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What can Muslim teens wear and still be fashionable?

i just want to ask what can muslim teens wear but still be wearing the fashion? like skinny jeans, or styles like hiphop and punk and emo but not too extreme? please try to answer my question because its really important to me.

- Doda

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  1. Asalaamualaikum...dear...:)

    As far as my knowledge and understanding goes, the best way to dress is to wear something that covers your hair, chest area, is long...and doesnt show the shape of your body. Skinny jeans are quite revealing as they show the shape of your legs...There are so many long tops/dress style tops in fashion at the moment - they go very nice with some wide leg trousers or jeans.

    Or better still, you could wear whatever you want to and wear a lovely abaaya on top which hides all 🙂

  2. i dont know really siis but i do that as well but make sure that doessnt reflect n alah knws best

  3. my plans r to make a scarf out of cross bones and skeleton buy just no pray with it.
    God knows whats in our hearts and what we believe in. it doesntmatter what is on the outside but what is in the inside and our beliefs. so i can look emo all i want ( i dont) but i still know there is one God and everything. Plus i m still gonna wear my skinny jeans and wear black legggings that go to ur ankles and a plaid black skirt maybe with chains on it. also i still wear my shirt with skulls on it. and planning to dye my hair pink and blue. muhahaha. yeah i have an evil side. just remeber what i said about beliefs and whats in ur heart.

    • Sister Yazzy, beliefs in your heart mean very little if they do not affect the way you behave and live your life. That's why in the Quran, Allah always describes the believers as "those who believe and do righteous deeds." Belief alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by Islamic action and behavior.

      Maybe the problem is that you think Islam is only about knowing "there is one God and everything." Knowing it is just the first step.

      • Salam,
        im mixed so let me give you my balck side reaction :"cyka получить свою задницу отсюда" now that that's done ( and my mom says i deny the black race.... mom if u only knew, love u though) sorry. moyem, how do i say this without out sounding like a bithch..... my problem is not that i think Islam is only about what u typed, i want to Front and be a strong women who can be hot and have money and adopt tons of kids and do good without a man. and cuz i come from an arab background it is like you have to get married and the men there only want females that can cook and clean and i want to work and "live". so the clothes i want to wear cover but show that muslim women arent weak or abused (even though im sure some are abused) and that we can kick a***. but hey maybe they cant kick zhopa cuz my stepmom and her friends (all Muslim and Arab) are clique-y and stay home. yes, i know, they dont account (? did i spell that right) for all muslim women.
        Point being, the image i draw in my head for my future, i guess you say, conflicts with islam because it involves me pulling out of a porsche in some calvin klien heels tight black pants, and a classy top, a black beaded sibnia, and a gucci purse. And i will admit i have lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss to learn ( Dad teach me!!!!!!). no buts.
        The problem stated is not my problem, but your advice is usefull. Thanks
        (damn Im so black forgive me)

        • Sister how old are you? I'm 17 and I just converted 9 months ago and I know that the deen of a convert may differ from that of a born-muslim. and on top of that I am half irish half black and i am all the way 100% an american teen. I went to public high school before I was muslim and Ive dated and wore innapropriate clothes astagfirallah. Everyone is not the same though. I don't want to be a housewife either but going through life without a man is unreasonable for a muslim woman. how can you go without sex?

          • Hey girl or soeur if you insist. By my dental records I am 25, by how much I ache and the stuff i know and the fact I am the "Mother" in my age group ( meaning I have a protectiveness and caringness towards the people surrounding me and everybody) plus a lot of people call me an old soul, I will be 58 in a few short months. In those same few short months I will be 15 according to the date on my birth certifacate ( though i have never seen it so maybe i will be something else). I was born in Islam thanks to my wonderful Dada. or the Lord almighty's will ( i have already had a discussion with my dad about the whole Lord thing. to me it refers to the one God). I go to a pre med high school surounded by Hispanics.
            Dude going without sex is easy. I keep my mind on my money at all times. How do you think I havent cried yet since i found out my only grandpa passed yesterday? I have finals next week and need to keep one mindset. Grades equals money for the future. I have my dreams and goals. and I plan to do them with or without a hubby. I know what I want (which is what my dad told my mom when he divorced her). I'm according to my Dada I'm strong. Plus thanks to long hours in intro to health sci. the mind is a powerful thing.
            Besides the whole without sex thing, isn't that kinda an American thought process.?
            Point three, no guy would love me. Trust me on this. I'm headstrong, independent, take no sh** like all black women, a spitfire, a fighter, moody, crazy, and my bod isn't model perfect. BUT I LOVE the way God made me. I couldn't ask for more. I love myself in the not conceted way. yet no one but mommy and daddy can love me unconditionally.
            Something kinnda off point, I cant walk outta the house in booty shorts no more. I just cant I feel hella uncomftable and idk why but in order to do work at home and feel like I can move, I have to be in tiny shorts and a tank top. And converts, from what I here, there religion is actually stronger. Once convert actually sad Thank God I knew Islam before I knew Muslims. I agree 100% with that.
            Dang, why do I always write so much on here? Esp. when dont like to write in English class.

    • Dear Yazzy,

      Islam teaches one to be humble, not extravagant and to love that which Allah loves. It promotes peace, modest dressings for both men and women.

      'Emo' on the other hand stems from the goth and punk scene which promote extremely unislamic behaviour, infact I would say they promote satanic behaviour and thoughts.

      Imagine a garden that is cared for - it blossoms and looks beautiful, reflecting the care and love invested by the garden owners. They respect and love Allah's creation. The garden next door however is a mess - its full of weeds and the lawn is over grown. This reflects the heart of the garden owners. They obviously cannot care very much for Allah's creation.

      This is the same for our hearts. If we nourish our hearts with obedience towards and love for Allah, our exterior will begin to reflect the same - through the nur in our faces, through the way we dress(loose and beautifully elegant), through lowering our gaze, through our speech and our interaction with the rest of Allah's creation.

      Sweetness of eemaan and belief cannot be attained through the opposite dear Jazzy.

      May Allah guide you,


    • first of all.I do like ur opinion abt this sub ,but our religion tells us that women should wear the perfect clothes and the perfect one is cover ur head wear a long dress:') , so darling as u said god knws what inside us but also god wants us to wear the islamic outfit ;):D , so we should care abt clothes too,, it's my opinion if u want you can accept it or not . that's it 🙂

  4. Hey(: What i do is I look at fashion magazines, and check out things i like. then, i try to get an almost identical outfit, and then, I Islamize it. (if that's a word, :P) I use the Islamic guidelines and make it work. for example if there are short sleeves i would wear something under it, to make it work i would use a similar color. My opinion on skinny jeans is that you wear a long top on top of it. Sooooo, i wish you luckk!(: <3

  5. as-salamualaikum,
    here's fun stuff. you can weara lot of stuff that you canb't wear in public at home around certain relatives, or have a party or something for your girlfreinds and wear what you like as long as your skirt/shorts is upto your knees. plus, once you are married, you can do anything in front of your husband, bikini, lingerie, short shorts/skirts, or anything.

  6. As salaamu alaikum! I am a convert and from what I understand you are trying to imitate the kufr which Allah has said in his Qur'an do not do. I understand that the kufrs life may seem glorious but if you abstain from imitation I.m sure you will be rewarded. Are you willing the buy hellIfire with the clothes that you wear in this dunya? Instead of buying Paradise with modest wear? Allah knows best and I pray that all of us are safe from the lure of shaytan. ameen.

    • Very good reply, no one would ever suggest such an explicite and brave reply could have come from a convert.. Because naturally, the general beleive is that islam in some converts is usually weak from the begining, and the faith grows with time. But your statement proves otherwise, ie you grew in faith and became very devorted to islamic principles the very year you converted to islam

  7. Salamm!
    Okiii, so i've been reading what you've been saying... and i actually do understand what Yazzy is saying... and Sister Z too. First of all, this is just the donya. Why should we care if others judge us? It doesn't matter, the only judging that does matter is by Allah (swt) on judgement day. The Kuffar can think what they want, we shouldn't have to dress differently to show them who we are, they don't have the ticket to Jenna(heaven). Plus we can't dress with arrogance. If we be ourselves and carry our believes and ask Allah for guidance, we can't go wrong. Iknow, it bothers me too how ignorant people are these days and go with the media, thinking that we're opressed. If we be ourselves as muslims its a doublee winn! (:

  8. My opinion is that all muslims should wear what they want as long as it is modest and 90% of the world respect what we wear. so only 10% of the world may critisise what we wear so just if you ever meet a person like that in your path just respect there opinion and walk away, any way my sister is sometime an emo and a rocker im a girly girl my oldest siter is a bit of both so wear wat u want. allah may be with all of you. xx rosie

  9. My sister in Islam, Assalam-o-Alaikum. I believe, whether you are a born muslim or a convert, there is only one path in Islam. Afterall, who is a Muslim? A person who submits his will to Allah. So there are no two ways in Islam. We have one Allah, one Prophet (PBUH) and one Book. If you say that you are a Muslim, then you need to understand Islam in the light of the Quran and Hadith and not according to your own whims and wishes. So, whatever you do, before that, think whether you are doing justice to your religion, otherwise don't make fun of it. As far as work is concerned, no body's stopping you from work. The Prophet's (PBUH) wives were equally active in his life, whether it was business or helping the males in the battle field. Yes Allah has not made man and woman equal. There are things that a woman cannot do that a man can do and vice versa and I believe there is a very good reason for it. Allah is your creator, only He knows His creation so don't try to fight it because in the end it is only you who will lose. Your actions will not have any effect on Allah except that if you follow His teachings, He will be happy and shall reward you amply for it. What you are running after is temporary, you must aim for something much higher, something which is immortal.

    • And also we should know that the moment we say Lah-ilaah-Allah Muhammad Rasoolullah we should forget what we call"in my own opinion" or "what i think" and keep only to the shariah.So please brothers and sisters any thing you want to say don't speak out of your opinion or what you think.
      So please every advice we want to give lets make it to be in accordance to the shariah.
      *Allahu Alam*

  10. You should wear floral tops which are long and loose trousers. Also if you want you can wear an abaya and a nice cardigan with jewellry and stuff like that. You can wear what everyone else is wearing just make sure its appropriate.

  11. asalam alaikum i am a muslim and if all goes well i will enroll into a university in the US.but the one thing that is bothering is;Is life going to be hard for me if i veil and dfess like a muslim . i dont want to change my dress code because i have dressed as a muslim is supposed to and this new change is freaking me out a little .all i need is someone to tell some tips of how to dress and what i should do not to let my esteem down. i want to remain wearing hijab [.....dont knw if it is important am a black..]

  12. Salam,
    i just wanted to ask is getting hair cut is allowed in islam?i wear abaya and cover my whole body and face if i get an hair cut will that be a sin????
    pls advice me ....

    • No it is not a sin to cut your hair. Although there is a misconception amongst some indo/pak Muslims that it is a sin.

      SisterZ Editor

      • thankyou so much for clearing the things jazakAllah,yup i am from India and they say its a sin,in grave snakes will be on the ladys head like front bangs,and they even say the ladies hairs length should be below her breast so that it can be coverd in the grave...

  13. Salamu alaikum brother and sisters.Please remember that as muslims we are not to dress in any way that will reflect our adornment.And don't think that because people around you are dressing in an unislamic way you seek to be like them so that you will be regarded as hot(or whatever you call it).Our goal should be how we can please Allah not humans.And the prophet(pbuh) also said:"whoever imitate a people is one of them".So be proud of your religion and never feel shy about it.
    Also your hijaab does not make you less beautiful it makes you more beautiful.The similitude is:"when you have something valuable like gold you keep it in a jewellery box.Since women are more valuable in islam they are ordered to put themselves in a jewellery box which is their hijaab.
    About hair cut i don't know if this is also applicable to females too but for males i read in an hadith that the prophet(pbuh) forbade cutting some of the hair and leaving the rest(e.g low-cut hair style were the hair is barbed short).This means that it is either you leave it all or barb it all.
    *Allahu Alam*

    • is there any hadith regarding women also??? i am afraid if it is applicable to women too..kindly answer Sister Z...

  14. For MEN:

    Basic requirements: Your dress-

    • Should cover from your navel to your knees at least
    • must not resemble the dress of disbelievers
    • must not resemble the dress of women
    • must not be lengthened beyond your ankle
    • must not show your body shape
    • must not draw unwanted attention from others, especially women
    • must not contain any image of living beings

    Recommended requirements:

    • Better you should wear dress that helps you when you are relieving yourself. Since purity is an essential condition for salah, it is imperative that we keep our cloths free of najis (impurity).
    • Your dress should be modest. A Muslim is always shy before Allah. A Muslim should be ashamed of wearing a T-shirt that contains a vulgar statement or a vulgar image (which may be considered fashionable and trendy otherwise) because he is always conscious that Allah is watching what he is wearing.
    • Better if your dress is conducive to your Islamic character and identity. Every Muslim is a living daee (caller to the path of Allah).

    Hope it clarifies.

  15. Salamu alaikum.
    About females wearing trousers or skinny jeans correct me if i am wrong did not the prophet(pbuh) cursed women who imitate men and men who imitate women.And if i am right trousers are for the males not females.Judging from this it is therefore impermissible to wear both skinny jeans or loose trousers or any other male associated clothes.
    @ AMuslimah the ahdith i can get on hair cut are:
    "Narrated Alqamah(r.a):AbdulAllah bin Mas'ud(r.a) said:"Allah's Messenger(pbuh) cursed those ladies who practise tatooing and those who get themselves tatooed,and those ladies who get their hair removed from their eyebrows and faces except the beard and moustache,and those who make artificial spaces between their teeth in order to look more beautiful whereby changing Allah's creation."(Sahih Al-Bukhari).
    "this second hadith i saw in another islamic website which goes as follows:"Narrated Abu Salamah bin Abdul-Rahman(r.a) that the wives of the prophet(pbuh) used to cut their hair until it came just below their ears".(Sahih Muslim).
    Imam An-Nawawi said this is a proof that it is permissible for a woman to cut her hair short.
    What is prohibited in islam is for a woman to shave her hair completely or to remove facial hair except those which grows in abnormal places as indicated in the hadith of Ibn Mas'ud.However,this is allowed in cases of necessity e.g due to a disease.
    In addition to this the hair style should not resemble that of any Kaffirs.
    *Allahu Alam*

  16. thanks so much for your response and inshaallah i will remain veiling and will definately pit on a smile always.

  17. Asalaamualaikum....

    A woman in Islam has to follow the correct rules that are commanded, however, these rules do not affect your style the only thing that does is the price tag. Many muslim women think that the only thing you can wear is a juba or Asian clothes, this is incorrect. Asian clothes is a style along with being emo, goth or punk, the only thing is it has to cover your body. You can buy normal (non skinny) jeans and still look fashionable with a top that covers your chest and goes past the waist. Wear a long T shirt if you want but just add a nice cardie or hoodie. Covering your hair is actually better than not covering it. People die their hair and carry on doing so just to keep the colors, therefor, wasting more money. Where as a hijab means you can use different colors and designes without any hassle. If you like jewelry then wear bracelets and long necklaces, me and my friend wear half sleeves then then cover our arms with jewelry or get your nose pierced because its the same as ear piercings. If you like tattoos then use henna, just remember not to draw attention to your self and at the same time express you self. It doesn't matter how others see you just how Allah sees you!!! 🙂

  18. Salam walaikum'. Thnkz fr all yurzs...u guyz r great solved sum of my problems........I hav maaaannnnyyyy misconsepstions..... i want to become. A fashionn designer.....iz dis proffesion wrong???I am realy ambitios bout it .....itz my passion

  19. Salam,

    Being a muslim teen, I can relate to you. I love fashion a lot. Like, A LOT. But I have figured out how to be modest as well.

    The thing about me is that I am quite creative in everything I do... so I don't follow a certain "style". I make my own style. It's quite different from "normal" fashion. What I do is take long skirts and wear a long sleeved top or jeans (not skinny) with a top that goes to mid-thigh or knees. Here in Canada, you can't find a lot of these tops in the shirt section BUT you can find extremely nice shirts in the dress section! Then I wear a matching hijab (usually with a nice headband or pin or some sort of decoration) and make sure to pull it over my chest. One thing that I like to do is layer 2 or 3 underscarves in different colors, it looks really cool! The best thing to do is experiment on your own and find something that YOU think looks nice.

    Also, don't expect other people to think you look "cool". (although I always get compliments on my outfits wherever I go) Sometimes I do really out of the ordinary hijab styles or mix colors and stuff and everyone keeps telling me I look crazy. My sister even sometimes says that she is embarassed to be seen with me! But how often do you see a fashion designer dressing like everyone else or following trends? Be the trend setter!

    • oh and by the way... dressing modestly is very elegant! and feminine. I find that it also makes you act more humble and modest for some reason. If you want style tips, search the net, there are lots of sisters with islamic fashion websites. Although be aware, some of them do follow all of the rules of hijab, although they generally do their best.

    • Good advice, sister.

      Wael Editor

  20. Hey pplz I'm 15 yrs old I wear almost normal clothes lyk tunics and skinnies and stuff I've never worn a skirt in my life cuz I don't lyk them that's cuz I believe in hot but respectable. Some ppl don't understand the difference between ugly and modest. I only hav a couple clothing rules nothin too tight and nothing too WIDE either plus if ur wearing skinnies then u gotta wear knee length tunics but if it's normal jeans then mod thigh will do. If it's short sleeves I wear a black shirt underneath or a color from my outfit (it can't b a dominant color and the scarf has to match it) Also abayas strictly for masjid visits or when I don't feel lyk putting an outfit together. I'm not much into fashion and stuff but I know how to work it when I do plus I believe that women weren't made to cook an clean lyk how some men think so I totally agree with Jazzy

    • Alaa, "hot but respectable" doesn't make any sense. The whole idea of "hot" is that it gets the opposite sex excited. It makes them hot, raises their temperature, gets their blood flowing. That's completely contradictory to the Islamic idea, which is to dress in a way that does not excite people sexually, so as not to promote fitnah in society.

      Islam is not about what's pleasing to you, it's about what's pleasing to Allah. Of course our clothing can be beautiful and clean, and we can choose nice colors and match them well. The Prophet Muhammad (sws) said that Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.

      However, if you're wearing tight clothing that is revealing the shape of any part of your body clearly - even just your calves - then you're not wearing proper hijab. One of the conditions of covering the awrah is that the clothing must be loose.

      Wael Editor

      • Nothing about her post made sense, lol.

        Anyway, maxi dresses have been very fashionable for the past few years; they would be really suitable for hijabis as well as non-hijabis giving they are the loose and flowy kind of dresses (which in my opinion are the most beautiful type of maxi dresses). These dresses look great worn with a denim jacket, for instance :).

  21. Salam sisters ,I see where this is getting through .Everyone want to be apealling to others such as family friends.(clean)but Allah didn't say we're allowed to wear shorts or tight things!Allah asked us to wear something that covers you top to bottom (hands and faces show).nowadays when you have school gestures (red nose day),you can't wear a hijab from top to need to wear something modest . I think a maxy dresses and cardigan or denim jacket.when it's hot in the summer don't wear black stick to blue ,it doesn't stand you out or make you look boring.A light pink dress up to knees and skinny jeans or chinos (it won't show you body shape)also a white cardigan up to your thighs .You can see lovely simple but modest scafes to match your outfit on YouTube .make sure nothing is see through . From sister Marwa xx

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