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We got married but my parents don’t know

Secret marriage

Keeping a relationship secret is damaging and unsustainable.

Assalamualaikum. please its urgent..I'm married since 2 years. We married without informing my parents though his parents are aware of our marriage and they accepted us.. We decided to tell it to my parents after i complete my education. And I know they will agree. As we have done this because of having legality in our love but not to hurt our parents emotions. My family likes him but some of my friends told me that without the presence of a girl's parents in their marriage the marriage wouldn't be valid. Is that true ?? I need to know that. Then what should I do ?

riha khan

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  1. what about the people who dont have parents thats stupidity, only 2 witnesses (male from your side) if not two men are available two women and a man will be the witness for nikah from your side

  2. i dnt thng its valid because ur parent should be informed ur marriage if they dnt agree or if deceased remember that is two defrnt cases nd handled well by uluma as far as i knw secret marriage is not good at all,if u fear ur relationshps may take wrong direction it could be better u face matter with parents so that they sort u well awared but if u go secret it may lead u nd thm in bad way,i knw collage or uni prblms are to much to be hand nd best to survive are ones engaged or legalise there affairs kind table ur issues with parents or tell hm his parents to visit urs nd let thm sort harmonously inshaashallah solution will be reached!...

  3. What form of marriage contract are you talking about? Islamic one or the secular one - register in the Registration Office? If it is an Islamic one, do you have any document from the masjid and did you have 2 witness? And how old were both of you at that time? If you are underage and claimed to be a husband and a wife, then it is "illegal" without your parents consent.

    I am wondering if you know your parents will agree, then why didn't you tell them? There is nothing to hide. Now if both of your family agree on that, the question of valid or not valid does not even count!! Valid in the eyes of God or people that you wanted to refer? Sorry, the story does not sound right.

  4. Without your parents permission and from what i have read from scholars, you marriage may not actually be valid, the guy can marry without parents permission, however it is necessary for the girls wali to accept before she can get married. In terms of those who dont have parents, they must appoint a wali ie a local imam or uncle etc.

  5. please ask your parents for better clarification.

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