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Wazifa to study abroad

Wazifa or numerology?

Does "Wazifa" belong to Islam or is it simply numerology?

Assalam o alikum.....

I wanted to go abroad for studies.... I want to go to China for MBBS..... Please tell me a wazifa for me to obtain 100% successful for this and ease my tension. I'm not getting admission in MBBS since 2012 - please help me.

noor malik

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  1. Assalam alaikum,

    After we are born the only guaranteed that every human being can be 100% sure of is that one day they will die--other than that, there are no guarantees except for awaiting the results our deeds and depending on Allah swt Mercy.

    All you can do is follow the procedure to do what you want and make du'a. There is no way to guarantee a du'a--you can't compel Allah swt to do what you want, absolutely no way. Allah swt may accept your du'a with no delay or with delay or reject completely. We accept the results with patience and say Alhumdulillah, even if we are filled with sadness. Allah swt knows the condition of our hearts.

    If you wanted to drink a glass of water, you wouldn't sit there and read a wazifa for it, you would get up and go and get it--Allah swt gave us a brain and the means to live this life, we are supposed to use them, not depend on prayer 100% and worry if we don't get what we want.

    Finally, if you don't repeatedly get what you want, either look for some practical help and pursue something different. Sometimes success is waiting at a door, but we are at another sitting in disappointment.

    May Allah help you to find success, Ameen.

  2. Ya Allah Reham...

  3. aslamOalikm...... i wanna dO MBBS bt unfOrtunately didn't gOt admisiOn in Pakistan... i wanna gO china fOr ths... my parents are nt willing....... plzz tell me wazifa sO dt they will b cOnviced tO let mee gO...... cant expalin my feelingz.... its my Only wish.... plzzzzz

    • Same situation going on with rn. Did you get admission there? I want admission in Kazakhstan but my father has issues with it. He doesn't want me to go abroad. Did you find the solution?

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