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I want to get an Islamic Kula/divorce so I can move on and re-marry

Divorce decree

Divorce decree

Asalaam alaikum

I have already read the overview about submitting a question, so im not sure if your able to help me.

My husband and I have been separated for over a year now, no communication. It's finished. However he has not given me an Islamic divorce.

I tried to sponsor him to come to the country I live in (when we were married), but his sponsor has been refused by immigration. So, the only way we married was Islamically.

I would like a divorce, as my biological clock is ticking, and this is not a good thing staying married Islamically with no communication nor relation.

Also in future, I would like to get married Inshallah. How can I do this?

I have heard of khola. I applied, however the Sheikhs aren't helping, they said 100 percent they would be able to help me get the khola for my situation. So, we went ahead with the application process, but I haven't heard nothing from them for 9 months now and they don't answer my calls. I am not being heard. Very unhappy.

Asalaam o Alaikum,

- Ananamas

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  1. Wa alaikum as Salam,

    It is surprising to see how the so called Shaikhs of today behave.

    The correct position in your situation is that you approach a sound Islamic Scholar.
    You should probably look for one, or search for an Islamic Center in your city and seek help from them.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  2. Salam Sister,

    It looks like you need an Imam Fatwa. You can get an idea about the answer via the Internet but my advice, please sister, is better to ask an Imam as soon as possible. He can help you since you are not hearing anything from him for one year.

    What do you mean about " Also in future, I would like to get married Inshallah. How can I do this?"
    Are you talking about the process or how you can find a man?

    Inchaa Allah you will find the answer,


  3. I feel so sorry for you & your situation. Why he married you if there is no communication. I feel the guy you married didn't even love you he is using you to get a visa and top it all he dont communicate with you as your wife. My advise to you is get rid of him, speak to iman to get this sorted, you deserve better. May allah make this easy for you inshallah.

  4. assalmu al'aikum,

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