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What is a woman’s inheritance?

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What is the rightful inheritance of women in her fathers property if she is not married ?


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  1. ASA,
    There is not enough information to give an accurate answer. It will be different for almost every person. Does the father have a wife, sister, bother,mother, father, other children, etc. ? The presence of anyone who can inherit from the father will effect the total amount the daughter should get. To calculate it I suggest you buy a copy of "Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law".(or another good Islamic Law book) It can help find the right answer. I would like to add that a birth or death of anyone who can inherit from the father will change this amount so the correct answer today might be different in one year. You can also contact an Islamic Scholar (Not just the local Imam) to check your calculations. I said Scholar, because I am sad to say that some American Imams know just enough to lead the prayer. Salaams

    The answer to many feminist who have a problem with Islamic inheritance is below.
    *For females all the money is hers, but for males the money should be used to help the female members in the family. So males usually get more, but they are suppose to use it to help more people.

    • There is a difference between the concept of who gets the inheritance, and how an inheritance is supposed to be used. We have control over the first, but not the latter. Try doing an empirical study to determine how many men actually financially support their single unmarried sisters -- the results might surprise you.

    • I don't think there is a need to make a specific statement for feminists. Since there is a just explanation, any just person would want to know the reason, feminist or not, female or not.

    • It was a brother who posed the initial question.........

      Perhaps he asked the Question so he could do Justice between the females in his family......

      Even if the questioner were female, its a legitimate question and shouldn't be considered as anything less.

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