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I love one of my friend.. I don´t know whether he loves me or not but we are very good friends,  he knows I love him. I did isthekhara  for him  and the dream was:  "I saw two of my female friend standing  on a boat with their husband(both their marriage was love marriage). I'm talking with them very happily. And I saw that person to whom I love standing on the same boat but little bit far from other wearing a panjabi and his face was smiling. I give a look to him. Then I saw I am wearing a white shari and walking in a green field with one of my female friend who had recently married with her boy friend. We both are wearing white sharee . After that i saw some driver help me to reach me at my home but there has some other old passenger but he didnt help them but i am giving them instraction who they will reach in their destination."

I am confuse.. I know green and white are positive for isthekhara.. but i didnt see any thing abt marriage.. But when i wake up from sleep i feel very positive.. plz give me a correct interpretation.


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  1. ASA sister!
    Im glad you brought this up because i myself would like some help with this topic as i did it too and all i felt was an amazing feeling of relief and could not stop crying!! As for your dream, idk 🙁 but it sounds good to me !!!

    Hope someone else can help u!
    Best of luck

  2. Rupa, there is no evidence that istikhara should result in a dream, or that dream interpretation is related to istikhara. I know this is a common belief. But it is not correct.

    According to Islam, you should pray Istikhara and then trust that Allah will guide you to the best course of action. So go ahead and do whatever you feel is right or best, and trust that Allah has heard your dua' and will guide you.

    See the links at the top of this website for more information about Salat-al-Istikhara and its rulings and Sunnah.

    Wael Editor

  3. Assalamu alaykum,

    Allah taught Prophet Joseph interpretation of dreams. We have no knowledge except we can guess and a guess can never take place of the Truth.

    So whatsoever is the Truth, Insha Allah, Allah will make it manifest it in reality in your life at the right time.

    A Muslim is required to be patient in good and bad. So keep patience. Ask Allah for guidance, there is nothing wrong and as Muslims we should do it. Brother Wael gave you the link.

    What is wrong is to make own interpreation of dreams, ignore reality what is in front of the eyes and act unjustly with someone just based on that dream.

    A Muslim has been given eyes by Allah, a heart that fears Him and an ability to se and judge what is right or wrong for his/ her own soul.

    So keep eyes open, base your actions on the reality, seek Allah's guidance.

    If your dream was an indication of something, Allah knows the truth of the matter and He is Al Aliim, Al Khabiir - the Knower, the Aware. So be patient, do not let dreams confuse you and make you act "unjustly" with yourself or anyone else.

    Hope the advice Insha Allah helps.

    Your brother.

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