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Suffering from Waswas (whispers of Shaytan) and not sure about my taharath

"I seek refuge with Allah from satan the accursed"


I am suffering with waswas sometimes I get waswas on saying Allaah also and some times it takes more than half an hour to read one ruku of quraan shareef (waswasah means whether I m right or wrong) and I am always doubtful in taharath always it feels like urine has passed when I won't feel like this in periods days I dont know what to do?

Alhamdulillaah I am always succesful in my studies please tell  me any wazifas or any good suggestions.

Please help me.


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  1. Salaams. . . Waswasi usually comes from d devils (shayatin). . Usually in the begining, d devil will try to discourage u from Allah and make u a disbeleiver (by wispering in ur heart), so that u will become one of d dwellers of d hell fire . . . . . When this fails, the devil will try to make ur doubt about the authenticity of the deen (islam). And thats when u start feeling like am i on the right track, is this really d true religion of God, etc etc. . . If this fails, he will try to make u go on kaba'ir (major sins) like adultory, telling lies, homo sexual, spreading calumnies etc etc. . . . If u are powerful enough to rebuke or resist all these, then d devil will start making u feel as if u are not doing ur good deed perfectly ( just d way u are presently feeling). . . So my sister i will suggest u recite ayatul kursi when u go to bed and recite it as much as u can (30, 40, 70, 100 or more) after fajr and asr prayers. . . . . . . . . . . . Also recite the following 100 times in d morning (after fajr) and also in d evening ( after magrib or isha) on daily basis and in a case u are preoccupied with much work, u may recite it 10 times morning and evening . . . . . . . . And Allah will screen u from shaitan, shaitan will not be able to come near you nor has an impact on you. . . . . . . . LA ILAHA ILLALLA, WAHDAHU LASHARIKALA, LAHU MULK WA LAHUL HAMD, WA HUWA ALA KULLI SHAI'IN QADIIR. . . . The transilation is, THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH (the one and only true God), THE ONLY ONE WITHOUT ANY PARTNER, TO HIM BELONG THE KINGDOM (of the heavens and earth and what is inside and inbetween them) AND TO HIM BELONG ALL THANKS, AND . . . . . . (I ve forgoting d translation of the last phrase). . . . . Try this and inshaALLAH saitan will never ever ve access to u. . .

  2. Salaam,

    sister, I cannot understand what you are saying. I know what waswaas is but I cant figure out what your trying to say...

    What do you mean you get waswaas over saying Allah??

  3. Rahila, As-salamu alaykum. I don't know what you mean about "getting waswas on saying Allah". However, when it comes to salat, the best thing is to ignore these whispers. Your fear that urine has passed is just psychological. The rule in Islam is that if you are not certain, then assume that you are still pure.

    Do your best to ignore these doubts and perform your ibadah normally.

    Wael Editor

  4. sister Rahila i used to have the same problem also when ever a person is not having more faith in Allah satan can easily wrecked his heart satan wants each and every muslim to be far away from Allah so that u must strength your faith again with Allah many people have such weekness of faith and satans whispereds because of getting far away from Allah and that is satans desire.Read surah fatihah,alnass,alfalg,aliklas & aya al-kursi try to read quran everyday i used to do the same & alhamdulillah i am able to do my ibadah with full faith.may Allah save us from satans whispereds.your sis shystar

  5. i need serious help all praise is due to allah (swt) with all my heart and soul i love my lord but im scared he may not love me ;((((((( i suffered waswas before and three days later it went away i literally went outside in the middle of the night and looked at the stars and prostrated to allah to help me and he did but now it has come back and its not leaving me im scared that allah is angry with me for if he is id rather die ;( im trying soo hard i will never stop praying even if i feel like this waswas will take over my life i WONT i know its the devils but sometimes i think its me my stomach hurts so bad when i have thoughts like these and sometimes i cry so hard that i just cant anymore.sometimes i wish god to take my soul away so i can die as a muslim im 14 and im soo scared i am really really scared :(:(:(:( i read aytaul kursi for some reason when i pray i mostly enjoy it however the waswas sometimes comes to me in prayer and when im doing other things i love my lord ive said the DUA 100 times but i dont know if allah acccepted it please please please hep me i will beg allah to forgive me if i have sinned and to rid me of these thoughts for once and for all i am afraid that its not the devils whose giving me these thoughts but myself for i have said THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH...but goes away for a little then comes back or stays there forever my stomach hurts so much and i know i wil never leave the right path if allah wills...:(:(:(

    • ASSALAMUALAIKUM mag n sister rahila i had waswas n i felt terrible too,as mentioned above read aytul kursi when going to bed it keeps shaytan away from u till the morning according to hadith n read surah alnas falaq ikhlas n kafiroon n blow it on ur palm n wipe it on ur whole body 3 time as our beloved prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) did before going to sleep.according to the hadith i kno that our prophet(S.A.W)said during waswaas read "amantu billahi wa rasolihi" and i have read from a net to read "aouzubilah hi himinash shaitanir rajeem" 3 tmes n spit on ur left(dry) n im not sure about this article from net,that it is from hadith or not.and read the QURAN everyday n sura Yaseen as it was the desire of our prophet(SAW) that his ummahs will memorize that means this surah is highly important.hope that was helpful and may ALLAH (S.W.T) guide u 🙂

      • Assalamu alaikum Please help me i need your help, im suffering since month from the waswas,i dont know what to do. I had a bad past and all thanks too allah swt has guided me in the right path alhamdulilah, but sence that im confronted with my past. The whole day long a voice in my head tells me horrible sins and shows me the thing i've done in the past that i abhor. I always tell myself that this is from the waswas but then i get a weird feeling from my nafs so that i think that is from me and that i want this sins, althought i would rather die than to do things like this. So im always busy with myself and thinking the whole day long about what i did thought and so on and it makes me feel angry depressed.... I read ayat al kursi always after my prayers and when i get bad thoughts and mostly helps for few minutes or time than it starts again till i go to bed and in the morning the whole thing starts again. it makes my life harder and i only want that it goes away so pleeaassee give an answer and i also want to know if this thoughts are from me or from the shaitan.....

    • listen me u r in big test because devil shaitan is using all forces against u remember Allah love u 70 time then a mother if u say astagfirullah inshahall as ur condition is all of ur sins will be removed by the will of Allah so pray 5 times a day and do ruqyah 11 times fatih and ikhlas surah falak surah nass and ayatulkursi inshahAllah u will be cured by the will of Allah if not keep calm and don,t be afraid of shitan rely urself on Allah then do serch for ruqyah and u will know what is going on jin catching is another method find a raqi and ask him and do not putt urself in any thing u don,t understand

  6. i need help seriously i dont know what to do , im sufferinng from doubts and waswas ! i wish this never happened to me coz it really hurts me

    • Assalamu aleikum,

      I am a 24 year old Muslim who has been suffering from waswas since I was 16. I have heard every possible evil thing that the devils can say and even fell victim to some of the whisperings but I held strong and did tawbah every time. At times, the devils made me thin that my tawbah was insincere.

      Don't wish this never happened to you because Allah SWT is testing you because He knows you can bear it. This is not because He dislikes or is displeased with you - He wants you to draw nearer to him. Remember - in the Qur'an it mentions the virtue in seeking the help of Allah through sabr (patience) and salat (prayer) and Allah's help is the best (and only) help. Every time you shut the waswas out and overcome it, you are doing a mighty JIhad against your nafs and against the shaytan. He is your enemy, he is my enemy and he will LOSE in the end. His ship is sinking and he wants to take all of us with him. But Allah SWT has had mercy on us by reducing his plots to nothing more than mere whispers. NO MATTER WHAT the devils do - even if they try to convince you that you are kafir, that Allah will not forgive you for something, or that you are not doing enough for your deen - DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. You are traveling through this life being assaulted by them and in the end, all you have to do is ignore them and you will see how frail their plan is. Our Merciful Creator has told us this Himself.

      Rest assured you are not alone; I am being tested with the very same thing as is everyone on this post. We as Mu'mineen must hold fast to the rope of Allah, together, and fight our enemies the shayteen. With the help of Allah, how can we lose when it is Allah Almighty who has created them in the first place?

      I will make dua'a for all of you and for myself. Insha'Allah Subhanna wa Ta'aala we will be kept safe from their trickery and through Allah's mercy and help alone, we will pass this test.

    • Salaamu 'Aleykum Fatimah,

      How to overcome Waswas (shaythans whispers) in worship


      Waswas can become a very serious issue and it may take away the pleasure in worship and instead replace it with constant worry whether a person did Wudu or Salaah properly. It can become a very serious issue as a person will feel overwhelmed by paranoia with regards to theri worship and will always feel a sense of inadequacy.

      In worship terms Waswas means always have doubts about ones worship and not be sure of anything relating to worship as there is always a doubt there and this serious disease and illness is caused by shaythan.

      What are some of the symptoms of waswas?

      -You pray and then be not sure if you did.

      - You waste too much water and long time in wudu and ghusl.

      - You pray more than the number of rakats and do the sahu sujud every time. Even you pray more than once.

      - you are not sure if your clothes are clean and every moment change your clothes.

      - You follow the tiny things that are not even seen by eyes to clean them and remove them.

      - You worry too much and feel your worship is not complete.

      - You ask strange questions that people feel amazed about and show strange behavior for example: someone walks with shoes on the carpet until the spot where she prays just because she is not sure if the land is clean.

      - You spend a very long time in the bathroom, just washing.

      - You are not sure of any worship you did is complete.

      And many other strange things that can tell you are suffering form waswas.

      Waswas can become a serious problem especially if a person suffers from it constantly. Shaythan keeps putting doubts in ones mind and keeps telling the person that their prayer or wudu ghusl etc are not valid and that you have missed something out or not done it proprly and so you should do it again.

      Your clothes are not clean, wash them again and so on. The person keeps falling for this and by this time shaythan knows that this has become the persons weakness so shaythan is able to attack the person in many different angles.

      Eventually shaythan will go onto more serious matters of faith until he tries to convince a person that "Are you sure Allah exists"? Or shaythan tries to cast doubts in the mind of a person by convincing them that they had shirk thoughts and so they must do the shahada again because they have now become a kaafir and are out of the fold of Islam.

      Here are some real stories of people having waswas problem:

      A woman said: For 16 years, I everyday have shower and take shahada because I suddenly feel I am not sure, I am Muslim.

      A guy said: For years I pray and think I did not until I stopped praying at all.

      A woman said: I used to pray the prayer and keep repeating it until the next prayer.

      The best way's to resolve Extreme cases of waswas are:

      1. Waswas can occur with pretty much any practising Muslim particularly if they do not have sufficient knowledge of Islam and matters pertaining to fiqhi rulings.

      They care so much about wanting to worship right and please Allah and get so worried whether their deed has been accepted or not by Allah but the fact is they just do not know enough about Islam especially fiqhi matters.

      So it is VERY important to learn about Fiqh and various other aspects of Islam. Knowledge is key to eradicating this problem from your life!

      Join some fiqh classes face to face or online. Learn about other important aspects of Islam to. keep learning, learning and learning and you watch how these evil thoughts dissapear inshallah.

      2. JUST IGNORE shaythans whispers. He will keep telling you your worship is incorrect or you have missed out something in your salaah then you must NOT repeat the Salaah again.

      When you have done Wudu and something tells you that you have missed out something or have not done it properly then IGNORE those whispers.

      If shaythan tells you to do ghusl again because you never did it properly then IGNORE and NEVER obey these evil and deceptive whispers!

      If shaythan tries to tell you that you have attributed partners with Allah and that you have done shirk then IGNORE IT. He wants you to lose your faith and think that you have committed blasphemy when you have not done anything of the sort. if the mind wanders sometimes then that is fine all of our minds wander.

      Sayyiduna Abu Haraira (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that once a group of people came to the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) and asked: “We experience such evil thoughts that it is impossible to bring them on our lips”. The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: “Do you really experience these thoughts? Yes, they replied. The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: “They are clear signs of faith”. (Sahih Muslim).

      So these are signs of faith and ultimately, we are not held to account for these thoughts. However, we will be held to account if we act on these thoughts.

      Shaythan will then try to make you think that you did act on these feelings when all you did was involuntarily wandered about them in your mind. Even if they did linger in your mind it does not mean you acted on it. Almost all of us have random thoughts and absurdities going on in our minds all of the time it does not mean we necesserily believe what we thought of.

      Do NOT ever give in to these thoughts for shaythan is just trying to be clever but knowledge will give on the upper hand!

      Whenever you get these whispers then just think: IT IS SHAYTHAN TRYING TO DECIEVE ME AND PUT ME OFF MY WORSHIP!

      3. Once you have completed Wudu then move on and ignore whatever shaythan tells you regardless of how serious it sounds. You have completed it and there is no need to think of it anymore. Once you have completed your Salaah then move on and continue with the next one or get on with whatever you are doing with your day or evening. Do not think about it and ignore any thoughts associated with the worship you have just done.

      Whatever you have completed is done and is over and there is NOTHING more you can do about it so do not think back that you could have done this or that or whether you need to repeat it etc. These doubts will not affect the prayer or wudu etc which you have completed so disregard and reject the whispers that tell you otherwise.

      These are all tricks of shaythan and you need to realise what his angles are. You need to play him at his own game and that way you will have the upper hand everytime!

      Just think of what you need to do to please Allah and do not be extreme in religion.

      4. Who decides whether your worship will be complete or not? Shaythan or Allah? So by listening to the whispers of shaythan then you are simply obeying Shaythan over Allah! Therefore we must ignore his evil whispers and realise that ONLY Allah can accept our deeds so we should obey Allah and ignore these waswas.

      5. If you get waswas then recite the following:

      A'udhu billaahi minashaythanirajeem


      La Hawla Wala Quwatha Illah billahil aliyyil Adheem

      Also recite the four Quls Morning and evening and Ayatul Kursi Morning, before going to sleep and after every prayer.

      If shaythan whispers to you in prayer then look lft and spittle and recite A'udhu billaahi minashaythanirajeem

      thank Allah, wholeheartedly, for enabling you to overcome your desires and shaytan [saying, Alhamdulillah (‘All praise is due to Allah’)]; this makes Shaytan despair, and strengthens one’s resolve.

      The following verse of Surah al-mu’minun may also be beneficial:

      “Rabbi inni a’uzu bika min hamazat ashayatin wa a’uzu bika rabbi an yahdurun”

      Trans: O my Lord! I seek your protection from the instigations of devils and I also seek your protection from that they (ever) come to me.

      6. Why disobey Allah and listen to shaythans whispers? By constantly repeating wudu, salaah and wasting so much time then we are going against Allah and instead listening to shaythans evil whispers. The fact is Allah wants you to reject the waswas but shaythan wants you to accept them, then who will you listen to? The choice is yours...

      A desert Arab came to Allah's Apostle and asked him about ablution. He demonstrated (washing each part of his body) thrice, and then said: That is (the method) of the ablution. And he who does more than this has done wrong, transgressed the limit and has oppressed (himself). (Tirmidhi #417 , Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, and Abu Dawud)

      This hadith proves that one does NOT need to keep repeating the wudu over and over for no reason just because shaythan is telling us to repeat it. We would then transgress and oppress ourselves by doing so! Sameway one does not have to repeat the ghusl or prayers again and again for no reason just because shaythan tells us to. We are praying for Allah so shaythan has NO say in it and NEVER has!

      7. It is unlikely that you will not be able to conquer waswas overnight. Shaythan will not give up so easily for he will try and make you feel like you just don't care anymore about your worship or shirk etc but again this is just one of his many tactics that he uses to try and put off Allah's worshippers and so know that you know the different angels then you are now more equiped to fight these evil whispers.

      There are many more different angles that the shaythan will use but they will all be similar in nature, so if you follow these tips then eventually you will be able to eradicate this disease out of your life FOREVER! and start to enjoy your worship of Allah again Inshallah.

      So countract all of these negative thoughts that you get after worship with positive thoughts and realise that ONLY Allah can accept your deeds and knows what is in your heart not Shaythan for he is just a deciever!

      Allah Most High has promised,

      “As for those who strive in Us, We surely guide them to Our paths, and lo! Allah is with the good.” [Qur’an, 29.69]

      And Allah knows best in all matters

      you have to take the easier option always, and do not think about the sin or punishment. If you do not follow this advice, your problem will continue. In a prayer when you are not sure whether you have prayed three or four rak’ahs, you have to assume that it is four, and the part of the body which you are unsure whether you have washed it, you have to assume that you have washed it. This applies to every situation you face: take the easier option. If you do that you will have defeated the Shaytaan who has subjected you to this involuntary waswaas. May Allaah heal you and grant you good health.

      Shaykh Sa’d al-Humayd

      These are the only things I have for you, Insha'Allah it will help and do as much as dhikr you can don't stop, because Allah subhaanahu wata3ala wants you to draw nearer to him, it's a kind of gift from Allah.

      • asalamualakum
        thank you so much for the advice this helped me alot!
        may Allah grant you jannat ferdous and martydom ,ameen

      • Please help me!! It is easy for me to ignore waswas but later I feel like something bad is goinh to happen. I know this is waswas but I need someone to help me confirm that nothing bad is going to happen, like its all my thought.

      • Thank you soo much...
        .I would like to share my problem whenever i read some part of thr Quran , suppose i read it after zohr then until asr i m normal and as i stand for asr salah i start thinking i have not read the part properly i have not done the idhgaam ikhfa properly although i use the colour coded Quran n try my best to read it properly ...
        Even today i read some part after zohr n went out the while time when i was out i was thinking i did'nt read it properly and as i returned home i again read the entire part that too not just once twice or thrice on accont of mere doubt..
        This almost happens to me everytime i read the Quran and even now i was thinking may be i did'nt read it properly so i will read it again tomorrow, this thing has really mad me frustated the part which i completed in 15 min after zohr took me 1 houe to complete after i returned home...
        But as i read ur post i m sure it is the waswasa that is bothering me i will now not read it tomorrow if i have mad some mistake may Allah forgive me bt i m not falling prey to satan' s trap now...
        Sometimes i hav re read entire juzz twice just coz of this waswasa i was so irritated so i started searching of there are other people who face the same prblm nd may Allah reward you for clearing my doubts ...
        Jazak Allah Khairan Akhi

  7. Assalomu Alaykm brothers and sisters,

    Is it possible for shaytan to whisper major shirk ideas? For example, I suffer from shirk a lot and have been suffering for a while. I always believed that Jesus was a Prophet. But one day, I was watching a movie and a happy part came up and all of the sudden I said," Jesus, Jesus". At first, I did not know why I was saying it. I know that in the beginning, I did not as it as me saying that he is God or anything, astaghfirullah. But then, my mind kept saying, you committed shirk, you said he was God when I NEVER intended to say anything like that. Sometimes, I feel like my repentance is not being accepted. Please help me brothers and sisters.

    • Dear Ammin, Walaykumsalaam,

      What you have described are whispers of shaytan. I know how annoying it is, it happens to me too and I get such bad whispers in my head that I have to verbally fight them in my mind. But the important thing is that 'you' know that you never intended to make any statement supporting shirk. All the negative feelings and thoughts you are having are nothing but shaytan trying to distract you from your ibaadah.

      The best thing you can do is to keep re-affirming your faith. Shaytan will very soon become tired and move on to something else. Here are some duas you can say insha'Allah:

      - Narrated Abu Hurairah(ra) that Abu Bakr(ra) said: “Oh Messenger of Allah(sws), teach me few words I should recite in the morning and evening. He said: “Say"O Allah, Knower of the unseen and evident, Maker of the heavens and the earth, Lord of everything and its Possessor, I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but You. I seek refuge in you from the evil of my soul and from the evil of shaytan and his helpers/shirk/plots. I seek refuge in You from bringing evil upon my soul and from harming any Muslim,” in the morning, in the evening and when you go to bed.” [Ahmed/Abu Dawood/Tirmidhi and was classified as saheeh by an-Nawawi, Ibn al-Qayim & other scholar]

      - This dua: "O Allah, You are my Lord, there is none worthy of worship but You. You created me and I am Your slave. I am upon Your covenant and Your promise to the best of my ability. I seek Your Protection from the evil that I have done. I admit to Your blessings upon me, and I admit my sins to You. So forgive me, for no-one forgive sins but You;" is called the Master supplication of seeking forgiveness. Allah’s Messenger(sws) said about it: “Whoever recites it in the daytime with full conviction when he recites it, then dies that day before entering upon the evening he will be from the People of Paradise, and whoever recites it in the evening with full conviction when he recites it; then he dies before entering upon the morning he will be from the People of Paradise.” [Saheeh al-Bukhari]

      - Allah’s Messenger(sws) said: “Whoever recites this dua: "O Allah, I have entered a new morning and call upon You and the bearers of Your Throne, upon Your angels and all creation to bear witness that surely You are Allah, there is none worthy of worship but You Alone, You have no partners and that Muhammed is Your slave and Your Messenger;" once in the morning or in the evening, Allah will spare one quarter of him from the Fire. If he says it twice, Allah will save one half of him from the Fire. If he says it twice, Allah will save one half of him from the Fire. If he says it three times, Allah will save three quarters of him from the Fire, and if he recites it four times, Allah will free him from the Fire completely.” (meaning that day or night).

      [Abu Dawood collected this hadith & did not comment on it. It was graded as Hadith Hassan by Ibn Al-Qayyim, Al-Munthiri, Ibn Hajar & by Ibn Baaz in his book at-Tuhfah. An-Nawawi said this hadith has a ‘good Isnaad’. Al-Albaani classified it as ‘weak’. We choose to go with the statements of the majority of scholars and keep saying this beautiful dua everyday.]

      For more such duas, please see:

      SisterZ Editor

  8. Salaam,a very helpful talk for the suffering of waswaas and how to fight these thoughts off by sheikh Abu yusuf Riyadh ul haq it is called satanic whispers and can be listend to for free on al kawthar academy site very helpful Alhumdulillah.

  9. Peace to all
    All praise due to Allah alone and may his peace and blessings
    shower upon our beloved nabi Muhamad(saw)
    I've been experiencing the very same evil whispers for some time
    Now and I've understood that it's shaytaans way of taking away
    Pleasure from Amal with his hope of us neglecting salaah,quraan etc
    By us doing so we would be void from allahs mercy and blessings and therefore
    Shaytaan will be accomplishing his evil task,may Allah curse him.
    I've handed my affair to Allah meaning that I will continue to do all my fard actions
    As well as nafl etc but I have decided to let Allah help me at a time he feels is best
    We all have to agree that even though these taughts are devestating and
    Sometimes we would wish that we were dead,after these waswasa we all certainly
    Are more puntual in salaah and trying to remember Allah and I'm sure we all have learnt alot more of our perfect dee,some success stories would be nice for encouragement
    Shukran,may Allah bless us with perfect iman,take us with imam,amd raise us with iman

  10. Asalam o Alikum dear sister, well the problems you are having are very similar to mine.I am also suffering from these "waswas" problems but always remember a theif steals from a house where he finds something...If shaytaan irritates you it means that he wants to steal iman from your heart...These thoughts can make you mentally upset..but always remember these waswas are false..Shaytaan attacks on every weak point of a person so always Seek refuge from ALLAH SWT the greatest of All... and on the other hand the problem you are having regarding "Tahaarat" sis i suffered from this problem last Ramadan but in actual its not "Urine" its "lekoria" its similar to urine but is more thick if u find white spots on ur pent or "shalwar" whatever it is it means you are suffering from lekoria and it is completely normal it doesnt effect your wudu as its not in your control you should see a doctor for this thing so dont worry about this problem this is nothing.

    • Whispers of the Shaitan and Its Remedy
      What is a whisper of shaitan
      How it works on human beings
      What are its objective
      How to overcome the whispers by the Grace of Allah Subhana u Tallah
      What is a whisper of shaitan
      1. Allah Subhan o Tallah has created different creatures namely the human beings, the angels , the jinns (out of which is the caste of shayateen) and then some other living creatures like animals,insects,trees ,birds and other creatures whome we know not but Allah does know. Everything in this world has been created for some purpose.
      2. It was the Shaitan who disobeyed Allah Subhan o Tallah and did not prostrate to Hazarat Adam AS because he found himself to be superior than him and he was over whelmed by the Takkabbur. And that is why this takkabur is the most hatered of all the sins in front of Allah Subhana o Tallah.
      3. The Iblees then vowed that I ,ll not prostrate and above all I will also mislead him to a level where you ll not find him thankful. This was the level of hatered of the shaitan for us. Basically it was the level to which he was caught in the takkabbur. So we should always pray to Allah that he should protect us from the Takkabbur.
      4. So the Shaitan started the plot and he was given free hand by Allah to mislead whomever you desire and also said that the pious will have no effect of you on them. But indeed the pious are very less in this world.

      Types of Whispers of Shaitan
      1. Sometimes he whispers us in the Namaz (Salat) the thoughts which we never want to hear or think. So we forget our prayers and start all over again.
      2. He whispers us regarding the Wuddu that you did not perform the best of ablution go and perform it all over again. And we keep on repeating the wudu.
      3. He tells us to watch movies , songs and all the media stuff that includes the vulgarity and at the same time tell us “Don’t worry its nothing , Allah will forgive you, everyone is doing this blab la.
      4. Then we have witnessed people who really want to return to a true Islamic life and start practicing their religion whole heartedly , the shaitan attacks them with his full power by giving wasawasas regarding Allah Subhan o Tallah or the Prophets and related belieifs. A strongest weapon of the Shaitan to perish the Muslim Ummah. You read Quran and millions of whispers move into your mind. You offer salat and covered by millions of thoughts.
      Why are we being Attaked by Whispers
      The reasons why are we being attacked by Shaitan are listed below:-
      a. Even the companions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were attacked by Shaitan whispers. And we know that they are the most pious of all. But still whispered by shaitan. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said it is the clear indication of pure faith. Subhanallah. So don’t worry at all. You are a true muslim and these are just the plots of shaitan. Hadeeth is enough to make us believe that we are true muslims. However few of the things from our side also give way to Shaitan and these are:-
      a. Not offering payers regularly
      b. Not abstaining from vulgarity rather we find it amusing
      c. Committing all sorts of sins like Ribbah , not giving charity (Zakat), No Haram and Halal concept, casual in fasting
      d. Listening to music
      e. Making relations with non mehramm (Boyfriend and Girlfriend concept)
      f. Following the footsteps of Non Muslims
      g. In short nowadays we are trapped in the hands of the Shayateen and we do not know this. A very light example is the use of whatsapp. We share so many vulgar videos and jokes and it spreads like a wild fire and we aren’t bother how big a sin we have created by spreading the message of Shaitan. Moreover we find it amusing
      h. Our children follow the same footsteps.
      i. In short we are drowning and weakening our Iman
      So What Happens once We Follow the Footsteps of Shaitan
      (One Black Dot on Heart for every Sin We Commit)
      So when we commit a sin a black dot is put on to our hearts by Allah,s will and the more we commit sins the dots increase. And a stage comes that our heart is completely black. That’s the point where it is easy for shaitan to attack you. So even when you turn back to Allah , you find it difficult to concentrate. That’s because the dirt is still there and you haven’t removed it completely.
      How to Remove the Black Dots
      I am sure everyone wants to remove the black dots. But it’s a difficult job because it took a long time to put those dots and it will take some time and effort to remove the Dots. And you know a man gets what he strives for. So Mehant (effort) and above all the Allah’s will is required to remove the Dots. So I will explain few of the ways to remove the Dots. May Allah Subhana o Tallah help us all to remove the Black Dots and get rid of shaitan’s whispers forever Ameen. Please pray for me in your supplications. We all need prayers. Follow:-
      a. Supplicate (Dua) because this is the only thing which can change the destiny. Cry your heart out and seek forgivenss from Allah. And ask Him that please you are my Lord , You have put me in this situation and only you can take me out of it. Cry a whole night. Cry during the day. Cry while sleeping.
      b. Recite Quraan with meaning. I know it will be difficult but do it. And don’t leave it even if you think that shaitan is attacking you immensely. Just don’t stop. And read the Quran and its Tarjama as if you are teaching your students. Read it alone.
      c. Offer Tahajjud and again make dua in that.
      d. Offer your prayers five times with Jammat.
      e. Remain in Wuddu for complete day and night.
      f. Do good deeds as good deed remove the bad deeds. That means a black dot is removed by performing good deeds. Wow what an easy way.
      g. Get advice from some elder (Shiekh or Imam) and try to be in a company of some very pious person.
      h. If company is not possible then read books on Islam.
      i. Listen to some audio recordings on Islam.
      j. Pray Shukkar Nawafil for Allah has granted us Iman. This is the biggest blessing of Allah. So say Alkhamdolillah everytime.
      k. Pray for those who are in the same condition.
      l. Give Azan. And for ladies if its not possible then no problem. You may perform any other dua at your home or just listen to Azan and make dua at that time. Repeat the words of Azaan.
      m. Don’t curse yourself. Just do not think of it . I know its difficult but this how it is. You have to believe in Allah that every situation bad or good is from Allah’s Will and he does not burden a person more than he can manage to bear it. Subhanallah. Just remain steadfast.
      n. Recite Soora e Baqarah everyday
      o. Recite 33 Ayats (Manzil) every morning and night.
      p. Recite Ayat e Shifa preceding with Soora e Fatihah 3 x times.
      q. It’s a test and Allah tests his beloved persons so pass this test.
      r. In the end I am sharing few of the supplications which will Insha Allah help you and all of us to become a better muslim. Insha Allah. Recite them after Fajjar and Maghrib.


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