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What if a person missed to recite dua of 1st night of marriage?

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Assalam walekum Team,

I wanted to know what if a person missed to recite 1st night dua on the 1st night of his marriage. And can he recite it later like a month after his marriage.

Please let me know your comment on this.


Hafizul Mulla

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  1. Brother mashAllah it looks like you are worrying about something very trivial matter. If only my problems in life was about forgetting to make the right dua at the right time 🙂 I'm intrigued as to the question perhaps there's more to it then meets the eye... Are you having marital problems and perhaps linking that problem with the fact you forgot to make prayers in the wedding night or similar situation? Regardless of the situation I can't imagine you being sinful by forgetting to recite a single dua and you can always read dua at any time. Of the day whenever you like so make dua now Insha'Allah it will be accepted

  2. Assalaamualaykum Hafizul Mula,

    I really like Ibrahim soldier's response. Go with that, please.



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