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What kind of nikah is this?

Performing Nikkah

I've been given a passport like booklet and there's a date to fill up.I was informed that it's valid for 2 years and it's renewable and if it's decided to separate. ..husband has to pay the bride.and the more years it will be renewed the more money to be paid? That's all I know about it. What kind of nikah it that? Or it is really a nikah?


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  1. sounds very fishy sister. I dont know what it is. but say NO NO NO NO NOOO to whatever this is.

    A nikah is usually at a masjid/home whatever- attended by certfied imaan and witnesses and and your friends and family. Sometimes you do a lil marriage khutba and then you have food/ a small gathering.

    This sounds as if they are selling you like cattle, marriage does not expire after 2 years. Thats rubbish. Someone is playing you big time.

  2. Salam sisters,

    I agree with Samira. It sounds fake, mainly because you are told to renew it every 2 years...i never heard of anyone ever doing that. Imagine what if you are late renewing the book? Then are you suddenly divorced?
    I do not know what country you are writing from, but it sure sounds like someone must have told you this in error. Go back and ask them again, then ask your local imam, parents, ect. Sometimes people think crazy things will make their secret marraiges valid, so just try to involve your family and imam as much as possible.


  3. This sounds like mut'ah marriage which in all sects of Islam is haram but shi'as continue to carry it out. Sister please cease any relationship of this sort, it is a haraam type of "marriage".

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