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What are my duties as a “separated” husband?

What does that mean?


I have been married as Muslim for 10 years living in Indonesia.

My wife recently phoned me, 2 weeks ago, and said she wishes to "separate."

Since then she claims she is now of "separated status" and is behaving as an unmarried woman, no longer informing me of her whereabouts or where she is sleeping when on business travel outside Indonesia.

She has moved into a separate room in our house where we live together.

She wishes to submit a divorce application with reason being that her feelings have changed.

Until a divorce is finalized, I am now not clear about our mutual duties now that we are separated: husband duties, wife's duties. obligations etc.

Thank you

Tareq Z


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  1. Aslaamualaykhum

    According to the Quran you must financially provide for her during the Reconciliation Period (Iddah). I can't remember which chapter or verse it is so maybe someone else can provide it. The Reconciliation Period (Iddah) depends on other circumstances such as if she's pregnant or not.

    As soon as the period is over and you two have not reconciled then you two are, in the view of God, divorced and you are no longer responsible for her accommodation or financial maintenance. You would still have to provide child maintenance if they are not of age of maturity (if you even have children) but this is according to my knowledge so I could be mistaken.

  2. Please consult a mufti who is aware of your personal circumstances in more detail. Do NOT rely on any one's opinion here.

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