant attempts to undermine us.

      And Allah knows best.

      Wael Editor

  25. Brother Wael .
    i want the id of brother Mohd coz need to share the things in a detailed way which is hard to describe here,your openions are on your place i respect because atleast your are tryng to help muslims all over the world with your best efforts which is a great deal,coz hardly in the world are peaple who even try to give helping or soothing words even,but on this topic our views are completely contradicting,i dont want to argue as u were thinking i was doing that ...kindly send me the Id..

    • I'm sorry, it's against our policy to put men and women in contact with each other.

      Wael Editor

      • ohhh...even if they want to talk about the remedies of Quran and Sunnah...
        Its ok brother Mohd can u pls explain it here as u know i really need help..
        Allah Hafiz

  26. Dear Brother Wael

    With all respect, but if the belief in the evil eye(al Ayn) and black magic with the help of Jinn (Sihr) is not true,

    why do we have the story of Harut and Marut in the Qur'an in which it says there are creatures whose aim it is

    to separate husband and wife? Surah al Nas was revealed after a Jew tried to bewitch our holy prophet.

    How can we reject something our holy prophet believed in ? The Quran says in Surah al Falaq: Va min

    sharri nafasate fil oghat( I seek refuge from women who blow on knots and do witchcraft. Is that pre-

    Islamic Arabian culture or the words of the Qu'ran? Dear Brother, I'm still very young and still a greenhorn

    when it comes to life. But everything the Qur'an said about jealousy, evil eye and even witchcraft is so

    true; had this only been a phenomenon of 7th century Arabia, why would the Qu'ran address the issue of

    witchcraftt and tell the believers to protect themselves? I believe that this is a book of wisdom and God's

    word and that everything mentioned in it applies 100%tly to the 21st century. My mom is a physician and

    whenever we discuss medical issues and religion, my mom points out that in medicine, they can't even

    prove the phenomenon of the soul leaving the body during our sleep, but Islam says that the Ruh(soul)

    leaves the body when we're asleep. Medicine can't prove the existence of the soul, Islam does and it is

    very likely because in medicine, our sleep is called a little death. It is true that with medicine, many

    things can be explained, but not everything. The wisdom of Allah is endless and many scientific miracles

    were mentioned in the Qur'an long before modern western medicine discovered them( a huge part of

    western medicine goes back to Muslim doctors like Avicienna(Abu Ali Sina), but that's a different discussion.

    I don't say we shouldn't consult medics when we face health problems, and in most of the cases they can

    help. But I wouldn't go that far and imply that something the Qu'ran mentioned so clearly is superstition.

    And many things like the evil eye can't be explained. When you look at something ur lacking and someone

    else possesses that and you want it to be removed from him, how can you see that or prove that

    scientifically?You don't see al-Ayn , as its a negative energy . Why not turn to the Qu'ran when

    medicine fails to help? The holy Qur'an starts with the words: This is an instruction for those who are

    rightly-guided, those who believe in that which is unseen(Al-Ghayb). Someone who wants to be a Muslim

    has to believe in that which is Ghayb and black magic and evil eye are unseen as well, like God himself.

    I wanted to write this post, because it is very difficult for people who suffer from this kind of possession and

    have to live with the repercussions, to be told that all they need is a physician who heals

    them. They need spiritual as well as medical advice and have to be taken seriously by their communities.


    medicine goes back to the contribution of Muslim doctors like Avicienna)

    • I did not say that evil eye, witchcraft and black magic with the help of jinn are not true. I believe in all those things. I challenged the notion of physical possession of human beings by jinn. I doubt its existence and have not seen convincing proof from the Quran; in fact the Quran indicates that it is not possible.

      Wael Editor

      • I think we should bear in mind that jinn possession and sihr and evil eye are three totally different things.

        Evil eye falls when a person admires something and does not attribute it to Allah Ta'aala. I heard this on a bayaan of Mufti Ismail Menk,who gave some references but I do not know them.

        Secondly,as for sihr,there's qur'aanic proof that exists,but WHAT is it? Sehr affected Nabi (sawlallaahu alayhi wa sallam in the manner that he(sawlallaahu alayhi wa sallam) often forgot what he(sawlallaahu alayhi wa sallam) had done. But this doesnt mean that everyone who forgets can be said to have sihr. It doesnt also mean that everyone who has sehr forgets. You cant always see that people have sehar simply by looking at them (although I've heard some aamils look at the way the person walks),but a normal person wont just tell by looking at them.

        Lastly Jinn possession,this is-as we have seen- a very contraversial issue. The hadeeth quoted have not been proven to be authentic,but the words therein have been proven to help people who are 'possessed by jinn'(shall we say that?) I was in a hostel at university and there was so to say quite a few girls 'possessed' by jinn. For eg. one girl could not speak English or (I think it was Maharata? Cant remember.Whatever it was,she couldnt talk it at all) fluently, but when she was 'possessed' she spoke it like a pro. She also refused to read the qur'aan or hadeeth,threw a tantrum in class,fought with herself( I know it sounds weird,but she was hurting herself) and her eyes remained close the entire session. She pulled her scarf off,pulled her hair and started speaking so fast we couldnt keep up. She pushed a girl twice her size down a flight of stairs with hardly any effort. When we called Moulanas in and he took her front lock and read she swore him and smacked him. But eventually she was overpowered. Then a moulana hit her back,while reading something(to hit the jinn out? I dont know),the 1st 3 times she didnt feel it,but the fourth time she screamed when whatever kept her,had left her. She couldnt remember anything that had transpired and didnt understand a word when they spoke to her in the languages she was speaking. She was made to wear a taweeez and a few hours later she came to me and begged me to take it of. She said its choking her. So I told her,she should take it off herself,I cant see anything. (Well I could,but I obv had to make an excuse),she toughed it and screamed,said its burning her. Anyway,eventually she left her studies,I dont know what happened to her.

        Another girl used to swear she's gonna kill 'Amatullah',while she was Amatullah. She used to swear and scream at everyone and didnt allow us to touch her hair. Her eyes also remained close the whole time. I had honest experience with this one,cause my sister made me hold her down while she read on her. She's extremely tiny,and normally it wouldnt be a problem,but when I held her she just lifted her hand up and I flew (literally,my feet lifted from the ground) against a wadrobe. When the Moulana came,they had a conversation with the 'jinn' in her voice. He read on her and her hands and feet were literally locked. She couldnt move them. Then she pleaded and said " Leave me, I'll leave Amatullah alone" ,to which the Moulana answered " You always say that" . She went 'limp' then and was quiet for 5 minutes. But her eyes didnt open. So the Moulana took a glass of water and read on it. Then he took the water and sprinkled it in her face,she screamed and swore him again. It carried on for almost an hour,until they got it to leave her. She didnt remember anything.

        As for me, a year or so ago, it was extremely late at night and I went to close the window and what I saw scared the hell out of me. Something between a person and an animal which was probably ten metres tall. My parents told me I'm imagining myself,because though my dad was with me he could not see anything. As a child I constantly used to get what they used to call hallucinations. I used to feel them pushing me and used to fight with my family for hurting me,they used to sit for hours every night reading and blowing on me afterwhich I used to be okay. I used to see faces on doors and people where they didnt. I remember once walking in the mall and seeing a man with fangs. I told my sister to look,but she told me Im crazy,he has normal teeth. As I grew older it faded away, I stopped seeing things until last year. The starting of this year,I knew something wasnt as it should be. I told my parents that I want to see a psychiatrist. I had many sessions with him but he came to the conclusion that theres nothing wrong with me and that I might just be having a very vivid imagination. I went to a psychologist to see if it wasnt something brought on by any trauma but the answer was in the negative. So I tried my last option- an aamil. I didnt tell him anything,just that I wanted to be checked out. He told my parents that I had seen a jinn and described it exactly to the tee to my parents. Then he told them it had fallen inlove with me and refused to leave me and in addition I was affected with sihr. It was a whole intense session with lubaan and inscense and a lot of reading and taweezes. Eventually it was over,and I myself felt different. I can honestly say I was NOT possessed and can remeber everything except an incident where they apparently got a woman jinn to wash my heart. I blanked out for an hour and can only remember hearing running water. Im glad that part of my life is over,but I can honestly say its not a joke so dont take anothers plight too lightly.

  27. Assalamu Aleikum dear Sister,

    Out of my own experience( I don't socialize that much with family members, so I realize even the smallest

    plot) Sihr al Tafreeq did not work. If you consult the help of a physician/doctor, they will either diagnosticize

    scizophrenia or a mental disease, but you are fully aware of the fact that something is wrong with you,

    so how can you be mentally ill whilst being fully aware something is wrong with you?

    Listen to my piece of advice, I'm a woman myself, I can read between the lines. You mentioned you

    were so beautiful everybody envied you, wanted to be like you. Jealousy can make people do

    horrific things. Don't eat anything someone offers to you, don't wear the clothing ur in-laws buy for you.

    Throw out everything that ur in-laws once gave you and do the same with all you possess.

    Check your personal items and check if something was removed, a piece of clothing, jewelery, or anything.

    Think carefully if you have enemies, people who don't like you, who wanted to be like you, and know that

    provoking jealousy is harmful indeed.

    Believe me, it is Sihr al Tafreeq, you have to find the culprit. Read Quran everyday, especially Surah al Nas,

    al Falaq, Surah al Yassin, and repeat many times:

    Bismillah Arqeeka va min qulli Shayin yudhika va min sharri kulli nafsin awaynin hasid. Allah yashfeek, Bis-

    millah Arqeek!

    Audho bi-kalamati-l - Allahe- ta'ama va min kulli shayin la'ama va min kulli aynin ha'ama.

    Those were the words of our holy Nabi. Precautions are always better than duas or ruqya. Don't show off,

    don't provoke jealousy and don't tell others how great your husband our your child is. Protect yourself

    better in the future.


  28. Thankyou Jannah...

    Yeah my peice of cloth was hidden by my close family moms brothers wife means she's my aunt we call in india maami...his son Akbar and my hubby were good friends but somethings happened in between that they became enemies and dont even talk from then,
    My aunt was always jaelous of me i dnt knw why,when i got engaged to my hubby she told all nonsence that ohhh u are going to a family where the members are this and that and tried many bad things to convince,her daughter is here in my family as my husbands brothers wife...Alhumdulillah my hubby is good and they own much properties may be this be the reason what she didt want.
    Actually when i went for the marriage ceremony of this men Akbar,when they were not enemies but friends at that time,we had a blast enjoyed all our cousins and we became wet as we were throwing mud water to each other for fun...when i showered changed my clothes were with other peaple to go for laundary,when it came after been washed i saw my one peice of cloth is missing i told mom she asked to aunt then she replied no it wasnt there,if i'll find we'll send it to you...we didt bothered as we never thought it was the time when i was engaged to my hubby...
    And once during getting treated by Maulana the Jinn spoke yes it is her aunt who did Sehar tafreek and she sended me here,even took the name Raziya...i was shocked my mom was there when it happened she even was shocked and cried for me at that time i told mom my peice of cloth missed there...but that Maulanas said not to beleive the Jinns words as they are almost liers and they want the family issues to happen...
    i dont know that peice of cloth was an accident to be misplaced or done intentionally..Allah knows the best..
    i have even heard from that aunts daughter inlaw that she is kind of a witchy person she donates money in the temples of hindus nauzubillah...and ask there daughter inlaws to give some portion of hair...she hates when her son and daughter in law goes out or love each other,she herself thinks her mother in law has done something,she suffers coz she has given birth to a girl and my aunts another daughter in law gets more respect and love coz she has a Son...she really suffers i feel bad for her..

    But Jannah what i think that it can be her or may not be,we didnt make any family issues by opening her name coz in return if she tries to do more worse..and on the other hand i feel that i was influnced long back i used to see horror dreams and somebody whispering my name once when i was just in class 4 i went out to Mount abu almost 1000 km far from our city,with the school trip it was all hilly area and really scary place where we were staying we heard from someone that someone has committed suicide and that girl is coming and knocking the door...we all students cried but our teachers said it was all story,once i went alone upstairs on the 3rd floor to wear my shoes as my friends were having lunch downstairs i was wearing one shoe and somebody knocked the door i looked back but there was no one i ignored but it again happened i just ran from there wearing one shoe,i was actually shivering that time,i feel may be i am influenced from that time i cant say that its my aunt or may not be,and may be it happened from other source..Allah knows best..
    Pray for me thats what we can do..
    Thanks for your support JazakAllah

  29. and if its my Aunt,no solution will come out neither will she accept nor will give my cloth back instead things will get worse...i cant do anything nor can my mom.

    • Salam alaikum Sister laiba ,, how are u and ur family? How is ur body? Hope u are feeling better now? Any update on ur situation??? . . . . I wanted to advice u to reduce the suspision u having about people putting u into this problem. U shld put ur faith in Allah and He will help u. Stop suspecting people, it may be dat they are not d one responsible and u will be accusing them falsely. . . . . Waiting to see ur reply

  30. W salam Brother...
    Alhumdulillah i am quite better than b4,sometimes my head gets off and something starts to pump in my body and i can see it on my skin,sometimes on my back,hand it is visible on clothes too sometimes,i read Auzubillahi minka and just slightly spit on that 3 head genarally gets off in bathroom i have noticed,i have beated my daughter b4 5 days literally badly and when i came out i readed ayatal kursi and just started to cry seeing my baby that shes too innocent why i hate her and feels like killing her,throwing her somewhere...i love her sometimes and sometimes i hate her..i read dua b4 entering and never ever forgets that...and i love my husband too but hates when he touches me,i dont like being intimate with him i dont know why...thats the only problem and yesterday when i went to a marriage ceremony i weared new clothes and suddenly me half head started paining,it was left me by Allahs will,i want to get rid of this completely...

    Allah hafiz

    • Sister, please please please send your baby to stay with family members until you are better. And please consider trying medication. It may help you. What have you got to lose?

      What you are doing to your baby is absolutely a crime. This is an innocent child, you cannot do this. And I am afraid that one day you may kill the child. Listen to what we are telling you and do not subject your baby to any further abuse. Frankly if you were in the USA I would report you to the authorities; but you are in India and I do not know what steps can be taken.

      Wael Editor

    • Laibah

      My Sister, PLEASE listen to the advice you being given.

      Go and see a doctor. If this is not a medical issue, it will become apparent if the meds don't work. You have nothing to lose by trying this. If it doesnt work, then go and see a good imam. Actually do both things simultaneously.

      I don't understand why your husband is not taking you to a doctor. Can you ask your husband to read this here? I will consider contacting an NGO or some authority in India on your behalf Laibah, as I cannot sit back here knowing of what you are going through and that you are beating your poor helpless child and you are still refusing to take help.

      SisterZ Editor

  31. oK SISTER Z as i respect and love u like my sis i will inshaAllah have medicines,i was prescribed but never bought the medicines,when i told my hubby to read all this he also convinced me that lets try it,by continuing the Imams treatment..i was just afraid by takng medicines coz i think i will be addicted and my mind will not work without medicines...I have made my mind let me take the medicines for atleast 10 days if i feel the difference i will let you know...Thankyou for showing you care and thankyou brother Wael to you too but pls dont report to the authority...hehe

    • Finally, AllahuAkbar.

      Laibah, this really is not a laughing matter. It is very serious and I hope you will keep to your word and take your medication. If you need to take the medication for life, so what? Say Alhumdulillah that Allah has given you something halaal to help you maintain a good quality of life. So many people are on life long medication to prevent high cholestorol, high blood pressure, epilepsy, including mental health issues. Some people are not fortunate enough to be able to see a doctor let alone be prescribed medicines because they cannot afford to do so. You are one of the fortunate ones Alhumdulillah, so do not reject this Mercy from Allah. Show your gratitude to Him(swt) by accepting it.

      I am slightly relieved that you have agreed to take your medicine. I will be more relieved inshaAllah when you are able to tell me that you are feeling much better.

      Keep us posted here inshaAllah and may Allah reward you for taking this step.

      SisterZ Editor

  32. Actually the thing brother said of reporting to authority made me laugh...coz in india big crimes are going on and no one is taking action seriously....Welll...
    You finally changed my mind...i dnt want medication long life pls pray for me that i become healthy by mind and soul...
    Need lots of prayers,it hardly matters from where i get Shifa by medications or getting treated spiritually but i want to be a normal women who is loving to his husband and daughter both..

    • Salams siter Laibah,
      May Allah (swt) have mercy upon you but you know sister; with all due respect you sound like very immature if I may say as your elder brother. So, it's funny that your duaghter is at risk from no one else but her own mother? Yes, crime rates are high in third world countries even in developed countries but their are laws to protect people. No one said that you shouldn't seek spiritual treatment however you should consider medical treatment on side as well. No one knows how long you will have to take the medicine but one thing is for sure that you are young and this may not take as long as it would take for an elderly person.
      Insha Allah, once you start acting upon the advice everyone has offered here; Allah (swt) will bless you with good health but it is not going to happen over night or if you don't take prescibed medicine and spirtual help both.

      May Allah (swt) cure your illness by which ever means it happens and bless you with good health and protect your family from any harm. (Amin)



  33. I am wondering everyone is talking of Allah, Jinn has no religion. He can be muslim, christian, Jew or Hindu. If you agree to this point i would like to give you a suggestion. But if at all you agree

  34. Ameen...Is brother Mohd And Mohd 1982 the same person?

  35. InshaAllah from tomorrow..

    • Laibah,

      I don't know if your behaviour (delay in taking your medication), is stemming from arrogance, ingratitude or foolishness.

      Really, may Allah help you and your innocent child.

      SisterZ Editor

  36. Actually sister here in our city we are having some political issues so all shops are closed,insha Allah I will take medicines from can u say such words i never expected from my Sis.

    • Laibah,

      I did not mean any malice through my words and I am sorry if my words upset you.

      But the way you have described your situation, its so serious and a risk to your baby. You mentioned that you would take your medication over a week ago. InshaAllah you are telling the truth and you will get your medication as soon as possible.

      SisterZ Editor

  37. Salam sister Laiba

    I salute you for your patience with comments of being told you are mentally ill and being told to go the doctor instread of raqi , you are battling with these evil forces and you are also having to battle with ignorant people who should be more aware and sensitive to this issue you should not need to prove your condition, after all it is only you who walks in you shoes.

    Remember on the day of Judgement Allah swt will reveal the truth of your matter to all those disbelieved you and instead of helping you, just added insult to injury. May Allah swt Bless you and your and your family.

  38. W salam sister infinite lady,may Allah swt reward you for your kind words as it is a sadqa to talk humbly to peaple.

  39. Salaam to all,
    I have taken my medications and the result i would like to share is i am feeling very sleepy,my heartbeat is getting very faster,i consulted to Dr. he said it happens coz the medicines makes the blood circulation faster so this will happen on the other hand i cant find much difference, even now i hate my husband when he touches me,and now when i am not in the condition to offer salat my mind is getting off again and feeling i just want to ask what is the reply for this as most of the editors suggested that i am mentally ill than why i am still the same person.

    • Dearest sis Laibah,

      If after a bit more time you still don't see any results, then sister make sure you STOP taking them. Don't allow yourself to become the guinea pig at the hands of medical professionals who most likely do not even believe in spiritual ailments. You are possessed by a an evil jinn who is cearly a very strong and determined one too. You need to free yourself of the problems caused in your body not add more with unnecessary drugs and their side effects. If maximum after a month you still see no real results other than more health problems, check them in the bin. And before anyone here wants to start a speech on how certain medications require time to work, I am fully aware of that and my sister, being a pharmacist not only agrees that she is possessed but that pills prescribedfor mental illnesses should not take longer than a month before showing results.

      Continue the ruqyaa, and it looks like without continuous effort from your side to strengthen yourself and your relationship with Allah. Be persistent with ALL the preventions as well as cures involved in ruqya..this is your battle with the devil and his forces. Either he is ruined through this or you will be..destroy him with your heart full of taqwa and tongue engaged in zikr and quranic recitation.

      May Allah swt be with you, ur in my prayers.

  40. salam, sister laiba

    Definately you are under the possessionn of a Jinn. As one of my friend is in the same situation , and she is getting treatment for that. Iwould advice you inshAllah to be patient in this test and make your connection strong with Allah . and have strong believe that bizniAllah you will overcome it and it will be out. inshAllah.

  41. Salaam to All,
    I have taken my dose regularly,i was ok for some days during these medications i didnt went to raaqi to listen Quran,for about 4 months i didnt go there.i was at my mums house everything was ok but once when i started to share these things to my aunt my mind agin got off,my heart beat was damn fast as if i will die the very next second..i started reciting LAHOL Wala quwatah...did wudu immediatly and offered salat i cried a lot and prayed,i made my mind that no i am ok nothing can harm me except Allah...whne i am back to my husband my first week was ok now when i am in my periods i am getting mad again and yesterday too i asked for talaak to him,my hands were shivering and i felt llike crying loud,felt that i am alone my hubby dsnt loves me and all after some time i recited ayatal qursi and some duas and argued him then i slept...
    i have completed my medications then too i feel again in the same way i felt B4...
    We are planning to conceive,i am afraid that will it affect my baby...
    I am not much expressive but my tears are saying my pain..
    I feel alone from within..sometimes i get whispers of Shaitan that i should talk to my old male friends i know thats Haraam and InshaAllah i will not do that,but my nafs forces me and says it will bring a new joy to my life,and it will take away my emptiness...
    I know i am not gonna do that Insha Allah..
    I am eating Ajwa dates also as it shifa from poison and magic...
    Waiting for someones reply.

  42. slm alikom i had the exact prblem like u ....i had a baby girl too ...asked my hubby for talaaq alot aswell from the third week of marriage we had problems for two years till i stopped it and use to fell he dont love me and my emotions wud change alot well listen up IT IS NO JINN but yourself itys no black magic ..... infact ur realisation of what happens is a sign from Allah ur realisation tells u THAT IT IS U if it wasnt u ud NOT REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENS and thats another issue it happens to other ppl it happned tp a friend and she doesnt remember at all after the jinn attacks...well my sister i will tell u what i did to fyt ANXIETY let me tell who u r u r soft loving compassionate but u have a evil side to u aswell like how we all do some more some less.... its no jinn its not shaytaan all shaytaan does is whisper and clearly u r influenced by his whispers and u obey just like that.... so this is ur problem... and what use to be mine ....u need to let go of ur past my dear sister and forgive u need to move on u need to accept ur husband and u need ur medication which is nothing but IBADAAT read salaah read quraan make dua be open with ur hubby tell him u dont mean to be cruel but ur trying ti change tell him u love him alot tell him u miss him and want him tell him u wana live with him till death tell him u never want talaaq and whenevr u say it he shudnt take it seriously ....let go of all the wordly fun ur too influenced in let go of sin well we r all sinners coz smtimes we sin witout even knwing and only realise late but once we knw what wrong we did we shud repent IMMEDIATLY and try to not do it again....i have a baby girl too sometimes i get angry if she does smthing wrong but then immediatly i say astagfirullah i dont want to be the bad in me but the good when me and my husband have a disagreement i think no wait i dont want to be the bad in me i want to be amongst those who Allah is pleased with then i kepp silent and obey him... when intimate i use to force myself to act asif i enjoy i use to try my best to get him horny and excited even if it was pretending i use to tell myself oneday it will be mutual and now it is ive started using the net to surf to gain knowledge on how to be a good wife and how to be a good mother and a good muslim im not perfect BUT IM TRYING i have forgiven myself too ....actually uve been directly selected from Allah to change you ways to the greater good subhannallah now its up to u to let go of evil and turn towards good first step is dua O ALLAH I CANT DO IT ALONE HELP ME take that wudhu water and say I WANT THIS I LOVE THIS THIS IS WHO I WANA BE then make wudhu go read SALAAH say ALLAH THIS IS WHAT I WANT THIS IS ME everyday for the rest of ur life it will be a battle like prophet said this world is like prison to a believer and jannah to the disbeliever accept life is a test EVERYTHING is a test ....remebre the wife who divorces her husband without ground will never smell the fragrance of jannah as the prophet said.... and the wife who obeys her hubby reads salaah fasts will enter thru any door of jannah thru any door she pleases REMEMBER your husband isnt some low life NO MATTER WHAT HE DO well if it isnt haraam HE IS YOUR husbnd ur PROTECTOR AND MAINTAINER so u shud OBEY HIM and be grateful to him as the prophet taught us ....good luck...

  43. Haniyya, w salam.

    You are saying about the things that if it was a jinn i woulnt remember anything...yes that happens to me when the raaqi reads quran and i go mad and speaks manly i dnt remember those moments neither can demonstrate my body according to me it becomes damn heavy....

    Sister i have made up with all the options like medications,Raaqi..,beleving in myslef that no i am OK but the result is not the way i want,i see horrible dreams...i read your other post of something keeps touching said you were in there world,now here you are saying it did happened naturally and you overcomed...

    One thing is for sure i have improved myself to a lot after i got this problem ALHUMDULILLAH.
    I try to be possitive that these difficulties changed me,now i am regular to my Salaat,sometimes i offer tahajjud,i stopped listening to music,stopped watching porn,i used to thread my brows now i have completely stopped it,i read Quran more than before,i meediatly take bath after our intercourse...theres lot of things which has changed i thank Allah that everything happens for good,it made me more close to Allh,if i wasnt affected may be i wouldnt change myself..

    Even i try hard to be with him during intimate sometimes i fail badly resulting my husband sleeping showing his back...i cry i feel bad i love him and he's so patient and loving...i want to change myself...even i want to be a gud wife and a gud mom...but dnt know how to...

  44. o ok then if u dont remeber some incidents u need to wake up every morning for tahajjud if u seriosly want it to go away.... u need to ask Allah for forgiveness and ask him to bring peace in ur life and protect u from all evil jinn and creation.... bliv me it will go away....just do this everyday .... yes i overcame it alhmdlh due to dua....and u c like u said if u never overcame this u dont think u wud have been as good as u r now c Allah just wana bring u closer to him just ur not doing something ryt thats why it hasnt stopped try thinking and c wat stiil is left that u r not doing ryt ....its easy if u just do wat u must the prophet s.a.w said if u read four quls in the mrning and evening nothing in the whole universe can harm u....just believ and stay strong

  45. how is your condition now sis tell us

  46. Assalamualaikum Laibah,

    Sister I live in new Delhi - India.
    I read about your problem and what you are facing is terrible. Sister I had been through all this - black magic , jinns etc. I was badly affected............Still I am fighting . i would like to tell you that please don't start your treatment yourself .....It's just like you are suffering from cancer and unable to get rid and finally you want to become a doctor. Still being posessed by a Jinn or someone did black magic are the same things. It's like you are encountered by a criminal who starts following you and he becomes your enemy or someone gives bribe to a criminal to kill you . Both things are the same.
    Please don't ruin your health anymore. I would like to say that you should find an AAMIL (Islamic healer) to help you. Fighting JInn is not easy. You need to understand that your soul gets weak then only these things hurt you. You need to cure your soul..............please don't listen to anyone who has no idea about these things...............Sister please find a good aamil as soon as possible.
    I will tell you some practically applied things. Till you get someone to treat you...............
    1) recite ayatul-kursi in surah bakrah as much as possible as possible whether you are standing or sitting , cooking. Repeat - "walayahuduhu-hifzhuma" 3 times whenever you read. Benefits of ayatul-kursi are will gt rid of ths problem INSHALLAH. These things get weak with zikr.
    2) recite 4 kuls morning and evening in maghrib 3 times and spell over your body three times.
    3) recite surah Muzammil 3 times in morning and evening and spell over water. (do dum) Carry the water bottle with you .................and drink the whole day................

    But still these things are not enough you need a good spiritual healer.
    If you have problem while a Lapis Lazuli gemstone and wear that ring in your middle finger of your right hand. Ring should be made of silver. This will really protect you.
    Make dua as Nabi (S.A.W.) said that namaz is your shield and dua is your keep praying....................I will also pray for you..........and please revert back.
    take care..........ALLAH is with you.

  47. Brother Shaan,
    Walekum Assalam,
    May Allah reward you for the words you wrote.Its been around 6 months that i havnt visited the raaqi,the strongest reason behind this is the replys of the maximum editors of the site,they made my mind that i am mentally ill and its nothing spiritual,i know i am not in a good condition but i cant find any option here,whenever i even think that i should go to the raaqi for dam my mind gets off...actually i feel ok when i dont pray a lot and do less jhikr i told my hubby that we should go there he says when you are not in your bad condition then why to worsen the situation by again making him alive in your body,he knows Jinn is there with me he can see my behavioural changes but he is managing it.
    My situation gets worse when i come out of toilets,i read the dua before entering and exiting but...
    Well the ring you are talking about,i cant do that i dont beleive in the things other than Quran and Sunnah,as this is not proved in any hadith...anyways thanx for showing your care..
    Finally i have decided to go to Umarah next month InshaAllah,so that i can pray there and become absolutely fine.

    • Dear Laibah,

      It is nice to hear from you again. I am glad that you decided not to take the advice about the ring. This not from Islam at all. Regarding the issue of seeking out someone to perform Ruqyah on you, I apologise sincerely if I ever suggested so. Over time and through my readings, I have come to know that although going to a 'real raaqi' is permissible, it is so much more recommended to refrain from doing so and to try get better by doing what Allah and His(swt) Rasool(sws) have advised instead, i.e. by reciting Quran, praying Salaah, doing the morning evening dhikr, the daily prayers, staying clean etc.

      If we rely on this alone and abstain from seeking out help from raaqis (for spiritual ailments), then this is true tawakkul and Allah(swt) will help us. Please see the following hadith which explains my understanding:

      Sahih bukhari Volume 7, Book 71, Number 606:
      Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: Allah's Apostle said, 'Nations were displayed before me; one or two prophets would pass by along with a few followers. A prophet would pass by accompanied by nobody. Then a big crowd of people passed in front of me and I asked, Who are they Are they my followers?" It was said, 'No. It is Moses and his followers It was said to me, 'Look at the horizon.'' Behold! There was a multitude of people filling the horizon. Then it was said to me, 'Look there and there about the stretching sky! Behold! There was a multitude filling the horizon,' It was said to me, 'This is your nation out of whom seventy thousand shall enter Paradise without reckoning.' "Then the Prophet entered his house without telling his companions who they (the 70,000) were. So the people started talking about the issue and said, "It is we who have believed in Allah and followed His Apostle; therefore those people are either ourselves or our children who are born in the Islamic era, for we were born in the Pre-lslamic Period of Ignorance.'' When the Prophet heard of that, he came out and said. "Those people are those who do not treat themselves with Ruqya, nor do they believe in bad or good omen (from birds etc.) nor do they get themselves branded (Cauterized). but they put their trust (only) in their Lord " On that 'Ukasha bin Muhsin said. "Am I one of them, O Allah's Apostle?' The Prophet said, "Yes." Then another person got up and said, "Am I one of them?" The Prophet said, 'Ukasha has anticipated you."

      Please see this link too, insha'Allah you will find it useful:

      SisterZ Editor

  48. Dearest Sister Z,
    Thankyou so much once again for your precious advice,i respect and love you for the sake of Allah.
    Sister Z,can u pls clarify the hadith as i am lil confused,treating with ruqya is not allowed? means if i play CDs of ruqya to listen to get cured,is that wrong,the raaqis always used to tell me to buy that CD but dont know why i never bought that nor did i play.I read some ayats of Quran morning and evening so will that be also called ruqya..
    Nor do they beleive in Omen,i got the point like the miracles which happens one should not beleive in that but what is from bird then?,if i am wrong correct me,and the third point also i didnt get about branded...pls explain.
    Waiting for your reply.

  49. Dearest Sister Z,
    Thankyou so much once again for your precious advice,i respect and love you for the sake of Allah.
    Sister Z,can u pls clarify the hadith as i am lil confused,treating with ruqya is not allowed? means if i play CDs of ruqya to listen to get cured,is that wrong,the raaqis always used to tell me to buy that CD but dont know why i never bought that nor did i play.I read some ayats of Quran morning and evening so will that be also called ruqya..
    Nor do they beleive in Omen,i got the point like the miracles which happens one should not beleive in that but what is from bird then?,if i am wrong correct me,and the third point also i didnt get about branded...pls explain.
    Waiting for your reply.

    • Laibah,

      My understanding is this:

      - Some people go to Raaqis who performs Ruqya by reciting over them etc. Seeking Ruqya from a real raaqi is not at all haraam but it is preferred to do ruqya oneself, i.e: Listen to the cds, recite etc yourself. Basically, if we do it ourself, then we are relying on Allah alone to heal us.

      - Some people believe in Omens, i.e. that something will bring them good or bad luck, like a horse's shoe for good luck and walking under a ladder will bring bad luck etc. This is all made up. So we should avoid believing in such things as no-one but Allah knows our future and He(swt) is The Greatest Planner.

      - I do not know what branding/cauterizing is, but this hadith also says: Volume 7, Book 71, Number 584:
      Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: The Prophet(sws) said, "Healing is in three things: A gulp of honey, cupping, and branding with fire (cauterizing)." But I forbid my followers to use (cauterization) branding with fire."

      Laibah - the main point I wanted to refer you to was the first one about doing ruqya yourself without seeking it from others. By all means, learn what to do from others, but do the actual thing yourself. Here are some ayahs from the Quran which are good to recite for spiritual healing aswell.

      Six Quranic Verses of Healing: Ayat Ash-Shifa

      1. 'And [God] shall heal the breast of the believers.' (at-Tawba, 9:14)
      2. 'Mankind there has come to you a guidance from your Lord and a healing for (the diseases) in your hearts, and for those who believe a guidance and a mercy.' (Yunus, 10:57)
      3. 'There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.' (an-Nahl, 16:69)
      4. 'And We sent down in the Quran such things that have healing and mercy for the believers.' (an-Najm, 17:82)
      5. 'And when I am ill, it is [God] who cures me.' (ash-Shu`ara, 26:80) (A supplication of Prophet Abraham [as])
      6. 'And declare (O Muhammad) that [the Quran] is a guidance and healing for the believers.' (al-Fussilat, 41:44)


      Other than this, I pray your relationship with your husband is better and that your baby is well. I was very concerned about her when you wrote here last year. Did you take the medicine and if so, for how long? Did it have any affect?

      SisterZ Editor

      • salam Sister Z,
        You made my doubts very clear now i understood,JazakAllah.

        Actually sis you are right about the raaqi,that one should perform by own with tawakkul that Allah is the only one who will take me out of this.
        the raaqi who were treating me were doing only for money,they didnt even make a call to know hows my condition as its been around 6 months.
        Thankyou for imp things you shared..
        I whole heartedly pray for your Good life in both the worlds,May Allah reward you with the best in both the lives...And you get a loving caring and a good muslim man...Ameen.
        I am pregnant with 7 weeks,i want to be a good mum to my lil daughter and to the next baby also..i wish for a nek healthy boy..keep me in prayers..
        I am Alhumdulillah far better than before by Allahs will...
        Thanks for praying for me..
        Love Laibah.

  50. THere are two very important points needs to be acknowledged here. Ruqya is not haraam or makrooh and it is permissible, see authentic hadith below. This hadeeth my father explained to my when i was young, i have gone to google it, and it seem to be authentic.

    related by Ya'la ibn Murah:

    I saw Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) do three things which no one before or after me saw. I went with him on a trip. On the way, we passed by a woman sitting at the roadside with a young boy. She called out, 'O Messenger of Allah, this boy is afflicted with a trial, and from him we have also been afflicted with a trial. I don't know how many times per day he is seized by fits.' He (peace be upon him) said: 'Give him to me.' So she lifted him up to the Prophet.

    He (peace be upon him) then placed the boy between himself and the middle of the saddle, opened the boy's mouth and blew in it three times, saying, 'In the name of Allah, I am the slave of Allah, get out, enemy of Allah!' Then he gave the boy back to her and said: 'Meet us on our return at this same place and inform us how he has fared.' We then went. On our return, we found her in the same place with three sheep. When he said to her, 'How has your son fared?' She replied: 'By the One who sent you with the truth, we have not detected anything (unusual) in his behavior up to this time... (Musnad Ahmad (vol: 4, p. 170), and al-Haakim, who declared it authentic)

    2. THE REASON soo many people will go astray because of ruqya first-
    many raqees say they perform ruqya shar3iya while they dont. they involve element of shirk like taaawiz, will the help of jinn, use other ways which are not permissible in islam. NOW people with limited 3ilm (knowldge of this subject) they DO GET CARRIED AWAY ALOT AND COMMIT SHIRK UNKWOINGLY.
    Some sheikh will ask you to wear quran on your neck all the time. This is big haraam bacause then, there are times you will go to toilet, your hand will have najs etc. where is the respect for qur-an. you are degrading quran unkowingly and this is what sheitan and bad jinn want you to do.
    As for using the Qur'aan like a charm or amulet by wearing or carrying Qur'ânic verses on chains or in pouches to ward off evil or to bring good fortune, there is little difference between such practices and those of the pagans. Neither the Prophet (saws) nor his Companions used the Qur'aan in this fashion, and the Prophet (saws) said, "Whoever innovates in Islaam something which does not belong to it will have it rejected.

    ***** JInn and sheitan are waiting for those people who go to raqees whitout knowledge so that they can misslead them. Remember sheitan has already taken an outh to misguide us and Allah says "Inna 3ibadi laysa laka 3alayhim sultan, illa mani taba3aka 3aaween, AL HIJR (15:42) you do not have authority over my slaves eccept those who have gone stray -




  51. Salaam to all,
    I need everyones prayers out there,today an unusual thing happened to me,my husband and i argued on an topic and the things got worse in conversation,i took knife and tried to kill myself by attacking on my stomach,i am pregnant.suddenly my husband took the knife but my hands were in that possition only as if i am holding that and hitted on my stomach,he recited quran i cried and felt in control,when he left home i could feel someone saying he dsnt loves you come with me i'll love you and keep you happy forever...i recited laholwalakuwwata continiously....after half an hour when he left home,my mind got out of control and i slapped my lil daughter too badly and throwed her on the ground,my sister in law was there she picked my baby and said what had happened to you and i just stopped there and couldnt move my whole body got heavy and i fell down,for almost 15 min i was not ok,i couldnt move my body it shivered a lot and i cried loud for no reason then again became unconcious this happened 4 to 5 times,my inlaws called my hubby he came back home then the jinn spoke that just give this girl to me,i will give you wealth which you cant imagine,whatever you want you ask to me i'll give you just give me this girl...
    my husband told we dont want that rubbish things you go away she's my wife...but i was uttering it continously that think again..but he refused,My husband called the raaqi at home and he recited sura Taha and other verses of quran....
    Sister Z my condition was not ok so if in that case we called raaqi,was that also wrong,my family members were blowing ayatal kursi on me but i was not in control...

    I feel like again bounded in those problems which i was suffering last year,here its holi a festival of hindus and raaqi says magics become overpower in these days..

    I want everyones prayers coz i have made tawakkul on allah swt he alone can give me shifa,but Alllah knows whose duas will be accepted on which time...


    • Sister Laibah, you need medical help urgently. Do you remember when you agreed to try taking medication last year, and your symptoms subsided? Why did you stop taking it?

      Your daughter should not be living with you. She should be with a family member. She is not safe with you. Even the one you are pregnant with is obviously not safe with you, but nothing can be done about that.

      Wael Editor

  52. Laiba ,, pls tell you husband to contact me today., i mean now... My email is ***********... Or to make it quick, tell him to call me on this line *********. InshaAllah, your problem would be solved .. Bi iznillah.

    • Mohd,

      DO NOT post your email address or phone number here again. This is not the first time one of our Editors has asked a writer not to post their personal information here. If you have any advice you can give it here publicly.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Brother Mohd,
      Here i think its not allowed to share IDs and num,but you are the editor of the site so u might be knowing my id,you can mail me your advice,and if something i want to ask i'll write it here...
      and if that is also not allowed to you then simply guide me here in this open forum i really want to come out of all this..

  53. Salaams,

    I am going to preface right away that this is probably going to seem a somewhat harsh response. I sincerely ask for Allah's forgiveness for any error in my assessment, but I can only speak according to how I see things.

    I have taken the time to read your original post and all the subsequent comments since then. I have found this to be one of the more intriguing threads on this site, and not only was a lot of useful information shared, but a lot of worthy advice has been given.

    As I actually am professionally qualified to diagnosis mental illness, I would like to weigh in. Based on everything I've read and understood, I personally don't believe you are either jinn possessed or mentally ill. I don't believe either apply to you.  

    What I am seeing is someone who has been given all sorts of spiritual remedies to help with a jinn or spiritual problem, and even by your account professional spiritual intervention by those you know where you live, and yet none of it has helped. You have also been advised and apparently complied with trying conventional medicine for a mental condition, but also claim it had no lasting effect or had bad physical effects on you. I truly believe that if someone is troubled with jinn, the prescribed spiritual solutions WILL ease it. I also sincerely believe that if someone is mentally ill, medicine WILL improve the condition. Since you have not found relief with either means, it's logical to conclude that you are not suffering from either of those problems.

    When one is training to become a mental health professional, one not only learns about how to recognize, diagnose and treat mental illness; one also learns how to recognize something called "malingering". Malingering is when someone fakes or exaggerates problematic symptoms for another type of gain- such as attention, money or financial benefits, or perhaps even out of boredom. Those who do this frequently or chronically may even be considered to have certain types of personality disorders.

    I have read everything you've written, and I really don't see it to be consistent with what one would expect from someone who is under the influence (or possession, for those who understand it that way) of jinn. If a jinn was truly in possession or you, I find it very difficult to believe that they would "permit" you to be able to come to this forum as often as you have, speaking as clearly and sanely as you have, asking for help. If you were truly mentally ill, you would not be able to exhibit the rational ability I have observed to be consistently preset in your posts over this course of time.  Truly, though the content may have varied, your posts have demonstrated the same fluidity and presence of mind since last August. Severely mentally ill people, the kind that would have the types of problems that have been suspected with you, are simply not capable of pulling that off.

    So in my opinion, I think you are making some, if not most or all, of your plight up. I think you are getting secondary benefit out of your sensational accounts of your dilemma, because you are not coming to this forum with the genuine, serious concern that someone in such a severe state would be, if they were as desperate for a solution as you claim to be. 

    I know I'm taking a bold risk in speaking this way, but as I said before this is what I'm seeing based on my knowledge and experience. If I incorrect, at least I know that I am certain in this:

    If you are being honest about  what's going on in your life, and you really want to address this problem in the appropriate manner, here is where the rubber meets the is what is going to determine a con-artist from a sincere supplicant: you will do WHATEVER it takes to make things better. Right now the first step in that direction would be to leave your child in capable hands and out of your care until you have resolved these problems.  

    Are you willing to do that? If you are, there may be hope for you. If you're not, then this post is better off closed, seeing as how you have already garnered enough attention and sympathy as it is.

    -Amy Editor

    • Amy, I appreciate you sharing your perspective and your professional experience. Whether you are right or not Allah knows, but you've given us something to think about.

      In any case I think you're right about closing the post. It's had 111 comments over the course of six months, and none of our input seems to have made a difference.


      Wael Editor