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i am a divorced muslim woman of age 31. u know my story as i always remember my exhusband and my aborted child and want them in jannah with me. dear colleagues i have been addicted to watching pornographic videos on internet and i have controlled my self a lot bu i again start watching it. one day i promised myself not to watch them but when i got menstrual cycle i started watching again.

my ex husband always left me undesired and unpleased. i needed him always but he did not care for me. he divorced me in the middle of my life when i needed him a lot. when i started loving him, feeling his child in my abdomen, he left me bz my baby got aborted medically. i wanted to live with him, making love with him as my legal husband, but he always take care of himself only.

now without seeing porn videos i feel very lonely .... i cannot leave seeing porn movies what i do. plz help me plz help me plz help me. plz bring my husband back to me plz i cannot make myself nude to some one other than my husband. plz help me what i do. i have become addicted to seeing porn nude sexy what i do? i want to leave this habit ...i try to say 5 times prayer but again when i menstrute, i start watching sexy porn videos on internet. oh my God plz forgi ve me. why did u take my husband and my baby back? why? what i do now?

my husband has married thrice and has a baby girl,,,but i am alone, no husbanf no baby.....weeping badly

- leelu

Wael's Response:

As-salamu alaykum dear sister,

I have removed most of your post because it was too graphic. There is no need for you to share with us the details of your sex life with your ex-husband. It is irrelevant now. If he was a selfish lover as you have described, then may Allah grant you someone better in the future.

On the subject of pornography, we have answered other questions on the subject of pornography. Just do a search of our website and you will find many.

On the subject of your ex-husband and aborted child, we have answered you extensively already. Please refer back to the questions we answered previously.

I strongly suggest that you begin seeing a counselor or therapist to work through some of these emotional issues regarding your ex-husband and lost baby.

Wael Editor

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  1. Dear sister,
    reading your post was kind of very shocking and sad, your way of grieving has turned you to become hopeless, you seem like you someone who finds it very difficult to let go of the past, sister Allah does not challenge one more than the soul can tolerate therefore his test for you is to see how you deal with this situation. reading your post shows not very well, you need to first get out of this phase where you feel sorry for yourself while the world moves on, i know what im saying may seem harsh sister but understand this if your ex can move on, so can you. you need to find the inner strength in you to face the world and be able to let go of the past..the pornography situation is due to loneliness, not sure how long you have been divorced but have you thought of remarrying in the future? you say in the post you want your ex husband back im sorry sister you your self know what you are praying for is not possible, why not pray for allah to help you move on ? maybe spend more time with family and friends people whom you love to gain self confidence again.