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We want to get married but his parents are against us

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Assalamu alaikum

Am a muslim girl,am 23 yrs.Am in love for past 3 years.We decided to get married.He is 25 and currently he is working in a company with small salary.But his parents is against us because they are now facing some financial problems.Once they came to my house as a proposal and later they phoned and said its a no and asked me to marry other guy.But still we hope some miracle will happen.Again many times his parents about this but they are saying they cant do anything now and they are saying many excuses for this.I donno what to do ..I dont share my problems to any1 except allah coz each n every1 are sailing in both boats.They say both good and bad.We donno what tommorow will give us.Wish everything will be fine soon.. But donno how and when.. The only problem between us is their financial problems..Please do give me some good advice for this.. 😥😥


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  1. Walaikum Asalaam Muslimgirl,

    I am sorry for the problem you are going through. I would advise you to make lots of dua for your situation. Also try to look at your situation in a bigger picture, will you be happy with someone with a small income in the first few years? Are you willing to make the sacrifice? Are you willing to stand by him and help him through his job and help groom him into someone who can earn more for the both of you and eventually your future children? It is easier said than done. Many lose the patience and don't realize this until much later into their marriage. I'm not trying to discourage you, just trying to help you realize the reality. Also do istikhara, it will help you. Talk to Allah in your duas and at the same time make the effort towards what you want to see happen. You will get your answer InshAllah.

    You're in my prayers.


  2. When it comes to marriage, i see families to be the most annoying thing in image. If families are suppose to be involved in our getting married affair, its for the purpose of there our interest not the families desire. Is the idea of marriage is about the desire of families, families just think that they can make every decision for our life in ways that we don't have any rights. Yes our families do love us and they want things to work out for us, but when it comes to marriage, they just make things complicated for us. Everyone is different and families tend not know whats right for us. I think when it comes to marriage, families should not be involved because they just make the whole issue a lot harder.

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