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Wazifa to convince my family to let me marry a girl?

Dua hands with water drops, dua', duaa

salaam sir i am haider, i am in very serious relation with a girl and can not live without her. she is relly very honest girl. i want to marry her but my father and my brother do not agree because my cousin liked that girl before.

so plz tell me such wazifa by which my father mother brother all get agree and want me marry that good girl.

imaam sahab plz help me and tel me any very strong wazifa.



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  1. A Warning About Wazifas

    As I have said before, I do not approve of this concept of "wazifa" or "wazeefa". From what I understand, this is a practice found among Muslims in certain parts of the world. Apparently there are so-called shaykhs who claim, "If you say this phrase or dua ten times every day, Allah will give you a promotion," or something like that. Whatever it is you are seeking in life, they "prescribe" for you something to say every day in order to get it.

    My concern is that we are treating Allah as if He is a vending machine. If you put in the right number of coins, out pops your reward. It doesn't work that way. This idea of wazeefa sounds a lot like superstition to me. It sounds like typical Indian numerology or astrology with an Islamic flavor.

    This is all bid'ah (something innovated in the religion).

    I think it would be better to dispense with this term "wazeefa" altogether and use the word "dua" as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us.

    Dua' is powerful and can achieve many things, but it's important to stick to whatever the Prophet (pbuh) taught us and not invent anything new. If we claim that a dua' can achieve such-and-such, we must have evidence for that from the Sunnah.

    Your Situation

    So make dua' to Allah and ask him to bring you a righteous and kind wife.

    Even when it comes to dua', when we want something we do not make dua' then sit back and wait, doing nothing, for something magical to materialize. We say our dua' then we make our very best effort in the matter, doing everything we can.

    In your case, make a strong effort to convince your father to let you marry the woman of your choice.

    Last point: what does it meant that you are in a serious relationship with that girl? You are not married to her, so what kind of serious relationship can you have without crossing the boundaries of halal and haram? I suggest to you to analyze your own behavior closely and make sure you are not committing any kind of haram with that girl.

    Wael Editor

    • "My concern is that we are treating Allah as if He is a vending machine. If you put in the right number of coins, out pops your reward. It doesn't work that way. This idea of wazeefa sounds a lot like superstition to me. It sounds like typical Indian numerology or astrology with an Islamic flavor."

      I don't get your point completely. We also perform prayer five times a day which has a fix format, we know what ayats to read, and some "dua"s. In IndoPak region, normally "Wazeefas" consist of some Quranic ayaats, names of Allah and some duas in arabic. Whats so wrong in them?

      • We do our salat to obey Allah and please Him, and get closer to Him, not to get some preconceived prize. True, we hope for Jannah, but there is no guarantee. With these wazifas on the other hand, people say, "read this ayah 1,000 times and you will get a good job" or something similar. As if it's an automatic process, as if we have some control over Allah, that we just say such-and-such and we get the result. We cannot such any such thing without proof from Quran or Sunnah.

        Wael Editor

  2. Salaam brother, your in 'loveland' its a screen that shaytan uses to disguise lust; trouble is we dont like believing that and so claim 'cant live without her', well i tell you something today, she aint with you now and you seem perfetly alive and well to me, so question your relationship status at this moment, what is it that makes her so important, you lust for her, and you want her, and shaytan is playing director in yet another fine haraam relationship.

    You want to marry, subhanAllah it took a while but at least you reached the right door, well until you marry her your going to have to live without her, i would say its going to be hard, then again you have Allah, so who needs anyone else, for him supress your lust and disire and wait for marriage till you meet her again.

    In the case of your father and brother, i am sorry but their either daft or just delusioned in regard to marriage, 'because my cousin liked that girl before', thats not a valid excuse to refuse you right to marry, in the modern era if this was the case, no male would ever be married, because another man would have probably liked the female before him, i think you should do some explaining in terms of what islam says, and that your serious about the girl and no longer want to commit sin.

    Wazifa is the same as dua, and so it is not guranteed accepted, however one must keep praying for guidance, so do not expect instead be happy and keep hope and faith, i would say pray salat-ul-istikhara, in this case if outcome is positive, you no longer need to justify yourself to your father or brother, simply tell them the outcome of the istikhara.

    i apologise if i came across vindictive, but i have your best interests at heart, and dont want you to sin anymore, if you need any other help please ask.

    • Dear bother,
      I disagree with your comments. It is better to marry someone rather indulging into any sin. Also, the phrase "I cant live without her" is more of a symbol representing the intensity rather than a physical condition.

  3. Assalamoalaikum,

    I want to marry a guy...but my father is agreeing for this guy to marry....

  4. asallam o allaikum! my name is tehmena and i loves a person name abrar ahmad, we both love each other and want to marry with strong determination but his mother is not getting agree at any cost, she said that she will bring of her own choice girl for him, they are pathan and v r punjabi, but that is not the real issue, she is not even ready to see me or judge me.....he is trying to convince for long but she doesnt yet, i have made so much prayers and still praying alot as i really love him alot i even get ill and weak becoz of this tension, my mother also knows every thing and she is very much upset for me, shetan had attempt to commit sins aswell as we used to talk on skype and phone, and now we got so much close to each other that we cant live without each other, i used to pray salat five times, practice zikar and fast as well but always has a guilt about our relationship as i know bfore nikah talking to any person is a sin, and i want to get myself out of this and want to be in his nikah , please suggest me and pray for me as i cant live without him

  5. Salam sir..

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