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Was I right to resign for my parents’ sake?

Family or Work?


i'm 22yrs old graduate, I got a job offer in other town (Not in My Home Town), As it was a very big MNC and i worked hard to crack the interview, after that they relocated me to other town, and my parents are not allowing me to go to other town for job. I tried to convince them but they are not ready, My friends are saying that it's your career not your fathers, I feel that they gave me life and i should not deny them, Please give me suggestions that did i do the correct thing resigning from my post?


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  1. As you mention your name sounds like male! I don't see why you should not go to other town and do job if it's a good one. By any chance do you have any relatives in that town? So you can stay with them so that your parents will think you are safe! Did you asked your parents why they don't want? There must be a valid reason! Are you their only son? That might be the reason?

    By the way the pic related to your post is your answer!! 🙂

  2. Hi Sameer.

    What you did was something people do rarely and it should be appreciated.

    You are the best judge of your situation to know if you did the right thing. Depends on a few factors such as; if you are the only child and how dependent they are on you etc.

    But whatever it is. Allah rewards obedience to parents and you will not be at loss Inshallah.

  3. Assalam alaikum Brother,

    It is difficult to respond to your post because you have not provided the reason why your parents objected to you moving. If you have now resigned, there is little you can do.

    In future, talk to your parents about what you want to do and reassure them that even if you move away, they will have your support. More than likely, they feel scared that they will be abandoned.

    I do not think there is anything wrong with moving away for job opportunities so long as you also ensure that you are taking measures to help take care of your parents--even if that means hiring someone to help with housechores (as an example). Whatever you choose to do, communicate with your parents and address their fears.

    May Allah ease your difficulties, Ameen.

  4. listen to ur parents...

  5. I think you were put in a difficult position. Yes, we do have to obey our parents, but when we become adults our parents can't put these ultimatums on us unless the ultimatum is due to Islam. As an adult, you can move away for job opportunities. In Islam, you have to take care of your parents and speak kind words to them. You can still do that while living in another city. By forcing you to make the decision that you did, they are cutting off economic opportunities for you, and that does not seem right.

    So yes children have to obey their parents, but there is a line that must be drawn between a reasonable, God-worthy request, and one that is simply arbitrary. If your parents were ill, or your mother was a widow, I can completely understand it. But at some point, parents have to allow their children to make their own life decisions subject to what is Islamically permissible.

  6. listen to ur parents

  7. obey your parents for the sake of Allah. you will be rewarded for this in shaa Allah. dont regret and trust( tawaqqul) in Allah.

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