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I want to get married islamically but I am not divorced in Philippines.

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I'm a single mother when I got pregnant from my last daughter my husband left me to live with another woman so I decided to work here after 1 year of giving birth. My friends introduced me to islam and now I'm a new muslim for about 7 months. I decided to get chance of getting married again when one of my friend told me that it is better for my children to have a new father which is muslim to guide them and help me. One man proposed to me a marriage according to my brothers this man is really kindhearted one. I want to marry him but the problem is we dont have divorce in the philippines. what is the possible way for me to do to get married again in islamic law? I really pray to have someone to take care of me and my children as well but I really dont know what to do since divorce is not applicable in the phillippines.


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  1. As salamu alaykum, sister rhonalyn,

    Until your marriage is annulled, you will be married and you can be accused of bigamy if you marry again, you should seek for legal help in Philippines to see how you can proceed to get the nulity of your marriage, if your husband is already living with other woman, I don´t think you should have many problems, a lawyer will advice you better and will tell you what you need to do, insha´Allah.

    An Islamic marriage is not just a religious marriage is a legal marriage, you will have a proper marriage certificate because this is the legal way stablished, then to avoid problems, solve through the legal way your marriage to be able to marry again, insha´Allah.

    All my Unconditional Respect,
    María Editor

  2. Salaams. . . . Islamically, from d very time u reverted to islam, ur marriage with ur ex husband (if he is not muslim) is null and void. . . The only thing that can keep ur marriage is when he too considers converting. . And u are to use ur iddah "waiting period" in persuading him to convert, and if he refuses, then authomatically there is no marriage btw both of u. . . This is d islamic point of veiw

    • As salamu alaykum, Brother Mohd,

      This is from the islamic point of view, but she would have to considerer the legal point of view, she should ask an attorney in Philippines to see if they accept that as a legal nulity, bigamy is punished with jail in many countries, this is a serious issue.

      María Editor

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